New Android User – Questions..

Posted Jan 02, 2013 at 3:46 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hello everyone!

I have finally placed my 3.5 year old Blackberry to rest as my Nexus 4 arrived Dec 14! I love my new phone but, to this day, I am still getting used to it.

I am wondering what some good apps are and of any tips or tricks as there are only so many Youtube videos you can try to watch before they begin to repeat themselves.

Besides a couple of games I have downloaded “File Manager, eSound and Google translate”. Are there any other productivity apps, functional or even just cool apps that I should be looking into?

Is there anything like BBM or a cross chat app between phones for Android? I just liked the more social aspect of it but I am loving the Android Swype for texting!

I am wondering if there is a free app available so that you can lock apps of your choosing? Like locking Facebook, Twitter and even photos so that if I hand my phone over to someone that can’t snoop or update things?

Also, what is the best video watching app for movies of various coding?

**UPDATE 2**
Trying to watch embedded video’s that are not youtube really sucks in Chrome, do I need to download a new browser (if so what it the next best option) or do I have to download a codec pack or something?

The video starts and takes up the middle section of my screen, like 25% worth and you have to zoom in…etc…..pain in the butt!


  • redraider133

    Go SMS pro is a good texting app. Facebook, twitter, Instagram if you’re into those kinds of things. Snapseed,

  • da9el

    i just list my favourite apps. you can try them if you like:

    aldiko, drive, dropbox, flipboard, goggles, instagram + picframe, play music, power toggles, snapseed, solid explorer, soundcloud, soundhound, swiftkey flow beta, tasks, viber, whatsapp.


  • Mix

    Thank you I will try them all out and see what I can find!

    Anyone else have any other apps then please list them, scrolling through and trying to find random apps is daunting, lol.

  • mecky33

    One of the App’s that I really like is Android Assistant. It’s a little overwhelming to start with but it has a lot of features that make it worth figuring out. I also like Wifi Analyzer and I regularly use Google Shopper and Google Goggles. Other than that Google is your friend when it comes to finding Apps. You can access your Google play account through the web and you can always google search for apps that have the functionality that you want/need.

    • Mix


      I will look around at those for sure! I know I have found a few apps that look interesting but some of the things the app wants to do = send calendar updates to friends or text friends = no download.

  • hballer

    A great financial productivity app is mint

    • honourbound68

      Mint is good but I budget biweekly rather than monthly so I actually prefer EEBA. Only one other person mentioned Evernote and it is an incredible tool

  • gh0st665

    As far as replacing BBM, You can try Touch, or WhatsApp. They will be compatible with your old BB friends and your Android and iOS buddies, too. I know those two are still in App World. (I remember WhatsApp was really popular with BlackBerry users.) The trick is getting them to download and use it. Personally, I never saw the big deal about BBM

    Pretty much every great app out there has been mentioned (Awesome list da9el)

    I use Google voice for my SMS. I’m not sure if every carrier lets you integrate your mobile number into GV, but with it I get my SMS on my phone, tablet and computer. May be something you would want to look into.

    • herbivore83

      An alternative to Voice if your carrier is not integrated is an app called MightyText. It’s a Chrome extension as well as a tablet app so you can get your texts in all of those places.

    • Mix

      I will have to check those out.

      I think BBM was like just texting with a social media twist and the status updates and picture updates from others grew on me and sending files was a breeze especially when one friend can not send media files outside of BBM…..old cheap plan, lol.

      I have looked into Google voice and will have to try it out as the less I leave in Bell’s hands the better.

      • aranea

        Why not use gtalk? Almost everyone has a gmail account now. i use it for real time chatting and whatsapp and google voice for rest. One thing to remember is that you can’t receive multi media files with google voice sms.

        If you need to deal with pdf and MS office office suit pro works well for me.

        IMDb and yelp are very useful too.

        And I have to say wapedia if you refer to wikipedia as often as I do.

      • gh0st665

        Yeah, if you are in Canada using Bell, then you want to save your data. You guys get screwed on your rates. When I worked for RIM, I was baffled at the prices you guys paid. I thought the rates in the US were high.

  • chestont

    I think one of the most subtle and powerful things about Android is the integration into the Google ecosystem. Exploring things such as integrating your contacts through Gmail with your contacts on the phone, Google Drive with Docs etc., Picasa, Google+, Reader, Maps and so on. Not all of the Google solutions are necessarily the best ones, but when you find the right mix of what works for you, the productivity of what you can do between your desktop, tablet, and phone increase exponentially.

    • Mix

      I like the fact that I can snap pictures and they are stored on Google+ rather than my phone and I can choose to make them live or keep them private, great feature but is sounds like I have a lot to learn still, lol.

  • jamal adam

    For productivity, I say get Evernote, Catch, and any.DO or Astrid tasks. If you have a lot of Kindle books then get the app or else mantano reader or aldiko should do. Some games include: Flow free, need for speed most wanted, dead trigger, wild blood, shadowgun, dead space, asphalt 7, and nova 3. Don’t forget Dropbox, mx player, pocket, flipboard, Google Currents.

    • Mix

      I have already downloaded dead trigger so I will check out the other games as well! I have Flow on the Psn (if it is the same game) and it is very chill!


