Nexus 4 Impressions (I need some advice)

Posted Dec 09, 2012 at 3:47 pm in Threads > Opinions

So right now, I’m really torn as to whether I should purchase a Nexus 4 or not. It seems to be a great phone, but I hear that some people didn’t quite get what they had hoped for. So I figured that you all would be a great source of feedback and information. My main concerns are the amount of storage and the battery life. Due to the fact that I am an avid gamer, and I’m constantly listening to music, I had figured that moving all of my music to the cloud would be a good option, but I hear that the battery may not last as long as i would like. So how do all of you Nexus 4 owners cope with the amount of storage and battery life. Have you developed any method that allow the phone to last for most of the day?

  • robopixie

    I LOVE my N4! I got the 16GB which is plenty for me since I use a separate iPod for my music and I’m not a gamer. I also use several different cloud services (G-Drive for work stuff, Minus for mostly photos and CX for everything else) so no SD card and “only” 16 GB is not an issue.

    As far as battery goes, I have been using an app called 2x Battery – Battery Saver by Sam Lu, and it does a nice job of getting my phone last longer (I think almost 2 days with normal usage was the best I’ve gotten). So you can certainly look into battery saver apps. That, and charging your phone whenever you can (this is when a wireless charging pad can become useful).

    If you have been to the xda-developers forum and poke around, you’ve probably found all kinds of feedback from N4 owners. Yes, my phone does have that buzzing thing from the earpiece that people are complaining about, and it does get a bit annoying sometimes. But I have yet to determine whether it is really the phone, or if my phone service sucks. Pay no attention to the bitching people have about some minor rattling sound when shaking phone violently — people are just making a big deal out of nothing.

    Bottom line is, you’re getting an N4 (or any Nexus device) because you want the “pure Android” experience. It being unlocked with above average hardware at an awesome price is simply bonus. Here’s are some things you might want to consider when determining whether N4 is for you:

    – Is “pure Android” your top priority?
    – Are you more concerned about storage and battery life than the “pure Android” experience?
    – Do you have either the $$$ to get the other phones unlocked, or that you don’t mind buying subsidized carrier phones?

    If you value the “pure Android” experience above all things, then wait no longer and place your N4 order now. You’ll figure out ways to deal with the storage and battery life shortcomings. If you don’t care about the “pure Android” as much, there are plenty other phones that outperform N4.

    By the way, I think the problem with people complaining how N4 is not what they had hoped for is that they didn’t do their research, and they simply bought the phone out of hype. The reviews and spec are out there. If people had done their homework, they should understand what they were getting, assess the phone’s ability against their needs, and have more realistic expectations.

    So good for you that you’re doing your research! :)

  • KingCrow02

    Google Music and Google Drive