Next Google Nexus Wishlist

Posted May 04, 2012 at 1:46 pm in Threads > Opinions

Given we know now what S3 specs are, what is your wishlist for the next Nexus?

  • jaxidian

    4.7″ 1080p SuperDuperAMOLED+
    better-than-plastic (ceramic?) casing
    removable 2300mAh in 9mm case (or better yet, some next-gen battery tech)
    2GB RAM
    64GB Internal Storage
    Jelly Bean
    No physical buttons except for vol/pwr/camera
    Gorilla glass or better (non of this GNex bullcrap glass)
    LTE + quad core Cortex-A15 Exynos CPU
    Wireless charging (out-of-the-box)
    Tablet-docking compatibility (ala the PadFone) via optional accessory
    Laptop-docking compatibility for the tablet (ala the Transformer) via optional accessory

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Don’t think we will see quad-core A15 till very early 2013, so doubt that will make it into next Nexus.

      • jaxidian

        Hey! None of that, now! This is called a wish list and not an expected list! Tsk, tsk…

        • auronblue

          Agreed. I like how you think.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Lol well then that would be your wish list for the next-next Nexus. Not the 2012 Nexus :)

          • Bpear96

            When you where a kid you didn’t make your Christmas wish list for next-next Christmas did you ? :D

          • jaxidian


            When I was a kid, I think my wishlists were always long enough for the next few Christmases! ;-)

      • Aaron_301

        Maybe he was referring to a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro? Cause that would be awesome :D.

      • nexus fan

        actually no, check out Snapdragon road map, as they say they will have S4 quad core ready in later 2012. no word on lte, as for me i couldnt care less my service provider is stuck at 3g.

        • Thattechkid

          Not sure about the quad core version (thought there wasn’t going to be a quad core Krait, instead just waiting for a15 official spec), but the Snapdragon S4 is early Q4 and is basically the same thing except for a beefier Adreno 320 GPU.

    • Justin

      That should be the specs for the S3 except for the Arm15 processor obviously. I know this is the Nexus post but I’m still disappointed the non pentile smiled plus is not on this phone and like you said this is a wishlist so I the biggest wish is that samsung brings back smoked plus on the nexus

    • jon

      How bout adding Bluetooth 4.0 so i can actually utilize my pebble smart watch in low power mode for syncing when it comes out

    • mark

      Am I the only one who thinks 4.3″ is a more comfortable option? 1080p would be great still though.

      • PSeeCO

        Me too, that’s why i think that htc one s is the best smartphone out there at the moment!

    • vikram

      12+ mp camera with bis tech.
      something out of the box to beat siri.

    • Queue

      “Tablet-docking compatibility (ala the PadFone) via optional accessory
      Laptop-docking compatibility for the tablet (ala the Transformer) via optional accessory”

      What tablet(s) would it dock to? Wouldn’t Samsung also have to make a tablet to make it compatible as well?

    • NeoJesus

      5″ 1080p SuperDuperAMOLED+ with 0.5mm bezel, same form factor as a 4.65″ screen
      better-than-plastic (ceramic, kevlar, carbon fiber) casing, anything but heavy metal and heavy glass
      removable 2300mAh in 9mm case (or better yet, some next-gen battery tech)
      2GB RAM
      64GB Internal Storage
      Jelly Bean
      *YES to physical buttons including for vol/pwr/camera, capacitive buttons ALWAYS get accidentally pressed! NO to on-screen buttons, why waste any of that gorgeous 1080p real estate for buttons!?
      Gorilla glass 2 or better (non of this GNex bullcrap glass)
      LTE + quad core Cortex-A15 Exynos CPU
      SOLAR charging (out-of-the-box)
      Liqui-pel treated at the factory

    • nexus fan

      Man dont include exynos, its 32nm built (slow), Snap dragon is 28nm built (fast), plus snap dragon will have quad core ready by time nexus is being build.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    MANUFACTURER: HTC, Motorola, or Sony

    CPU: quad-core Exynos 5250, quad-core Snapdragon S4 APQ8064, or quad-core 1.7GHz Tegra 3+

    RAM: 2 GB

    OS: Jelly Bean

    BATTERY: 3,000+ mAh

    DISPLAY: 1080p

    ETC: microSD slot, removable battery, NFC, bluetooth 4.0, wireless charging, no glossy plastic, dedicated camera button, stereo speakers

    • spazby

      amen to the battery wish

    • aranea

      Android beam,
      voice controls,
      mini hdmi out with whole phone screen on tv/monitor option

    • Fulaman

      Exactly what I’m looking for, if the next Nexus does come with these specs it will be my next phone for sure. Forget the Galaxy S III fail.

