My Transformer Pad Prize

Posted Jun 04, 2012 at 8:28 pm in Threads > Opinions

Hi everyone,

I won the transformer pad prize pack a little while back (link).

The pack reached my door today :D and I wanted to share some pics and initial impressions with y’all.

Before that though, I would like to thank Android & Me, Taylor Wimberly, NVidia and every else involved in this contest for these great gifts. This is the first time I’ve ever won any kind of contest and it feels so good to get lucky! I’m sure to cherish this for a long time to come.

So without a further a due, here we go…
Contents of the prize pack- a Jawbone jambox speaker, Logitech wireless game controller, Asus TF300T with the keyboard dock.

No doubt, ever since I knew I won, I read reviews and every other article out there about TF300T. The score everywhere (including A&M) for the pad was 8/10.
Out of the box, it came there was no juice in the tablet and I charged it for a couple of hours. After the initial sign-in yada yada, the device was kind of slow for sometime till all the apps got downloaded (all 109 of them!). There was a system update waiting and once I updated it, things were far some smooth and stable. The touch screen is very responsive and the Tegra 3 is a Beast! Playing my favourite game- Shadowgun brought a grin to my face- especially with the controller (We’ll get to that in a minute). I love how Asus has not meddled too much with the OS and ICS just feels and acts like ICS. The little bloatware that is installed is really useful, like the Asus cloud and Supernote (awesome app!). The integration with the OS is perfect while still retaining the manufacturer trademark. This is something the other manufacturers can learn from Asus (Read Samsung). In the box was a USB cable, charger and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

The dock is just a pleasure to use. My hands are too big for the dock, but it is very much useable. There are special keys in the dock that work wonderfully and the combo just seems made for each other. I now know why everyone was raving about buying these together. Comes with some manuals.

There are a couple of games that are controller friendly in the Tegra Zone. I tried Shadowgun for a bit. It was easy to set up the game controller and the joystick buttons responded as they should. The controller feels heavy and grips well in the hand. The game controller also works on the home screen…although it is kind of difficult to select different things or shift between tabs.

The package that Jambox came in is beautiful. The presentation and the fibre glass case and the way the cables are placed in the package is just amazing. Someone has really put a lot of thought into the aesthetics of the whole product and it really shows. It is very easy to use and pairs absolutely with any bluetooth device, no problems (tried it with my laptop, Asus, S2 and an iphone4). The sound can easily fill up a small room. It does not output audiophile quality sound but the it does have a good bass impact with clear mids. Soundstage is not too wide and the sound separation is good enough. It is a fun little speaker and is definitely recommended. Comes with a good set of quality accesories- two USB cables, one long, one short, charger, a case and a 3.5mm into 3.5mm stereo cable.

Hope you all had fun reading this (if you read it till here) and would like to hear your opinions.
All in all….I am over excited about this win and once again big thanks to A&M and NVidia for bringing this contest to us….and I hope YOU win next time :)

Pictures: Pad Prize pack…

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Cool, congrats.

  • Zagrash

    Congrats! I was fortunate enough to win one of the other drawings, and am patiently awaiting my package =) I’m glad you’re liking it all so much so far, I really can’t wait to dig in and play with mine!

    I’d also certainly like to thank Android and Me, Taylor, NVidia, etc. you guys still rock!

    • droilfade

      Awesome! Congrats to you too!

      • Zagrash

        Thanks! I’m watching the FedEx tracking, and it’s driving me nutty! It should be delivered today, I just hope my wife is home to sign for it when it gets there.

  • awundrin

    Nice going – enjoy it! What an awesome prize pack you won!

  • B2L

    Rub it in… :P

    Looks like fun, I bet it’s awesome gaming on a tablet.

    • droilfade

      It is :) and I’ll rub it in…only till I can :p

  • jaxidian

    Congrats!!! Of all prizes given away, that one was the one I most wanted to win! Really hope you’re enjoying and continue to enjoy the goodies!! :-)

    • jaxidian

      (p.s. Your Dropbox link is dead.)

      • droilfade

        Links works fine for me and asked a couple of other people as well…..

        • jaxidian

          Upon further inspection, it’s a DNS issue. So it’ll work for some and not others until DNS changes finish propagating. Dropbox probably screwed something up there…

  • Zagrash

    All I’ve done so far is download Google apps, but damn am I going to have fun playing with this thing!

    • droilfade

      Awesome….congrats again. What color jambox did you get? I had some problems playing mkv files on this. Apparently no support :-( . But try dice player from play site. Works perfectly. Enjoy, and maybe you can share your experiences here too!

      • Zagrash

        I got the special edition green one too. I haven’t messed with that yet, but hope to do that tomorrow.

