Microsoft Surface Pro

Posted Jun 19, 2012 at 3:54 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Is it just me or are other android fans loving the potential of Microsoft’s tablet? I know this is android site but I am super excited about that…

  • Mix

    I am very excited about the potential of this tablet for sure but I am pumped about the Nexus 7 Tablet as well!

    Microsoft, thus far in, looks to be headed in the right direction!

  • redraider133

    I like what MS is doing. I use an android phone and just got an ipad 2. Anything that is going to push the other OS’s to continue innovating and come up with something new is good for consumers. I like what MS is doing, and this looks like a great tablet but not really a fan of the metro UI. Maybe this will be something that can fuel android to work on better tablets and better apps/experience.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’m in agreement with you both. Anything that will not only push innovation but cut Apple purchases is cool with me.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    As a M$ user I’m happy, as a fan (not quite fanboy) of Android I’m disappointed. If Surface lives up to it’s promises we will find have a true alternative to traditional laptops. I had hoped that something running Android would have been first to offer that but while it seems like the hardware is pretty close the software, in its current form, is far from being a true alternative to the PC as we know it. I’m really hoping the next version of Android really shines but compared to these Surface device Android has a very tough act to follow.
    It seems like M$ will continue to be in my backpack for a while longer.

    • kazahani

      In my mind ICS was a huge step forward when it comes to Android being a full-fledged OS that can handle daily computing needs. Multitasking on my Nexus is almost as easy and fluid as it is on my laptop. Give it another year and we will see Android ready to start replacing Windows for some of us.

  • Sgb101

    The problem I think will be price imho. I do worry for Android tabs tho, and want to echo above, android doesn’t have the ecosystem of apple so they should of been aiming for productivity and compatibility with window’s. I feel ms will get the jump on Android here.

  • jd

    Very excited. I want my next laptop to be THAT. Being some one who needs computers more than just browsing, sn and MS office, I need my laptop for some programming. Android’s definitely nice and with connectbot you can do ssh easily. But a full fledged slate…. I’ll jump on that.