    • Louis A

      Beside everything said, my only true wish is that it should be a true GOOGLE PHONE and be available on day one from Google, not a carrier.

      • kevjj10

        Definitely would love to see that

    • Thattechkid

      There is actually rumors that there will be 5 different manufacturers making Nexus phones all specifically designed with JB.

  • furius

    SD card
    Removable battery

  • redraider133

    I would like the best screen available at the time( no larger than 4.8 inches)
    expandable storage
    manufacturer other than samsung unless they start using some better radios
    2100+ mah removable battery

    • rmcsc

      You had me at “no larger than 4.8 inches”.

  • spazby

    interesting people are not mentioning the camera specs

    • rmcsc

      Six pentapixel with infinite zoom and no flash needed. But, really, 5 to 8 megapixels with an amazing sensor. Sensor is all that counts.

      • masterpfa

        Finally someone who gets it.

        • PacoBell

          “Sensor is all that counts.” Really? The optics stack doesn’t make any difference? I don’t think so.

  • Indigo Haze

    I would like a QWERTY, damnit. :p

    So much hate losing 50% of the screen to a keyboard when I’m linked into a remote unix system via SSH…. similar issue for Citrix remote connectivity…

    • DSaif

      QWERTY on Nexus..Not fair :P

  • sdny8

    Great build quality. I’m talking all aluminum body possible titanium accents. Great hardware. Radio in gnex is a disappointment. A 1080+ display and 8 mp camera. But what I think the nexus really needs a MUST have is a form factor. The overall feel of the gnex is amazing in my hand. I’d prefer slightly thicker to support a 2500 stock battery with a 3000 extended. But I think a form factor is very important to nexus devices to allow third party vendors a chance to actually make quality accessories.

    • sdny8

      Oh and I would not be opposed to spending as much as $400 on contract or $750 without for the kind of build quality I’m looking for. Water and shock resistant too. We use our phones all day long

      • jon

        How about $400 unlocked like the gnex

        • Thattechkid

          Here is my wishlist:
          4.7 inch, SLCD2 display, 1280:720
          3.2 MP front cam 1080p video, 8 MP rear cam, 1080p video
          Virtual buttons, LED notification light
          Contoured ergonomic design
          Removable cover near top by camera, access to SIM card, microsd card,
          MHL port,
          Snapdragon S4 Pro, 1.5 GB of RAM
          2,500 MaH battery, 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage, 5G wifi (aka wireless ad) pentaband

        • Thattechkid

          Here is my wishlist:
          4.7 inch IGZO display, 1280:720
          3.2 MP front cam 1080p video, 8 MP rear cam, 1080p video
          Virtual buttons, LED notification light
          Contoured ergonomic design
          Removable cover near top by camera, access to Nano SIM card, microsd card,
          MHL port,
          Snapdragon S4 Pro, 1.5 GB of RAM
          2,500 MaH battery, 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage, 5G wifi (aka wireless ad) pentaband HSPA+ 42 support, Bluetooth 4.0 support, I wouldn’t care if they sacrificed some of Thea features for this one thing: $400 of contract so I can use it on T-Mobile and upgrade every for the price of buying on 2 year contracts. :)

  • Rushir Parikh

    Maker: Samsung
    Just hire another designer that knows what they are doing and don’t want to make a blue phone… make it an industrial design – like a Mac… not an iPhone with a glass back
    Gorilla Glass 2
    MicroSD slot
    1280×720 screen 4.2 – 4.4 inches
    No carrier branding
    Metal body (Aluminum(like Macs?)
    Tear drop design (with curved back to fit your hand better(much like the current nexus as well as the nexus s))
    No hardware buttons except for volume/power
    Jelly Bean
    Removable Battery
    12MP Camera no shutter lag
    Wireless charging
    Quad-core Exynos 5250 (For US versions as well)

    • Nathan D.

      Add another person for your wish list. ;-)

  • ntan97

    1080p non-pentile display.
    Wireless Charging.
    Adaptive screen depend on whether its docked into a tablet, laptop (chrome OS) or a tv(google TV).
    Good battery life but still thin best of both worlds.
    Definately stronger glass.
    Espandable storage, removable battery.
    Quad Core 2ghz and 2gb of ram. 1.8ghz at least.
    solid… (ceramic)
    premium build quality ala HTC Desire, or Moto Razr

  • Joe Petty


    SCREEN: EDGE TO EDGE 1080p non pentile Super AMOLED+ HD

    PROCESSOR: Quad core exynos, Quad core Krait or Quad core Tegra with Kepler tech.

