my FLIPBOARD review.

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 9:25 am in Threads > Apps

So yes, I want to win a Nexus 7 (who wouldn’t???) and at the same time I want to share my experience with FLIPBOARD for Android, so win win.

First off:

The app has a 4.5/5 rating on the Play Store with around 30k votes. Pretty impressive so far!

You start off with basic news panels, from which you can add/remove just about anything. Personally I went straight into “replace as many apps as I can” mode. What does that mean? Well, I added my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ feeds right into FLIPBOARD. Then I went on with my favorite sports (TSN and Hockey News), tech (Engadget and AndroidandMe), News (CNN and MontrealGazette), Funnies (Reddit/Imgur/Oatmeal/somanymore…..) and my guilty pleasure (GirlsinYogaPants).

Warning: Flipboard uses a lot of data. When you sync all your panels (or “refresh”), it will download the newest story from each subject – which could be a small amount of data to begin with. Once you choose which panel to visit, it will start downloading the next stories in the background – that’s where data flies. I’m on a fairly low 500mb data plan so I’ve noticed in the last 2 months that Flipboard has been using a good 200mb of my plan. So be careful with that…

Another con that drives me nuts is the inability to choose what’s considered a “Cover Story” (the first page’s BIG panel that highlights what Flipboard considers worthy news from all your added sources. This could be great if you could customize it and not have a girl’s ass (GirlsinYogaPants) front and center half the time I open the app (and sometimes showing it off to people… woops)

Apart from those 2 annoyances, the app itself is genuinely awesome. The flow (yes I used the word “flow”) is impressive – no lag, no stuttering, no freezing. Feels very fluid… As for all your settings, it’s highly recommended that you create a Flipboard account (which takes 30 seconds) so your flipboard panels are synced throughout all your devices, present and future. You can also subscribe to a “read it later” type of service right from the app, allowing you to save a list of articles you’d like to check out when you’re not driving or delivering a baby or whatever.

I started off saying this app has a 4.5/5 rating because that’s really what I’d give it. 5/5 for being smooth, lag-free and polished. -0.25 for not being able to customize your “COVER STORIES” panel, and another -0.25 for the random facebook bugs (which the FLIPBOARD team seems to fix rather quickly but still… hey at least they mention the issues on their twitter feed)

4.5 / 5

Apps I’ve uninstalled since: Pulse News, Engadget, Google Reader, TSN Mobile, CNN, Twitter and Facebook. I still kept Google+ because of all the cool chat/video features though.

  • Arshit

    how do you add oatmeal to Flipboard??