My Favorite Music App: AudioGalaxy

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 11:23 am in Threads > Entertainment

I am a huge music fan. I don’t have one favorite genre. I grew up with a DJ for a dad and so I’m familiar with hits all the way back to the 1940′s at least. With that said, I have a hge music collection all on my home computer, it’s actually on my back-up harddrive which is my secondary harddrive on my home PC.

With all this music, i easily maxed out the Google Music cloud server of 2,000 songs for free. So I started looking for other options. This search lead me to find my new favorite music app AudioGalaxy.

The Good
AudioGalaxy is a free app on the Google Play Store. It has some cloud storage worked in to the process, however, there doesn’t seem to be a limit. Or at least Ihaven’t hit it yet with well over 6,000 songs. There is no need to move any music to your phone’s storage. Playlist can easily be imported from iTunes, if you happen to have them already. Syncing is easy. You install a very small program on your home PC, login, then point to the folder that holds all your music. If you dont have an album cover image, AudioGalaxy will find a matching image for you. It has “Genie” which will match other songs in your collection to the one you are playing and create a new playlist. It has “Facebook” and “Twitter” sync. I personally, dont use this one, but it allows you to share what you are listening to directly from the app.

The Somewhat Bad
The program on your computer. AudioGalaxy will not work on your phone if it cannot communicate with the (what i call) the “agent” on your desktop. Which means your computer of choice (desktop or laptop) has to remain up and running. No hibernation. Yes to screensaver. Persoanlly, my desktop stays on unless the eletricity in the house goes out. Therefore, if I am on the road and I can’t connect via AudioGalaxy, that gives me a heads up that something is going on at home. That’s the silver lining in this “bad” section.

The Beautiful No Ugly Section here
AudioGalaxy has high and low resolution play back. Therefore, i control how much data it will use. I run it on low quality all the time and I have no problems. It sounds great when i connect my phone to my car stereo via bluetooth. All bass and no garbage.

All in all: AudioGalaxy is my prime solution to having such a large music library and no care to spend money to listen to my own music b/c i dont have to buy cloud storage.