    GRAPHICS: Mali T-604

    BATTERY: 3,300 mAh Battery with next gen battery tech

    CAMERA: Back -12MP Carl Zeiss sensor, 1080p recording @ 60fps, backlight illuminated
    Front -3MP sensor w/ 720p recording @ 30fps

    CHASSIS: Metal chassis, 8.5-9mm thin

  • Yonas

    would have been much better if we could build our own smartphone from scratch,just like we do with our desktops.

    • Nathan D.

      That would be awesome if we could.

  • George C

    Display: 720p Super AMOLED plus. preferably around 4 to 4.5 inches
    2-day battery. Thinness be damned.
    SD card slot
    Same buttonless design and full-glass front. Minimum bezel.
    8MP camera, BIS, some decent lens. 2-stage hardware camera button (isn’t happening, I know)
    10ms touchscreen / smart stylus with digitizer

    The padphone’s docking capabilities would be a nice option.

    Not interested in wireless charging as I often hold/use my phone whilst I charge it. But a nice optional extra to have a-la GSIII.

    Not sure what we’d do with double the cores and RAM. How much power do you need to run twitter and instagram?

    But it looks almost certain that with quad-core phones already out, I will be quad-core.

  • richard talley

    Carrier independent from the get go and sold by Google. Made by HTC with focus on the camera, battery and build quality. I feel bad for Verizon galaxy nexus owners as google made compromises to get that phone out

    • DSaif

      Carriers won’t allow that, but Google may sell it unlocked on Google Play :D

      • Mikael

        Carriers shouldn’t have a say in that.

    • PacoBell

      To be truly carrier independent, wouldn’t the device have to support both CDMA and GSM radios? Sounds like a huge space and power issue.

      • Aaron_301

        Fuck Verizon and Sprint (and they’re subsidiaries) :)

  • jhe

    collaborative hardware design by Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Motorola (collaboration) we want unibody

    Future-Proof CPU and GPU

    Processor: Quad-Core Exynos, with microchip slot for another (optional) core

    Display: 1080P HD, with a capability to shift from standard HD display to 3D display

    battery: same battery with RAZR MAXX or better

    smartcover with flexible solar panel for wireless charging

    Android Jelly Bean,

    all the “S” intelligence features from Galaxy S3

    • jhe

      One more thing, its 4G should be future proof, that supports HSPA+, LTE and LTE Advanced, :)

  • eYe

    I want one thing and one thing only: more than 1 week of R&D. I want the phone that comes out and has no bugs, connection problems, screen problems or any other problems. I thought I would get that with Gnex (best Google phone on the best network, right?) and I feel like I have been cheated. Something really needs to happen there, no features are going to be relevant if they don’t work as intended/advertised.

    • Manuel

      That’s not R&D, that’s QA.

  • 4n1m4l

    Quality build materials; metal or ceramic. Oleo phobic everything. In the camera, pressing volume up focuses, and down takes a picture. Decent internal storage but still have a physical SD card. Sold directly from google r something to ensure no carrier delays to software. Big battery. Pogo pin accessories at launch.

  • rmcsc

    Only thing on my wishlist: available on the Google Play Store from day 1.

  • peekay5000

    Anybody other than Sammy. Am sick of plastic body phones.

    Wont mind a fused battery if 3000 mah or better

  • tao.lviv

    I hope it’ll be still possible to carry it in my pocket – so huge screens need huge pockets and huge hands to operate them :)

    Oh and battery – this thing can be huge :)

  • Manuel

    Come on, let’s be realistic. The specs depend on the manufacturer. There’s no way it can be made by Sony, using a Samsung’s Exynos and HTC’s SLCD2 for example.

    Even though I hate to say this, Samsung is the manufacturer better equipped to deliver the next Nexus. Their Exynos is by far the best SoC, they also have the best screen, sound, camera, …

    It’s almost certain it will be Sammy (I preferred HTC) and the specs should be something like: 4.x” SuperAMOLED Plus HD, S3′s Exynos and Wolfson, S3′s camera, slightly bigger battery capacity, same design but with slightly better materials.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    *Made By HTC
    *Super Amoled HD plus non-pentile 1080p 4.8 display
    *Jelly Bean OS with better than Siri search(Majel), better camera software optimization, IOS like integration, better battery optimization, even better looking UI, redesigning other apps, added game center, people app pictures sync in 1080p for pictures of contacts, and etc
    *Customizable software buttons
    *Pentaband GSM with 42mbps HSPA and future LTE support for TMO
    *128gb internally with micro SD support up to 128gb
    *super thin with 3500+ mah removable battery
    *water proof
    *gorrila glass 2
    *html5 and flash support on chrome as default browser
    *micro oxidation that dosent peel/chip
    *same led notification on Galaxy Nexus with more colors
    *SE great sensor 8mp/12mp with 2mp front 720p
    *redesigned some Widgets to look better than sense widgetsb (which in my opinion is the best)
    *supports all audio and video files
    *touch sensitive power button
    *on all carriers and available in white and black the same day
    *2gb ram
    *superb audio surround sound
    *Samsung quad-core A15 exynos 5250/quad-core krait/ quad-core OMAP A15
    *best radio for strongest signal
    *best audio and video playback and recording
    *camera and video recording buttons
    *dual led flash
    *wireless charging
    *all the basic things like nfc, gyroscope, etc
    *HTC amaze like build quality
    *padfone docking plus more

