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Posted Feb 26, 2013 at 3:55 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hi All,

Well it is time for me to get some new gear. I have been looking around but I am still pretty much in doubt.

At the moment I am in the market for some new gear (phone and tablet). But because there is so much hardware available I am just unable to find / determine what to buy. So I thought why not try and ask it on the forum. I am an android software developer so besides using my device for daily use I also use it for testing my software. So here is what I would like:

The Phone
Old Devices
So a bit of device history to give you all a better indication of what I bought in the past.
- Nexus S (current device, it’s oke battery life is pretty good (could be btter), but it lacks updates now :(. Running CyanogenMod).
- HTC Magic (old device, still used for testing, worked pretty good but a bit small and slow).

As indicated before I use my phone for daily activities: calling, texting, browsing (researching) and watching some video’s. I would probally classify myself as a medium user.

So what would I like in a new device. Below some features I would like:
- Bigger Screen
- Faster (Better Processor, would prefer Quad or better but not sure how a dual core preforms)
- Good Battery Life (Should at least last for a full day)
- Bluetooth / GPS (well I guess all devices have this)
- RAM (would prefer 2 GB but I guess 1 would be enough (not sure about this))

Devices I Found
Looked at the following devices but just not sure:
- Samsung Galaxy Note II (Like the memory and speed but not quite sure about the screen size it looks and feels a bit to big for regular usage (calling)).
- Samsung Galaxy S3 (Lovely device but not quite sure about the samsung interface and update support. Also not sure about the 1 GB RAM).
- Samsung Galaxy S4 (Spec’s look promissing but not sure if it is worth the rumored price, and it’s not yet available)
- HTC One (M7?) (Well the device is lovely and specs looks pretty nice but again the Sense interface would it be good for development).
- Nexus 4 (It isn’t that available but still specs look oke and its pure google :). But have heared some bad stuff about the device).

The Tablet
Old Devices
I do not currently own a tablet but have borrowed a Samsung Tab 10.1 and I must say its pretty good.

Well this device will mainly for development purposes so I will test various games / applications on it. Besides that I will probally take it to the office to write some notes / quikly look up some information. Mainly on Wifi (or will use phone for tethering).

Not sure about this yet just a nice battery life and a nice processor.

Devices I Found
Looked at the following devices but just not sure as I am pretty new in the tablet market:
- Nexus 7 / 10 (Nice device all I can say but not sure about speed etc)
- Galaxy Tab 2
- Sony Xperia

Besides a tablet and phone I would like a nice gadget just for fun was thinking of getting a sony smartwatch. Any thoughts about this?

Well budget isn’t really the issue but would like a nice set. Anything up to 1000 bucks would be oke.

With kind regards,


  • Ryan Gails

    S3 is a pretty sick phone in general. Great screen, really snappy. Only problem is that it’s already last generation tech. I’m sure the S4 will be worth it and I really like what I see in the HTC ONE. On the software/update side, you could always root your phone and put a custom ROM on it. I know the S3 has a bunch of up to date AOSP ROMs and I’m sure the One will too once people get their hands on it.

  • LukeT32

    On the phone side I would wait for all the new releases to come out and get some hands on time before making any decision on anything. Perhaps pick up a used Gnex for now?

    For the tablet I would suggest the Transformer line if your going to be any sort of heavy typing (you mentioned note taking). You will have access to a physical keyboard and then can always remove it if need be. It also runs a more or less vanilla version of android.

    I thought AAM did a thing on the Sony SmartWatch and they were going to stop supporting there android app? Tried doing a quick search, but couldn’t find anything.

  • pjamies

    Unlocked Nexus4 and Nexus7 (and by unlocked I mean purchased through Google, not your provider!!)

    Anything else and updates will be sketchy at best!

    Or wait for Google I/O, and see what Motorola has up it’s sleeve .. (ie. Motorola X)
    As they say it is supposed to be a ‘show stopper’

    Watch? Sony is suppsed to come out with a new version some time soon ..
    Also … the Pebble looks promising ..

  • MC_Android

    If you’re budget is open to 2013 flagships, then definitely wait until the S4, HTC One and Googorola X-Phone are released!

  • MOnline

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the great advice I will probally wait with the phone at the moment. Although picking up a second hand gnex would be a nice idea :).

    As for the tablet the transformer is looking very nice. Would you guys / girls suggest a 7 or 10 inch? Especially when looking at application development don’t really know what most people or using.

    Have looked at the pebble it looks promissing especially battery life is supposed to be very good.

    With kind regards,


    • LukeT32

      I currently have a 10″ Transformer

  • uknowme

    I can’t speak for everyone but I absolutely love my Nexus 7. I waited and picked up a 32g version. Probably the best tech investment I’ve made in many years. It has pretty much replaced my laptop. As far as phones go I am waiting to see what the Moto X brings to the table before I decide. I really want a “stock” stock phone with a few benefits. Mainly I want a phone with a good camera(that doesn’t use special software or hardware), SD support, and some way to connect it to my tv to mirror my phone. I bring up the camera and tv issue because I currently have a Evo LTE and although I can run CM or AOKP they both lack the camera refinement from the image chip, also neither supports MHL due to that being taken out of the vanilla experience.

  • SGB101

    If now, it’s got to be nexus4 or note2, and nexus 7/10 or note8/10

    I got note2 and nexus7,bit tbh I hardly use a tablet, with naming the note2.

    If you can wait, it would be nexus(next 1)/moto or the note3.

    • MOnline

      I have been thinking about getting a note 2 but still a bit in doubt as it might be to big for regular use (calling etc) not sure what you are experiancing with this.

      • SGB101

        I had the one X, and found it to big for just a phone.

        But by excepting that the note is more than a phone, and that it is a two handed device, the size is no longer an issue.

        Tbh, it still fits in my jean pockekts, fount and back, so all round size is fine.

        Once you go down the note road tho, I don’t think you could ever go back. My wife’s sgs3 feels far to small (even tho its big) and the iPhone 4,looks like a child’s to (which it is ;o)).

  • chestont

    If you’re currently running CM and you like the stock look of Android I can’t recommend Nexus devices highly enough. The Nexus 4 has been a fantastic device for me (coming from a Nexus S 4G running Bugless Beast ROM) and it is honestly the first phone that has exceeded my expectations. I have been so satisfied with it that I haven’t even bothered to root yet (unlike the 4 Android phones I had before it).

    As far as a tablet goes I have a Nexus 7. My only issue is that sometimes I feel like it’s a little superfluous with having both a Nexus 4 and 7 because the screen size is only marginally better for casual tasks (twitter, Pulse, etc) and only a little bit better for videos and games around the house than a 4.7-5.5″ HD smartphone. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving up to a Nexus 10 for it’s great screen and bigger size for video and other media. However, the trade off is you lose the mobility, carrying around a tethered Nexus 7 in a book-style case around town is a nice experience.

    Also (and please don’t down vote me to hell), I would consider an iPad for their app ecosystem. I love Android (4 Nexus devices and counting), but those iPad apps are well designed and very functional.

    • chestont

      If you’re looking for a fun device to play around with grab a Rasberry Pi, the stuff I see people doing those things are amazing.