N4 stock, since update, Market crashes, Keyboard is weird

Posted Nov 08, 2013 at 6:20 pm in Threads > Apps

Okay so i have the Nexus 4, and its stock. Recently the Marketplace updated and has a different look now. For example to get to “My Apps” you dont click the button on the right side row of three squares anymore, you click on Play Store on the left side and then “My Apps”.

So since that change, basically once a day when i click on the Market it crashes, the “report the crash” box pops up, i say ok, it transfers to the report crash message but then that crashes and i get kicked to the home screen. So i cant even report the crash to Google (which makes me wonder if its happening to lots of people but they don’t know cause the report cant be sent).
Does that happen to anyone else?

Next, since the keyboard update, there are really weird WRONG keyboard auto-correct options. When i type “Couldn’t” THEE middle option (that was never a option before)is “COULDNT” and so when i type “Couldn’t” and hit space it auto corrects it to it fully capitalized. I’ve noticed other words like this that not only give out a weird auto-correct that’s all caps, but some are all caps and misspelled. I cant edit the auto-correct dictionary cause the words aren’t in my PERSONAL dictionary (the only thing you can edit).

So did google just totally F up both of these updates or what?