  • Silver

    For Software:
    1- Better face recognition.
    2-improved voice Command.
    3-integration with google tv.

  • Karan O

    -HTC or SONY or ASUS
    -4.7 1080p Super-AMOLED + , Gorilla Glass 2,Non Pentile ,Wide Range ,No Brightness LOSS in front of SUN!
    -2500+ Battery with -9mm thickness
    -Quad CORE S4 1.5 OR 2 Quad Tegra 3+ OR 4
    -Jelly BEAN
    -MiniHDMI , Wireless Charging (IN BOX) ->IF HTC With Beats HEAD SET (Wireless)
    ->if Sony With Smart Watch 2 and LIVE Headset 2
    -NFC+ , Beam with longer distance support , Next GEN Wi-fi,gyroscope and etc
    -Floating Touch
    -S-Pen Like System
    -if ASUS->DOCK+Tablet Transformer
    -Beautiful MUSIC Player AND Gallery!
    -NO Lag Fast Updates Fast ROOT!!
    -ONE X OR Xperia S Like Design!
    -Camera : 12 mp ,No Shutter LAG Full HD ,Next Gen mIni Xenon Flash!!!!
    -MICRO SD support :64GB ONE Version 64 GB Internal!
    -And SOME Innovations!(Real ONEs)!!!

    -App Store LIKE Games AND Apps!


    • Karan O

      AND 2.5 GB RAM I Forgot THAT!

  • Jasen

    Manufacturer / HTC
    4.3-4.5 inch screen
    I’ll settle for a dual core krait For timing.
    2200mah battery (removable or not)
    HDMI output, blue tooth 4.0, wifi a/b/g/n
    8 megapixel camera with wide aperture and optimized software for near zero shutter lag.
    Available in 16gb/32gb/64gb sizes with micro sd card
    Latest android update.
    All Google services built in.
    And available as soon as it’s announced.
    I’d talk build quality but that’s too much.

  • sly

    Another vote for a 4.3-4.5in screen. These monster phones are a pain in the but to hold and pocket.

    Also, I despise AMOLED of any sort, so I guess that rules out Sammy. What good are eye-popping colors and contrast if you want to gouge your eyes out due to awful color balance? How can you do any serious media work with a device that is not capable of producing a white light?

    • PacoBell

      Even SAMOLED+? It’s got the same RGB subpixel layout as LCD. I’m curious also as to what kind of “serious media work” you do on a 4.x” device.

      • sly

        It’s not about the pixel layout. Obviously RGB is far superior to Pentile, but that doesn’t solve everything. The color balance on every AMOLED screen I have ever seen has been skewed massively to the cool side. What is supposed to be white shows up as blue or green. This not a subjective issue or a matter of preference. There are color calibration devices to adjust balance on desktop displays and printers, and what comes out of something like the GS2 or GNex doesn’t look anything like the original.

        Serious media work doesn’t have to mean content creation. It can be a photographer showing proofs to a client. But I suspect most brides don’t want to see their wedding dress reproduced a as a sickly blue-green.

  • why???

    why do you guys want an 1080p screeen on a device with less than 5 inches? (something like 400+ppi…..eyes say goodbye at 300 ;D)

    you won’t see any difference to a 720p non-pentile screen….at least no resolution differences

    • ZzX44

      370 Is a bit closer.

  • Matt

    wishlist :

    =Display SAMOLED+ HD 4,7 ich (anything from 4.3-4.7 NO MORE!, i dont care how many P, but dencity 300++ plz)

    =plastic body? dont care i like it, as long as its durable , Gorilla glass 2 screen

    =RAM? from 1 GB – 2 GB . . 1 gb its more than enough . . i guess

    =internal storeage anything fron 8 GB -64 GB MMC CARD SLOT!

