Nexus 4 on Straight Talk ATT/T-Mobile?

Posted Dec 05, 2012 at 11:53 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

My wife and I current have Sprint, but have been off contract for a while now. (I’ve been waiting for a good reason to leave Sprint.)

I like the idea of switching to ST for the monthly savings (currently $145/month after 25% discount – ST should be around $90-100/month), but am a little concerned about data limitations. My wife listens to Pandora pretty much non-stop (especially now that it is Christmas season) so I don’t know if we would run into any problems, or have our account dropped suddenly.

Has anyone been using ST on either ATT or T-Mobile and have some insight on the limitations with their data?

Also, if there is a better idea than ST, I am open to suggestions.

(Doesn’t matter what we switch to, we will need to purchase 2 new phones anyway and mine will probably be the Nexus 4.)

  • Ardrid

    I’m currently using Solavei, which is a T-Mobile MVNO. Haven’t had a single issue with my Nexus 4 on that network; quite frankly, it’s fantastic. I would go with them over ST for one big reason:

    Upfront terms of service re: data plan. ST is very ambiguous about what your data limit is. Some people have said you’ll be fine if you stay within 2GB/mth, others have not been so lucky. Add in the fact that ST can terminate your service without notice, thereby costing you your phone number, and it was enough to keep me away. Solavei is very clear upfront. You have 4GB of HSPA(+) data and are throttled after you exceed that 4GB.

    Both plans are competitive on price. Solavei is $50/mth for the first line and $40 for every line afterwards. They’re also still running their BYOP promotion (SIM card fee waived and first month free if you sign up before year end). My vote: go with Solavei if you have good/great T-Mobile coverage in your area.

    • crunchybutternut

      The problem I have is that my wife has an iPhone and wants to stick with it apple.
      Afaik, Solavei does not support MMS on iPhones.

  • One Voice Mobile

    Here is a really good review of the Nexus 4 on Solavei from One Voice Mobile:
    Solavie has no contract mobile phone plans.

  • KingCrow02

    Once I receive my Nexus 4 I am planning to use my T-Mobile Monthly 4G

  • redraider133

    You could go with the tmo monthly 4g plan they have with unlimited data and then wouldnt have to worry about going over data if tmo coverage is good in your area.