Moto X vs. Nexus 5

Posted Nov 15, 2013 at 10:05 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Currently on Verizon with my Galaxy Nexus I know I want to switch but I’m conflicted.

Moto X has the always listening “ok google” which I think is great, not to mention the better notifications.

Nexus 5 has top of the line hardware which is more future proof than the Moto X’s processor. It will also likely be updated much faster. I wonder if it will eventually have the “ok google” always listening updated since it has the extra core that could do that ….

Then there is the issue that I may switch to the $25 plan on republic wireless if I go with the Moto X vs. getting a $45 plan (that has 4g) with the N5 on a T-mobile carrier.

  • mvndaai

    If it makes any difference I have the Moto X and I love it. It really is the best phone I have ever owned. I knwo the “ok google now” thing is gimmicky, but I use it all the time. My wife is even annoyed sometimes that I use it too much.

    Also shaking the phone to open the camera is the best ever.

    I love it. I recommend the Moto X. If you go with Republic wireless, let me know how it works. I have been tempted from time to time to go for it.