    =Jelly Bean

    =No physical buttons JUST like G-nex

    =dual core Cortex-A15 Exynos CPU and newest MAli GPU

    =HD zero shutter lag camera (both of them front and rear)

    =wifi direct

    = 2700 ++ MAh battery (dont care if its 10 mm thick or 11 mm, ill buy it for battery live oh and REMOVABLE)

  • westy

    Please dont make the phone any bigger then it already is. PLEASE STOP MAKING THE PHONES BIGGER!!! 4-4.65 inches should be the ideal size. Focus on performance and battery life with the next design. I dont want to sacrifice battery life for the current LTE chips. Better camera senors are my wishes.

  • TheTruthSquad

    I would like a phone that none of the “experts” bitch about. The screen would be expandable from 3.5 (please the fanboys) to 6 feet four inches so you can display life-sized photos. It will have WIFI connected to a satellite so there will be no carrier with no data limits. The battery will last six months and will be charged by solar that is built in. It will have free text and phone service would-wide connected to the WIFI satellite. It will an emotion sensor so when you are lonely or depressed, it will connect to the nearest female/male to console you. It will double as a tanning booth for those who are bed-ridden. It will be made of titanium and will weigh 1/10 of an ounce. It will change colors on your voice demand.
    And, it is free.
    Now, who wants to bitch about the specs.

  • Alchemist

    I’m gonna be half and half

    Manufacturer: Sony (If not) Back to Samsung

    Processor: Nvidia (If not) Intel :/ with quad-core and LTE support (Keep in mind Google likes to switch up Chipmakers every Nexus release, reason why the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not using Exynos chip instead using the TI OMAP platform)

    Screen: Same screen size (4.65) probably stick with AMOLED cause all 3 genrations of Nexus have been using AMOLED (besides the European Nexus S which uses LCD) probably stick with 720p but increase the pixel density and no more Pentile. (If not) 1080p with no Pentile.

    Battery: 3300mah+ since Google bought Motorola, and has the patents. The Motorola Maxx uses 3300mah and no other manufacture has been able to squeeze that amount of power in a phone while keeping a real thin frame as the Moto Maxx. I see Google taking advantage of this and putting that same battery technology Motorola has used and put that inside the next gen Nexus.

    Software: Jellybean, I can’t really speculate on this but i do see certain features that couldn’t make it ICS will put into Jellybean. I would love to Google actually take the phone dual-boot both jellybean than boot ChromeOS vi a la docking station making it a truly a “computer in you pocket”.

    RAM: 2GB if LG did it, The market likes to +1 each other with the “more is better”, so everyone will follow suit.

    Design: Very thin frame, still retaining the CURVED GORILLA(2nd gen) GLASS esthetics. I would love to see a Aluminum unibody design but this will raise manufacture cost, and won’t be as affordable as the Galaxy Nexus $400 Price point. If not will still just high quality plastics. I do see a radical design change if they do pick Sony, if its Samsung minimal changes that are noticeable but keeps the same design aesthetics as the Samsung Nexus phones.

    Camera: For some people this was a weak point of the Galaxy Nexus sensor, they will re-correct the mistake and carefully pick out which camera sensor they will go with. Expect 1st Class DSLR like images.

    Connectivity: All the latest and newest cell radios, especially 802.11ac and next gen NFC.

    Interaction Connectivity: Be apart of Goggle Project Glass, if they want that succeeded its needs to integrated in terms of software and not seen as a optional accessory. Google TV control and something more than using the phone as a remote control. Something far more greater than i can think of right now.

    Final note cause my creative of this world thinking superphone as come to an end

    Sell the device with truly no carrier interference, but still have have carriers like Sprint who will still want the Nexus line but keep Verizon on its pins and needles for screwing them up.

    Shall be called the Unicorn Tears Nexus or maybe (NEXUS PLAY)

  • cmunic8r99


  • ZzX44

    2GB RAM
    Exynos 5250
    32GB Storage with microSD expansion
    2500 mAH battery (removable)
    Semi-professional level Camera
    SAMOLED HD+ 1080p Display
    4.7 inch edge to edge screen
    7mm thin
    Unlocked and sold by Google

  • irv

    List could go on for days 4.8 in
    Quad core
    8mp with best sensor
    new resigned curve.
    True HD.
    Better front camera.
    Jelly bean
    Wireless charging or solar charge.
    Splash proof/water proof.
    Google assistant.

  • Devashish Chandra

    A worldwide release on the day of the launch… No waiting to get my hands on which leads to an announcement that it wont be released ever..

  • Shawn

    IDK how u make it as long as it’s at least a slim phone and has a 5 inch screen …..please no more of this 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, crap

  • CTown

    Hopefully Google could work close with HTC to improve Android’s default camera app. It is probably one of the worst of the AOSP apps! That’s why I would love if HTC made the next Nexus. Imagine if HTC could get their hands on one of those 720p SAMOLED displays…. they probably could use that and make the One X much thinner!

