Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, too late?

Posted Dec 18, 2012 at 2:24 pm in Threads > Opinions

As you may know, The Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are nearly the best Android Phone and Tablet out there, but, the 2012 is ending, and next year’s phones will be Cortex A15.

Yep, I know Nexus 10 is a A15 based tablet, but, the Nexus 4 is not, i think it came too late, it will be the fastest phone just for 2 months maybe 3, The N10 will last more, until Tegra 4, of course (4 cores A15).

I’ll buy a Nexus 4 (I think they will return after holydays), but im sure i’ll be left behind in horse power in no time, since no new nexus phone will come soon. The Nexus 10 is awesome, but, it doesn’t even can run GTA Vicy City MAXED OUT (Resolution,effects and drawable distance at max)

So, this is pretty hard. What do you guys think?

PD: I’m not talking about the Nexus 7 because tt is very likely Google will show us a Nexus 7 II in the Google I|O 2013, Tegra 4? Dunno, A15? Sure.

  • redraider133

    Nexus was never really super bleeding edge specs. Its all about performance, and the nexus with stick android will continue to power up there even with the newest processors that will be out in 2013

    • tanman888

      Agree. My perception with the Nexus range is it will give you the best of today’s technology at a great value price range.

      The Nexus 4 hits the sweet spot and it seems Google releases this devices to ensure it sets the standard and direction to where it feels the Android smartphone should be heading.

      Having never seen a Nexus 10 in the flesh, I think it might be a little late to the party. Maybe this segment is a little saturated but you get the feeling user preferences has shift to devices of Nexus 7 portability. Or am I a minority on this one?

  • Omertron

    The fact that you get the latest android version as quick as they do will mean the Nexus will stay ahead of the rest of the pack for a while.

    We androiders know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever we buy will be out of date almost as soon as we’ve finished paying for them

  • 2012

    Moore’s Law

  • dbcher

    wish these tablets came out sooner, not for specs but as a viable Android tablet competetor

  • rhoslug

    I hardly think Moore’s Law applies in this context. For starters, we are talking about phones and tablets, which are space limited, even more so than a laptop or desktop. And even with laptops and desktops, processing power is not making the leaps and bounds it used to. I expect tablets and phones to plateau much quicker because of the size issue.

  • TheVoodoo

    While you may see new phones and tablets announced in early 2013, I highly doubt that they will be released in the U.S. before Spring 2013, or even Summer for some devices. That said, you must think if you can make do with something cheaper for 6+ months, to wait for the latest and greatest of 2013.

    • TheVoodoo

      Also, if you do buy a Nexus device now (end of 2012 or early 2013) you will at least be guaranteed to have the latest and greatest version of Android promprtly as it comes out in 2013 hopefully.

      That is a lot more that can be said about any non-Nexus devices.

      And all things considered, the unlocked price of Nexus 4, is low enough to warrant replacement within a year for some budgets. People used to replace their $500-$700 iPhone every year for a device that looked and worked the same way.

  • Charles

    I am the proud owner of the nexus 4. The thing is the pure android experience leaves it the fastest phone on the market. Look at the galaxy nexus? It was widely used and still a top of the line smart phone up until the release of the nexus 4. This phone will be the same way. Its the best device on the market, it has its cons but once you get to experience this device you won’t even hesitate to look back. Not including with every immediate update the speed can only be nothing less then fast and clean. So get your facts right before claiming your theories

    • HumbertoH

      Yep, but in the Gaming section, the nexus 10 will be out as soon as the tegra 4 hits the market, and that’s sad.

      I like android, but most of all, android like google makes it, vainilla. It’s a shame we cant have both quick updates and top hardware. But, well. I’m buying a N4 and N10 when they’re back in stock.

      • PDiddy

        You read my mind, almost to a tee, Humberto. Regardless of our choice, we are making sacrifices somewhere. I’m already in line to buy an N4 and an N10 WHENEVER they go back on sale. Been using a rooted HD2 with Android 4.1 on it and absolutely LOVE it, but it’s overdue for replacement. It’s served me through 2.2, Gingerbread and all subsequent updates. She’s ready to have a rest. The N4 will give me another toy to keep up with things as they go. I just want to be the one to decide what apps are on my phone and what can/can’t be deleted.

  • kelltrash14

    They’re still great options. There isn’t anything to top them, so I don’t see much basis to say they are late in any way.

  • VerticalCobra

    Why make a big issue about performance? Your electronic devices are outdated the minute you get them home anyway. Why not just enjoy the device without worrying about its specs too much.

  • gavinb

    I don’t think the Nexus is supposed to be absolutely top of the line in every department. Well, software aside. Google is trying to increase the uptake of the Nexus line by making powerful but affordable devices that sell to the majority of people, not just the power users. It would be great to have extra horsepower though!

  • deegan87

    I think the official Google support and the fact that they are easier to develop ROMs for make Nexus devices the very best around, even when compared with higher spec’d phones.

  • phor11

    The Nexus 4 is Cortex-A15.
    Well technically it uses Qualcomm’s “Krait” design, but it’s based on the A15 architecture.

    Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064)
    It also has 2 gigs of RAM and will receive instant OS updates, so I think it’s about as future proofed as you can get with a phone.

  • klcow92

    the Nexus 10′s screen res is just astounding!!! can’t wait to have one on hand!!!

  • pliu.2014

    I think that the timing is right just the supply should have been more whaen it started. Google should have fixed their servers

  • gmaninvan

    I think you are missing the primary purpose of the Nexus. Google is a disruptive company and right now they are trying to disrupt the industry by launching top notch hardware at a reasonable price. They are trying to kill the contract model on phones so people can have their choice of devices regardless of network and the carriers no longer hold the cards.

    Essentially, why buy an iphone on a contract for $200 when you can buy a phone off contract for $350 and get a better plan. Essentially, these carriers will have to compete on service and plans rather than handsets. It also opens the market up for other companies to subsidize the devices at a better rate (staples, best buy etc.) going forward.

    Nexus isn’t just about specs, it is about changing the industry. I, for one, support it.