      • jamal adam

        Flow is a puzzle game and is really addictive.

        • Mix

          Nope different game then, I will check it out for sure then, I love puzzle games and tower defense games!

          • jamal adam

            I also highly recommend beautiful widgets, and app sales, which showcases the latest apps that are on sale and you can also make a watchlist of apps you want to buy but are waiting for a lower price. This is how I was able to get most of my games and other apps. Zedge is another great app for finding the perfect wallpaper, ringtone, etc

  • cooljoel27

    i would suggest the following apps
    watsapp for chatting
    photoshop for photo editor
    battery doctor
    TouchPal keyboard
    One note

  • SGB101

    There are loads of great apps out there.

    Here is a link, to another forum that i started a thread and has been growing for over 2 years.

    • Mix

      Sweet, thanks!

  • MC_Android

    -Wolfram Alpha
    -ES File Explorer
    -Andie Graph (TI calculator emulator)
    -RepliGo Reader (pdf reader)/Adobe Reader
    -OfficeSuite Pro

    -Adobe Flash (Google for apk)
    -Google Maps

    -MX Player Pro (best video player)
    -PlayerPro (there’s a lot of music players. this is my favourite)
    -Veetle (google for an older version. update is crap; stream tv)
    -Crackle (free movies)
    -GTunes (free music)
    -TubeMate (download videos straight from Youtube; google for apk)
    -MediaConverter (convert videos to mp3; great for TubeMate addition)
    -TuneIn Radio
    -Ted (really cool. check it out)

    -GBC AD (gameboy advance emulator; Pokemon! :P)

    Once you’re comfortable with rooting, that opens a new wealth of apps! Welcome to Android! :)

    • Mix

      Awesome list, thank you!

      Android is pretty damn amazing so I am glad to be here!

  • Mix

    I updated my main post as I have 2 more questions!

    *I am wondering if there is a free app available so that you can lock apps of your choosing? Like locking Facebook, Twitter and even photos so that if I hand my phone over to someone they can’t snoop or update things?

    *Also, what is the best video watching app for movies of various coding?

  • gp126904

    APP lock is what I use to lock my apps, it’d simple and doesn’t lag like others apps out there. And its free! Video app I use is MX player it supports a ton of different video formats and I download a lot of movies to watch on my nexus and do far there hasn’t been a video it couldn’t play. And it is free as well!

    • orangestrat

      MX Player has never given me any trouble, its a solid app

  • Bryan Stoner

    Lancer –
    Saving Made Simple –

    +1 for da9el’s recommendation of solid explorer
    +1 for jamal adam’s recommendation of evernote & any.DO.
    +1 for chestont’s recommendation of a mix of Google services and other applications.

    Make sure to enable swipe on your keyboard!

  • nicotinemind

    There¨s Smart App Protector to lock apps :

    The problem with Smart App Protector, it wouldn’t work with the Avast anti-theft app. So I had to uninstall it. But as an app lock it worked great.

    Best player is MX player :

  • sebastianyuke

    What you will need is lock/hide apps. Even cell phone is private, sometimes we can’t avoid it to be borrowed by others. That’s when hide apps shine.
    I recommend hide it pro.

    • jonstle

      Second the vote for hide it pro.

  • SGB101

    App lock, is what I use, very basic but affective.

    It doesn’t hide the apps, but will put a password lock on any app/s of your choosing.

    I have it so my baby can’t buy stuff on certain apps, also had it on the play app, before the latest ‘play’ update that added password to purchase.

  • Mix

    Sweet thank you for all the information!

    I will be checking everything out tonight as I left my charger at home and 20% won’t last 8hrs if I am downloading ;)

  • aranea

    The best will be for google to allow multiple users on phones too similar to tablets. The you can have a guest user with very limited access. Come on google make it available already!

    • SGB101

      Jellybean allows this.

      • aranea

        On my nexus 10 it does. There is a Users tab under setting but it’s not there on the nexus 4. Is it hidden somewhere else?

        • orangestrat

          Its not visible or functional on phones, you don’t really need multiple users on a phone

          • aranea

            I actually think you do. You can have a guest user or something like that to give your phone to a friend to make a call (or to give your girlfriend, whom you may want to see everything on your phone).

  • orangestrat

    Tasks is definitely my favorite app. Its beautiful, flexible and useful. I use it to take notes and make lists and have 4 widgets for it. Can’t recommend enough.
    Otherwise, instagram, pocket, press, eBay, MX player, smart status bar, McPixel, Talk, whatsapp and afterfocus are all great apps.

  • holod

    I suggest to check out IM+ application. It’s all-in-one messenger that supports all my favorite services like Facebook, GTalk, ICQ, MSN, Skype and others. I’ve bought it for myself and my girlfriend so we could keep in touch while I’m away and I really love it. They also have free version of the app with ads, so you may check out the app before upgrading to Pro.

    • Mix

      That sounds pretty sweet, thank you!

  • Mix

    I added another question :)

    **UPDATE 2**
    Trying to watch embedded video’s that are not youtube really sucks in Chrome, do I need to download a new browser (if so what it the next best option) or do I have to download a codec pack or something?