Most anticipated gaming controller for Android this Christmas

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 10:42 am in Threads > Games

I was wondering what everyone thought would be the most anticipated gaming controller for Android this Christmas. I am looking forward to several :

Any others that you fellow gamers are anticipating?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I think the Nyko Playpad and Playpad Pro might be the way to go. They work with TegraZone games and no root is required.

  • Doug Wesson

    I do like the Nyko, but some early reviewers say the playpad is very small and uncomfortable after a while. I have big hands so this would be an issue for me. I could do the playpad pro, but it is just as big as a Sony controller and not very pocketable. I am still waiting to see the Steel series in someones hands as it looks promising as well.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah that’s the choice you have to make. Small and uncomfortable or large and not every portable.

    • Fugu

      At that point though does it even need to be pocketable. Let’s be honest if you’re going to want a controller, you’re probably putting it into a bag anyways. Right now, even with those options, I’d still lean towards the PS3 controller a Gameklip

      • theviper21

        I agree. If I get a gamepad, it’s really only going to be used at home while I’m in bed or something; I’m not going to travel with it. I have large hands too, so I’m probably more apt to go to the PS3 style controller or a PlayPad Pro (probably the PlayPad pro as there is no root required).

  • Clark Wimberly

    Just noticed that MOGA isn’t rechargeable. It uses AAA batteries, which I’d quickly get tired of replacing.

  • Doug Wesson

    Didn’t see that about the MOGA, Thanks for pointing it out. I would still use rechargeable AAA’s. I do this in allot of my battery powered devices. (But it is easier when you can just plug it in)

    • theviper21

      It surprises me that in this day in age people still make tech gadgets that are powered only by traditional batteries. Granted, I usually just use AAs in my 360 controller, but I have an adapter to plug it in if I run out of batteries. It’s probably a little bit more expensive to include a rechargeable battery and certainly with something like this that’s mobile you’d want the ability to replace the battery if it runs out while you’re on the go, but I think it should come with a battery pack that can stay in the controller and can be recharged via USB.

  • geiko

    I think using a sixaxis or DS3 is probably best. With a little bit of building, you can make a proper stand that’ll hold the phone on top of the controller. And someone’s already done it on Youtube, so it’s just a matter of following the video.