Nexus 4 or keep my Galaxy Nexus

Posted Nov 04, 2012 at 4:45 pm in Threads > Opinions

Well i just bought my galaxy nexus the first day of google I/O knowing that there would be a newer nexus coming out, but i hated my HTC Sensation 4G after under a year of owning it. With the Nexus i fell inlove with Stock Android no skins and the nexus became my favorite phone but now the Nexus 4 in coming out in the matter of days and im not sure if i want it now or wait like its all the sepcs i was looking for with the quad-core S4 pro the upgraded camera and just over hardware on the phone but if i do get it not sure if i should get the 8G or 16G i keep all my music on google play and barely any photos on my nexus right now even though that is a 16G its a plus to have the more storage just not sure at all if i should get it or not even though i want to i just want to make the right choice and not rush into and regret it later down the road….

  • redraider133

    Ask yourself do you need a new phone? Does the galaxy nexus do what you need it to do? If you need a better camera, and upgraded internals then yes. But since you just recently bought the nexus if you feel it is enough to hold you over for the time being stick with it. You won’t go wrong with either phone, as both are going to be the first to get updated and the galaxy nexus will continue getting updates for atleast another year if not longer.

    • AnthonyRyan

      Well to answer your question do I need a new phone no but I want one, the upgraded internals and camera they aren’t needed but I want them well maybe the internals over the camera

  • Randy Walsh

    Yea I just bought my Gnex 3 months ago and I am going to hang on to it till next year and see what the next Nexus has to offer. I can not really justify buying 2 new phones in a year and my Gnex does everything I need and more. Lots of phones with quad core and even 64 bit CPU’s coming along with 1080p Displays next year. I love this phone and I am sure it will continue to keep getting updated by Google for some time to come just like the Nexus S. Plus I am sure the Nexus 4 is a great Phone , But I would rather not have a non-removable battery. And I would rather have another Samsung.

  • Sharky

    I hadn’t planned on upgrading from the Gnex, but the £239 price tag caught me off guard. Assuming I can sell the Gnex for about £160, and the next Nexus doesn’t come out till at least I/O next year, is it worth £79 to have 8+ months of a better camera, faster processor, higher res screen and, subjectively, a better looking design? I reckon so, but it’ll depend how much value you personally put on the improvements.

  • Iria

    I will keep the Galaxy Nexus, I bought it on day 1 and I’m still very happy of it, I had an Acer Liquid before, I loved it but after 2 years it became a nightmare: slow, ridicolous storage space, corrupted apps and data on SD card (even with the best ones) … the Galaxy Nexus was a HUGE leap of quality (and frustration level) :D
    So, will the Nexus4 make that huge difference for me? Nah.

  • kazahani

    First, punctuation.

    Second, I wouldn’t bother with the Nexus 4 if you already have the GNex. It’s a little bit better in almost every way, but there’s no massive upgrade that would make it worth the cost. Think about all the other things you could do with $350. (No one is going to buy the 8GB version.)

    • AnthonyRyan

      Yes, I know punctuation is number one and I was in a rush writing this while I was at work yesterday. Any who I just want something newer, a better nexus phone even though I bought the 32G Nexus 7 at my job, the whole S4 Pro processor I want that in my next phone I never keep phones for long though

  • Dustin Earley

    I don’t need a new phone at all. I’m sure the Galaxy Nexus will still get the next big update this coming I/O. And will be able to run apps and services just fine. But I want one. I want the better processor, better display, better camera. I can get the $350 16GB, sell my GNexus for a quick $200, and only pay $150. Totally worth it for me.

    • Mix

      I was going to suggest something similar.

      See how much you can sell your current phone for as the difference in price might make for a pretty cheap upgrade!

  • Bryan Stoner

    You’re rushing into it. Why not save an extra $100 and get a Nexus 10?
    I’m in the same boat you are but the Galaxy Nexus is just sOOOO GOOD.

    Check out some of the awesome roms available for the vzw galaxy nexus:

    There’s so much more to your device than you are thinking.
    Well worth keeping for 2 years+ ^-^

  • txbluesman

    You are thinking just how I did when the Galaxy Nexus came out. It took all I had to tell myself I did not need it and only wanted it. So, here I am after the wait and there is a great new Nexus out that I will more than likely get after the first of the year. I would say, wait it out if you have it in you. Good luck.

  • Pratap

    I bought my Galaxy Nexus just 4 months back and even I was confused about going for a new Nexus 4, but not any more. I am not going for it.
    My Galaxy Nexus is well enough in all respects to keep at least for an year.
    More over its the new Software that’s appealing me than the hardware and I will be getting 4.2 on my GNexus as well.