Meet CyanogenMod’s New Mascot

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Update! CyanogenMod has finalized the design! Meet Cid!

“Why the change in Mascot? We loved (Andy) Bugdroid!”

A lot of people love Andy, our former skateboarding mascot. This was clearly evident with the polarized reviews to our announcement of selecting Caio’s prototype. We love Andy too, he has served us faithfully for close to 3 years now. However, he increasingly became a symbol of what CyanogenMod was when Steve (Cyanogen) started it, a ‘playful spin’ on AOSP, and reflective of our immaturity as a project.

We believe we’re more than just “stock Android for a zillion devices”, and we felt the need for a distinct identity; a change was needed.

This change would allow us to have a unique representative, one not reliant on Google’s mascot creation. Contrary to popular belief, both Andy and his penchant for skateboarding were Google’s design — we added the color and arrow under Creative Commons licensing, but it’s still a very slight variation of Google’s own bugdroid, as seen here. As much as we’d like to say it was ‘original’ it really wasn’t; its iconic status was achieved through the merits of CyanogenMod and our community of contributors, not as an epicly designed mascot.

This new mascot will be unique for CyanogenMod and provide an identity and attitude by which the project can continue to develop — a mature Android OS.

Read the rest of CyanogenMod’s Introduction Here

  • Clark Wimberly

    Nice choice! Out of the 100 or so finalists, I thought very few of them had any real chance at working. This was a decent mascot and I think he’ll be useful in a variety of scenarios.

  • mkstvns

    I really like that, very cute and very cool.

  • Slith

    Love it!

  • erik knudsen

    I had no idea. I can dig it though.

  • aranea

    Why does the same start with an “r” as in rAndy. Give it Cyanogen I’d go for cAndy or cyAndy

  • Dan13

    I like it, but I will miss skateboarding Andy.

  • orangestrat

    I think his claws are cute :)

  • chris

    sux. hate it. I think they could have done better. What was wrong with the previous design?

  • jak2rocks

    Um… I don’t like it. I love Cyanogen/CyanogenMod though. You think they’ll forgive me?

  • rAndy H8r

    That is a horrible logo!! Come on guys, you can do better than that.

  • OpenIntro

    Pretty sure that Google may not like to see Andy re-branded.

    • Lemon

      On the contrary the Android logo is creative commons so that you CAN rebake the logo anyway you like.

  • noojAb

    I like this design and this designers other option both quite a bit.
    I slightly prefer the plug-head from the other design.

    He definitely has a knack for it and I think CM is in good hands in this regard.

    However, I think the design could be modified slightly and be better yet.

    plump out rAndy a bit, or modify head shape a bit, or something so that he looks a bit more like his predecessor. :)

  • Clark Wimberly

    This dude was my favorite:

  • ash

    Where can I see the rest of entries

  • ranwanimator

    Looks like a Playmobile person. If I need to read the design brief to understand the logo then the logo is not effective. So, yeah, not a fan.

  • Brian

    Ugly as hell. Will surely give children nightmares. Exactly the reason you hire a REAL designer, not just some guy with PS

  • Cole Loomis

    I think it was the right move by them. This gives them more of their own identity, rather than taking the normal android and changing its color.

  • Angie Wimberly

    This is from AckPrash’s Twitter: “Dear bloggers, you know that CM Logo/Mascot story you keep posting? Yeah..thats not the final design. Stop it.”

    • Clark Wimberly

      Lol at announcing it then telling people not to care.

      • Sean Riley

        While legitimately they did say it wasn’t the final design in their G+ post, I do love the accusatory nature like it was insane that anyone took that and ran with it.

        The final design is now up and I feel like the two on the left might be plotting to kill the poor sap on the right.

        • alxrock

          I gotta say, the final design is a LOT better.
          …and I’m glad they brought back the skateboard!

          • Sean Riley

            Yeah, it’s definitely a much better fit with the changes.

          • Angie Wimberly

            I think it’s a better fit, but I kinda liked the simplicity of the old one. I liked it having less personality, as boring as that sounds.It just seemed more like a logo to me.

  • sonjilu

    Plain ugly!!!

  • SGB101

    By the shape of their heads, looking like tvs, I’m wondering if we will see some CMtv roms?

  • SGB101

    I just commented on this thread (see above), and got an email telling me I commented and would I like to follow summit summit or other, I think it meant the author?

    It come from a [email protected]…. I am not happy a out this! I would like to know exactly what it was for, and who it was for, how it was done, and why the hell it has been allowed!

    I would like a direct email from a&m explaining the above.

    I don’t like SPAM!