Make the switch?

Posted May 11, 2012 at 3:58 pm in Threads > Opinions

About a month ago I stumbled upon an article through Android and Me which referenced a test created by
PC World. The article goes into detail on which network is indeed the fastest and being a Sprint customer I began to second guess my choice with the Nation’s NOW network.

I have been with Sprint for years and have never had a problem however I wish I can be getting more bang with my buck. I am currently looking at At&t as it seems that for $10 more I will be getting way faster 3G speeds and 4G LTE. I wanted to know if anyone has made the switch from Sprint to any other network.

  • Thomas Biard

    Beware of switching to AT&T unless you can find out from people in your immediate area how the coverage is. Ask if they have dropped calls or poor reception or slow data speeds, don’t just ask if they like having ATT. ATT has the fastest 3G speeds and fast LTE, but they also have the highest dropped call percentage (don’t have link to actual data, but google it, it exists) and lowest customer satisfaction (another survey done to which i don’t have the link). I make a lot of jokes about ATT because I’m on verizon but i know plenty of people who have had pretty decent experiences with them.

    From what I have observed in my family with members that switched to ATT where we live, they HATED it. Despite being cheaper, the quality of service they experienced in their city/area was terrible.

    Long story short, do your research in your immediate area.

    • spintrex

      Didn’t consider the dropped calls percentage, this requires more research for the South Florida area.

  • Joel

    As a Sprint customer myself, I understand where your coming from. However I have friends that have both Verizon and At&t and you really have to be careful with both. The main factor holding me to Sprint right now is that I do most of my surfing and activity on wifi (Maybe you do too) …and besides that the free data is great…so be careful with a limited data plan…cuz you WILL get ripped and torn 3 ways from Monday on your bill.
    …That being the case….Verizon’s customer service may be a bit easier to work with.

  • txbluesman

    I had AT&T and would drop 40-50 calls a day for my work phone. I couldn’t afford for that to be happening for a business phone, so I went to Verizon. This was just a little over a year ago. I have been happy with Big Red for work.

    With that said, I have been a long time Sprint customer for my personal phone and I am still very happy with them here in the DFW area. I am sure I will be even more happy with there LTE devices as soon as I switch to a new device. I do have pretty good 4g wimax speeds where I am with average of 8-12mbps down and 1-2mbps up. My opinion is that I would never use AT&T again.

    Good luck with your decision.

  • spintrex

    I mostly use 3G to save battery life and the fact that 4G is very spotty in my area. I’m looking at ~600 kbps up and ~120 kbps up. However I do know that Sprint is improving their 3G network so hopefully those speeds increase.

    I’m not necessarily siding with At&t in particular, I’ve always heard complaints about customer service and their overages, I’m just trying to see what the best option would be for now at the price of Sprint’s most basic data plan.

  • skugern

    Most of the carriers have a specified buyer’s remorse period (14 days or more) – you should take advantage of this. Pick a carrier – you mention AT&T as your preference – and a phone and go for it. Test it in areas you’d use it often like relatives’ homes, work, shopping, recreation areas, etc. If it isn’t to your liking, just take it back and usually all you’re out is the prorated charges for the length of time you had the phone.

  • redraider133

    I would ask around and see how the coverage is in your area. If you have great coverage then switching may be a good idea although you will have to take into account you won’t have unlimited data like on sprint.

    • spintrex

      I know I don’t use too much data but maybe a faster network may entice me to chug some more. Also if any form of family data plan is in the work I may very well consider that option as the other line would not come anywhere close to a data cap.