Netflix App Review and Feature Wishlist

Posted Aug 31, 2012 at 10:15 am in Threads > Entertainment

The Netflix Android App has been around a while now, and a quick search on Android and Me shows a wealth of posts regarding its development. With a total download number checking in around 10 to 50 million on Google Play, it is a well established app that everyone knows about. Needless to say, many have reviewed this app time and time again.

So, I will highlight some of the pros and cons about the current edition of the app ,but then I will focus a bit on what features it should incorporate in the future.

- When you open the app, the first thing you see is a red button “Resume” for the last show that you were watching. It is located right towards the top, and the iconic red color will make sure you won’t miss it. Of course, if you want to continue a different show, there is a list of recently watched below the red button.
- In viewing mode, the controls are minimalistic. This is great because usually the phone’s screen size (screen real estate) is not as big as a computer’s. A simple Play/Pause button and Audio/Subtitle button, along with a time strip helps the user easily navigate the most essential needs during viewing.
- The menu options in the app’s home screen are very direct and concise, made up of “Home, Generes, Search, and Queue.”

- In TV shows, when you finish an episode, you have to wait until the end of the credits or back out of the viewing mode in order to select the next show. On a computer, however, the credits will minimize while the next episode pops up as an option.

Feature wish-list:
- It would be great to be able to advance to the next show during the credits
- The app feels a little bit laggy on a GSII, not sure if this is a hardware/software optimization issue or if it can actually be resolved in the future.
- It would be great to pin a favorite Genre up in the menu button section so you don’t have to scroll down in the Genre section each time.
- Social plug-in feature to share what shows you’ve watched recently? And see what shows your friends have watched recently? This may solve their recommendation challenge too. Or even foster an online community where users can discover others with similar tastes in visual entertainment.
- Netflix service overall suggestion: what about a family plan option? I believe right now each subscription enables 2 devices to simultaneously stream videos. Why not charge around 12 to 14 for 4 devices streaming? Or do a 5 dollar add-on? That might enable more families to switch over.

Overall, the Netflix app is great for what it does — delivering quality videos to a number of compatible Android devices. Of course, watching videos on your phone will not be the same as watching it on your TV (if your TV is hooked up to Netflix via some way). There is a difference in the quality. But, if you have a Netflix subscription or want to simply try it out, definitely get the Android app to see for yourself.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the app and the wish-list. Thanks for reading.