Meenova: Bringing SD cards Back to Life

Posted Oct 16, 2013 at 3:33 pm in Threads > News

Many hardcore Android fans have been disappointed in the recent lack of external storage on many of the high end smartphones. Some have even sworn off phones that lacks expandable memory altogether. Yesterday someone put me on to a recent kickstarter project for SD card readers for Android phones that has now opened up for business.

It is very small and easily portable. I was wondering what you guys thought of it and do you see it as a solution. Would you use or purchase it?

  • nicotinemind

    Got my Mini MicroSD Card Reader today from Meenova. Works fine with my Galaxy S3 LTE and Nexus 7 2012. Nexus 7 needs Nexus Media Importer app. Did try it with my old Huawei u8800 Pro, but no luck there. That was expected, it’s not a supported phone and I know not what I do. The reader is cheap, small and sturdy build. Quite happy with the product, goes well on my keychain.

    This will make me reconsider if I really need a microSD slot anymore. This and the fact that I’m hooked on Google’s All Access now. Music has been my main storage eater.

    Kingston also has a interesting approach to this, a reader that works with wi-fi :
    Is about 20€ where I live.

    • thaghost

      The one from kingston is interesting but that one question always remains, what if you are in an area with no wifi or internet at all?

      • nicotinemind

        As I understood it, the Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless itself creates a network that you connect to. You actually don’t need wi-fi or internet around . You can connect to a wi-fi network and use it as a hotspot.

        But did do a double check on the price and the tag said 50€, don’t know where the heck I got 20€. Sorry about that. Takes it off my To Get-list.

        • nicotinemind

          Wait, what?! If you have wi-fi, why would you hotspot!?

          Have to rush, can’t stop to think. Anyways, it’s off my list.