    Imagine the nit-picking people would have to do to say something bad like a phone like that!

  • jamal adam

    Made by HTC
    Quad-Core Exynos with Nvidia like graphics and S4 battery efficiency
    4.7inch SLCD 2 or HD Super AMOLED + with Gorilla Glass 2 at 1080p
    3000 mAH removable battery but non removeable is fine too
    12mp camera with dual led flash and a F1.8 aperture with a dedicated chip and a dedicated camera button
    3mp front facing camera with 1080p video
    64GB of internal storage as well as a micro-SD slot
    2GB of RAM
    NO hardware buttons on the screen, should be ALL touch
    and all other necessary things like bluetooth 4.0, wireless charging, NFC, etc

  • Jeremy

    2 day battery based on heavy usage
    Multi-color LED notification
    Guaranteed upgrades from Google and not the carriers
    199.99 to get the phones in everyone’s hands
    **TV tuner and radio
    Something like the spent
    Google Assistant (Majel)
    Free pair of Google Glasses
    Stereo sound

  • manu

    A FM radio too.

  • jonjoseph


    SCREEN: 4.2″ 720p non pentile Super AMOLED+ HD (less bezel is better)

    PROCESSOR: 1.7 Ghz 5250 Dual-Core Exynos A15 chip
    GRAPHICS: Mali T-604 quad-core gpu

    BATTERY: 2,500+ mAh Battery

    CAMERA: Back -8MP with a sensor at least as good as GSII, iPhone 4S and One X , 1080p recording @ a real 30fps, backlight illuminated
    Front -2MP sensor w/ 720p recording @ 30fps

    CHASSIS: Unibody polycarbonate no more then 9mm thick with curved Gorilla Glass 2. Body similar to Nexus S and GNex.

  • indy

    will be modest
    4.2 or bigger
    Non pentile
    No forced Twiz/Sense at least should allow pure Jellybean option
    Removable battery + sold w. exttra battery and special chargedock for separate charging of battery

  • Ricardo Brenelli

    I would like it to have a 4.3 720p super amoled + non pentile hd display. id like it to also be ips (is this possible?) and for it to have some kinds of whitemagic technology (sony xperia p), that even in bright sunlight with low power consumption a legible screen. I live in Rio, so this is crutial since its always sunny here, and I find myselft looking for a shadow-ish spot to use my phone. and gorilla glass 2. so we dont need to use a cover. at all.

    Hardware buttons:
    >Lockscreen/on and off button (at the top right corner)
    >Screen orientation lock button
    >volume up and volume down
    >mute/vibrate on button
    >2 step camera button in the usual place for this kind of buttons

    micro usb as usual with the function to charge phone
    micro hdmi with mhl support (and a cable included when you purchase the device)

    insane battery, like 3500mah removable but thin, probably with some next gen tech for it.

    crazy sound quality. like bang and olufsen for the stereo speakers. really loud. and the headphone jack as well. the thing im most frustrated about my motorola, is the sound quality. really poor compared to my ipod nano 5th gen.

    really good in ear headphones, with remote and mic.

    jelly bean of course. no hardware button. be it like the galaxy nexus. not the like htc one x or the galaxy s III.

    about 64gb internal memory, but with a slot for another 64gigs of micro sd storage. hot swappable as well for the sim card.

    the body of the device to be made from some nice mettalic material. aluminium or titanium. and all the details, like the button, to be made from back rubber. so brushed metal all over with a stunning screen and nothing else. just the buttons and sd and sim covers. and a removable back for the battery. no more than 9mm thick. kinda unibody. but with space for the removable battery. and the hdmi and usb interfaces. along the buttons and hot swappable micro sd and sim cards. oh yeah. two sim cards.

    i want some insane camera, better than the iphone 4s. like 12mpx and the best picture quality ever. and a 2mpx hd front camera. the back camera, of course, shoots full hd. also, panorama modes and hdr. all native in jelly bean.

    multicolor led notification, of course.

    this A15 quad core processor. and 2gb of ram.

    wireless charge. nfc. bluetooth 4

    water proof, splash proof. shock proof. dust proof.

    manufacturer: sony. and, they can put the skin on, i dont care. as long as they offer an option within the system for the user to use only google’s skin. come on, everyone should do this. google should enforce this kind of stuff on manufacturers. i like sony. they update all their phones, they leave them unlocked, and they seem to be really focusing on android. i hate motorola, and it seems this feeling wont change, even now that it is owned by google.