        I’ve noticed that the Play store seems to hang or just slow down while apps are downloading, which is kinda frustrating, but that’s about the only even remotely negative thing I have to say at the moment. That could also be because my internet is sloooow

        • droilfade

          Yeah I have seen that too. Lot of FC’s and the Play store takes forever. The solution to that is to do a factory reset and when it boots up…go into Wi-Fi settings>Advanced>turn off Wi-Fi>Never. Sign in to play store and leave it for about half hour. after everything is downloaded….restart. This somewhow worked and now there is no lag while flicking through applications. Play store lag still exists.

          • Zagrash

            I wonder if it’s more a result of the fact that I was installing a ton of apps (but not just letting it install everything). I was being pretty selective, because I didn’t really feel the need to have EVERYTHING I’ve ever installed dumped onto the tablet.

            I did boot up a few games last night, just to see how everything ran. It’s crazy playing Draw Something on a huge screen like that, I guess I can’t blame my terrible drawings on screen size anymore.

            I also booted up Angry Birds Space (looked awesome) and Airport Mania HD (picked it up as an Amazon FAOTD awhile ago). Both looked and ran great.

            I think I’m going to wait on installing the big stuff (Shadowgun, Modern Warfare, etc) until I grab an SD card for it, I’d rather just install that stuff directly to SD (might grab one on my way home anyway, so no huge delay =)

            I got the dock and speaker all charged up overnight, so I’m looking forward to playing with those when I get off of work! Still definitely a hell of a prize pack, and I can’t wait to mess around with everything even more.

  • Andrew


  • ZzX44

    I’m jelly =/

  • droilfade

    Thanks guys!

    I’m having some problems with this device that I hope to sort out soon. Still having lot of FC’s and the pointer when docked keeps disappearing. The play store is really slow. While playing Shadowggun yesterday it got stuck on a screen and had to reboot. Already tried factory reset twice….wondering how Zagrash is doing with his pad!

    • Zagrash

      The only problem I’ve really seen is the slow play store, but I’ve still mostly just been installing stuff. I didn’t get a chance to mess with the dock at all, I’ve still just been using it as a tablet, figuring I’d wait for the battery get low before popping it into the dock.

      I did have the launcher/home crash once last night after exiting Google Earth, but it hasn’t had any issues after a re-boot.

      Otherwise, so far so good! I should hopefully have a bit more time to actually PLAY stuff on it tonight, so I might have some more impressions later.

  • skugern

    Great review and thanks for the follow up – I always wonder if the winners use/enjoy their prizes :)

  • droilfade

    Thanks Skurgen…..the prize pack is great.

    Zagrash did you get adding a SD card. If yes how are you transferring your apps to it? I did a factory reset and I am installing apps selectively. Have been having fewer problems since then.

  • Zagrash

    SD card has been ordered, but has not arrived yet, unfortunately. I got a 32 GB class 10 card on Amazon. My wife ordered it since she has Prime for students, but I think she may have chosen super saver shipping instead of Prime shipping. Oh well.

    • droilfade

      I ordered the same thing…But I swapped the one in clip+ to the prime…and looks like to transfer apps 2 SD you need to root the device!

      • Zagrash

        I was just noticing that (my SD card arrived today). Seems odd that it doesn’t allow for apps to SD, and even more, when the SD card is in the machine, there seems to be a constant notification telling me so (I know it’s there, I just put it there! =)

        • droilfade

          Lol…yeah. After a couple of factory resets and a cold boot. I seem to be on track :D . Anamoly HD looks and plays awesome! Reading news on this has become a everyday thing for me now!

  • Zagrash

    I finally broke out the controller last night and messed around with it for awhile. Droilfade, your observations above are spot-on. It feels heavy, but comfortable, Shadowgun was easy to set up and play (looks great on a tablet too), and the controls worked nicely.

    What amused me, was the dual analog worked immediately on Android, but not on my PC =) I didn’t install the software though, and the game I tried it on (GTA San Andreas) might need the older drivers that come on the install disk.

    I’ve finally now gotten through all of the prizes, and can easily say that everything is fantastic! I’m still not completely sure how I plan to use the tablet on a regular basis – it’s been fun for games, and Currents looks SOOO much better on the bigger screen – but I guess I haven’t quite found the niche where I’ll grab the tablet instead of my PC or phone. It will definitely replace my aging HP laptop for travelling, etc. and i’m sure I’ll figure out a great way to use it in day-to-day activities too.

    Thanks again Android and Me!

    • droilfade

      Niceee! I’m currently using the tablet to read news, play games, reply to emails…lol pretty much everything.
      It’s great to read news ( try news360) and blogs and screen is just the right size without having to zoom in/out.

      • Zagrash

        News360 looks pretty cool, I will check that out, thanks!

  • droilfade

    And then…there is CM9 for the pad :D