Nexus 4 Available for Sale Today?

Posted Nov 27, 2012 at 10:14 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

UPDATED: SSDD . Still the same old Play Store crap from two weeks last. Unreal the failure on Google’s part.

So Google sent me an email this morning taunting me with the return of the Nexus 4 to the Play Store. But looking at the other new items in the store and judging from others’ notices of 1-2 week ship dates for devices already ordered, My guess is Google will take your money today and fulfill the order eventually. Any thoughts?

  • herbivore83

    You’re probably right. I think Google took the time to iron out their server and hosting issues to accommodate the traffic and probably have some amount of stock, but they will most certainly take orders beyond what they’re capable of fulfilling.

    • Max.Steel

      I doubt it took Google (a company that hosts millions if not billions of data requests an hour) 2 weeks to resolve a basic server issue. Methinks Google has got a huge shipment and is currently fulfilling backorders and is also ready to take new orders.

      • Adam

        I ordered mine on 11/27 and it shipped this morning.

  • Taylor

    Apparently not…

  • Mix

    They have never sent me an email yet and I signed up twice! The second time was just to make sure I entered my email correct and not because I am crazy, lol.

  • DuncanBishop

    Ok..I know alot of you folks including myself were not to crazy about the glass back on the nexus 4.
    It looks all nice and pretty and adds a bit the class to the phone is glass and it will break,shatter or chip sooner or later.
    So here is what I think Google should have done..made the back of the phone just like the back of the Nexus 7 ?!
    Hey it has a nice feel to the touch,it’s made of rubber so it can help with the sudden drops (of course thats if it fell on the back)
    and it’s alot sturdier than that glass on the back of the nexus 4 ?? ..what do you guys think?

  • Logan Edwards

    I will say that ordering the Nexus 4 had to be the worst online shopping experience ever for me. It took 6+ hours before my order went through after constant refreshing of the page.

  • KingCrow02

    Hoping to get my Nexus 4 this month