    • Ricardo Brenelli

      ps. I don’t really see a point to a 1080p display. i mean, if at 4,5 inches, with a 720p display it is already “retina” (i used dpi calculator, google for it) just cramming more pixels wouldnt make any difference. so, if google said the default resolution for android 4 is 720p, then let it be. its easier for developers and it can put an end to this nonsense of huge screens. 4,5 is plenty big. and goes as far as it is sensible with quality. i just don’t see a point to a 1080p display other than bragging rights. of course, nonsense.

  • nipun

    i want to see android voice assistant,same ics look and feel,quad core doesnt really matter to me,yes de chunky device will surely be+1….

  • Alex349

    A Intel Quad core! And I never saw that the next version of a phone screen decreases

  • Sujio

    5 ways in which I wan the Next Nexus to be at least 25% better than the iphone 5…

    1. Camera – quallity & ability, both for the optics and sensor. maybe dedicated processor.

    2. display – the thinnest most minimalist bezel possible, resolution i’m sure will be amazing.

    3. GPU. – just more power.

    4. Battery – 2 day if not more for regular usage.

    5. Hardware Innovation – it’d great if the Next Nexus had some fantastic hardware innovation that the iphone 5 didn’t, chiefly so i can rub it in the stupid faces.

    The camera is the most important feature, as I feel that this is the only category that flagship android phones aren’t winning the war in.

    If Apple don’t launch in July it means they’ll probs go for the anniversary of the 4S, which will put it in direct competition with the Next Nexus…. I just want to be able to say, “nah, mine’s just better.”

  • Alex Baldwin

    Right, here we go:

    Manufacturer – HTC/Sony, Both have great hardware in recent designs (One X/One V/Xperia S)

    Build – Polycarbonate shell, Software keys (Back, Home, MT), Power button on left edge, separate volume up and down buttons (Similar to iPhone 4/4S), dedicated camera button (Two stage)

    Battery – 2500Mah+ Personally not bothered about removable or not

    Screen – 4.3″ to 4.7″ 1080P SLCD3 (I know it doesn’t exist yet but it’s a wish list) Edge to Edge

    Camera – 10-12MP Sensor, F2.0, 22mm Wide angle lens, 1080P recording at 60FPS, 3-5MP FFC

    Android version – Obviously AOSP JellyBean

    SoC – Nvidia Tegra 4 with GeForce GPU, Quadcore clocked at 1.5-2.0Ghz

    Storage – 32-64GB Storage, couldn’t care less about microSD card, as flash storage built in is faster than Sd cards anyway.

    Miscellaneous – MultiColoured LED notification light (Full RGB, not just three colours), Wireless charging out of the box, GPS + GLONASS, NFC.

  • Charlie Callow

    Only one version for the whole world with pentaband hspa+ and support for both US and the upcoming European 4g specs. This should be launched one week after the announcement and should be a simultaneous global launch.

    It should be heavily advertised on the TV in all countries and should be sold exclusively on the play store unlocked.

    It should have also the following:
    2ghz cortex-A15 quadcore with a decent gpu
    2gb ram
    Microusb with MHL and support USB for USB 3.0 spec
    Inductive wireless charging and docking without the need the pogo pins etc – like the SIII or the HP Pre or Touch pad.
    No physical buttons on the front like the gnex
    Power button on the top not the side
    Same size screen as the gnex but less bezel
    Super Amoled HD+ glassless 3D display @ 1080p (and not pentile)
    Rear 41mp camera and Carl Zeiss lens from the Nokia 808 pureview
    Dual front 5mp cameras with 1080p 3d video chat/call support
    Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-x
    Manufactured by HTC with a design as beautiful as the One X
    Notification light like the gnex and n1
    Decent stereo speakers
    Removable battery from the Motorola Maxx or equivalent
    128gb internal ssd and microsd card slot with support for 64gb+ cards formatted in exFAT
    Easily rootable like galaxy tab 10.1 (just flash superuser from stock recovery)
    And of course Android 5.0 ;-)

    Would be perfect but I think its more probable we’ll get a slightly modified SIII :/

  • masterpfa

    My “Wish List” for the next Nexus

    1.5-2ghz ARM cortex-A15 Exynos Quad core
    Mali T-604 quad-core gpu
    4.7-4.8″ 1080p Super Amoled+
    2GB RAM
    32-64GB Internal Storage
    Next generation battery Tech 2100-2300 mAh
    No physical buttons other than Power, Volume & Camera
    No lag instant on camera with multiple shot capabilities,
    8mp+ Rear, 2mp Front HD lenses with lower (better) aperture
    25Gb Google Drive storage for 2 years

    I’m assuming being the next generation Nexus to have Jelly Bean

    OK that’s my lot for now, I’m sure given time I could think of quite a few more.

