my favorite gaming accessory, what is your?

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 11:10 am in Threads > Games

a few years ago i picked up a madkatz wireless ps3 controller for my console and hated it. it didn’t feel like the normal ps3 controller, but i needed a new one on a budget and it fit the bill. needless to say it became the controller a friend would use when i was in need of a 2nd player.

i then learned that it was easily plug n playable with my pc, and i began to like it a little more, i was able to play some games from my childhood on my pc and made them feel more comfortable using a gamepad rather than a keyboard.

but when i got my first ICS tablet (hyundai A7) i was reading up what these things can do and i found out that you can connect usb devices to them as long as you had the right cables (usb OTG cable). so i got myself an usb adapter cable, and plugged in my madkatz wireless dongle. and was surprised that it worked. that made my day.

i could now play emulators and many other android games on my tablet using a controller. i have always found that a lot of games, especially emulators and fps games, just dont feel right using the touch controls. Using the gamepad has brought a whole new level of gaming to my cheapo tablet. it has became an indispensable accessory to my android gaming arsenal. heck i have even connected it to my phone to play some games.

this is why my madkatz controller is my favorite, what and why is yours?