MMS for Google Voice when integrated with Hangout???

Posted May 29, 2013 at 3:59 pm in Threads > Apps

I noticed we could send picture messages in Hangout. Does that mean we’ll be able to send and receive MMS with our Google Voice number?!?!?! I know its wishful thinking but it’s not even unrealistic.

Come on Google step your game up where it matters!!!

  • SGB101

    I’d like voice calls rather than video chat, I don’t know a single person that likes video calls.

    Voice/im/pic msg over data and it will win

    • oakieville

      I can use voice call on google voice on my note 2 and s2 and evo 3d just gotta install groove ip

  • Yaron
  • PsyLense

    I found a work around:

    1. Install Handcent SMS messenger to your android phone
    2. Customize the look and feel
    3. Customize the settings to do pretty much anything you want it to do.

    The only drawback I see here is that you cannot log into Handcent at the moment. I don’t know why this is but it really doesn’t affect your ability to make Handcent SMS your default texting app on your smartphone.

    Handcent relays the MMS message directly through the app.


    • AJ

      PsyLense, your post is completely irrelevant to the topic. Apparently you’re advertising here as what you posted doesn’t work and you didn’t even bother trying to explain how it would work.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Just received an MMS through Google Voice. It showed as attachments in Gmail. Didn’t know this was up and running.

    • Scott L

      @ralph – I think if a Sprint customer sends you an MMS with attachment it will email it to your Google account since Google & Sprint teamed up for Google Voice integration a couple of years ago.

      • ralphwiggum1

        Oh, i see. I thought only Sprint customers could receive also, but that’s good to know, since I wasn’t able to send myself any MMS (on T-Mobile).

        • basher99

          If you have your Google Voice setup to forward messages to your gmail, it will forward received MMSs as attachments. That should work independent of your service provider.

          However, you still can’t send.

          • punchy

            Yeah except that it more often doesn’t work than it does. Forwarding the mms to Gmail that is

          • Scott

            Yes, you can send.. Reply to a message in GMAIL and attach a file such as a picture, and it does infact send a picture message..

  • sakry

    I am having the same problem here .. :S

  • SGB101

    Ok this is off topic and slightly lazy on my part, but could someone explain how Google voice works and why it isn’t in the UK Please.