  • spazby

    we should send this to google, thanks for sharing your wishlist…

  • Alex

    Samsung or HTC made
    4.3″ 1080p screen
    Anything but plastic
    Android 5
    1.6 GHz Quad core snapdragon s4
    Lots of ram
    Expandable memory
    Feel good in hand
    Not ridiculously big (like s3)
    Good camera at least 8 mp, zero lag

  • fc1032

    On top of the Gnex:

    * HD SAMOLED +, same size, smaller bezels. Yes, keep the curved screen. Even if Samsung doesn’t add a +, at least up the quality control…
    * Polycarbonate unibody, with Nexus one metallic colour: nice look, light design
    * Camera: You can give me any MP as long as the sensor size is large, optics are good and software to back it up is fantastic.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Mobile phones also had interchangeable lens?
    * Dual or quad core is fine, just make it fast, but have good battery life
    * Battery, a large one, like Razr maxx!
    * I quite like the “always on clock” from nokia phones, also tap to wake is nice (though tap tap app seems to do that quite well)

  • skyflakes

    Whatever battery + hardware + software configuration to last at least 3 whole days of normal use!

  • Chigurh

    Manufacturer: HTC
    No physical buttons except for vol/pwr/camera
    2 GB RAM
    Tegra 3
    Jelly Bean
    Gorilla glass
    128gb internally
    Curved back to fit your hand better(much like the current nexus as well as the nexus s)

    I am okay with the battery not being removable, if it means longer battery life.

  • Glenbot3000

    5.5″ 4K resolution
    7mm made with Kevlar
    Full Haptic Feedback
    Don’t care about buttons except for camera
    Don’t care about battery so long as it lasts >10hrs with intense use
    2GB RAM
    Tegra 4
    64GB with 64GB SDcard included
    Wireless charge
    f/1.5 and 8MP with intelligent flash and burst fire of >20 photos per second

    • Glenbot3000

      Oh, and 1080p at a decent bitrate, and a half-decent front-facing camera with 720p at a good bitrate.

      • spazby

        I am with you on the front camera specs

  • getreal

    I prefer a 5.55″ display and f/0.95 lens and Tegra 5

  • Rus

    4.5″ display super lcd 2 ips display with 1080 p display.without physical buttons only volume rocker and power 5.0 better browser performance better yet the quad core exynos processor clocked at 1.5 gh and a fifth core maybe a single core NViDiA chip clocked at 1 ghz.with 1.5 gb of ram and maybe 700 mb of ram for dedicated graphics.and a high class gpu.with at least 2450 mah of battery capacity.with maybe 3d maps to match upcoming apples so calles 3d maps and technology better than Siri.with 10 megapixel camera that can shoot 1080 p video at 30-40 fps and a front pacing camera of 2 mp. Capable of 720 p video recording at 30 quality naybe made of aluminum like htc one v to feel solid and more premium.removable battery with easy swap sim and micro sd cards also capable of 4g lte.maybe 8-9 mm.thick.
    So what do you think google?

  • Jay

    A ton of great lists here. I’d love to see:

    4.55″ SAMOLED+ screen (gorilla glass)
    32GB internal w/ expandable storage (additional 64GB)
    Scratch face unlock for true fingerprint recognition
    Underclocked 1.7MHz Quadcore processor
    2.5GB RAM
    Wireless charging
    Liquid metal frame @ 8.7mm or thinner
    Jellybean (obviously
    More logical volume & power button placement
    At least a 2700Mah battery w/ removable back
    Unlocked out of the box

    • spazby

      logical volume and power button placement is a good one

  • devoncatt

    64 GB Ram
    ability to take 64GB + expandable storage card
    12 MP f/1.5 camera with flash capable of low light photos
    2 GB RAM
    5.0 ” screen ( A little smaller than my Galaxy Note)
    Wireless charging
    Gorilla glass
    Jellybean and the ability to upgrade to the next upgrade of Android first
    Rather than 2700-4000 Mah – a battery that will go all day long
    Please put the on off button on Top of the phone or anywhere else not somewhere to accidentally grab it when you try to change the volume.
    Gesture to mute or silence phone

    • Glenbot3000

      Seconded on the 64GB RAM…

  • Yonas

    all i’d ask for is a removable battery and a micro SD slot present in the phone,which is what the manufacturers are trying to ignore these days…..yeah,i’m looking at you HTC and (insert any other company here) .

    • spazby

      yea, HTC has disappointed in that sense – did I just say that?