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Posted Dec 12, 2012 at 12:33 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I have come to the conclusion from the general lack of information on the topic, that the Nexus 4 will NOT be going to Verizon. My only inclinations to this come from two facts:

1. Nexus 4 uses a SIM card, which Verizon does not deal with.

2. The nexus 4 launch is mainly being launched through T-mobile and the only reason others can use is because it is unlocked.

This does still leave me to wonder if the possibility of Google just removing the SIM card requirements on a version for the big V to host in their market exists.

Someone give me hope to live on? Otherwise I could just walk away in shame if you really want me to…

  • Chris Lewis

    Sorry but Google will NOT be releasing a nexus on verizon. Ever. I wish this wasnt true but the galaxy nexus even lost AOSP support form google due to vzw wanting too much control.

    • MagikalTrev

      never one ever ever? : ((

      • Chris Lewis

        I wish it wasn’t true!

    • kelltrash14

      Never say never. That’s a bit of rumor. Sprint’s Nexus is in much the same boat, and they aren’t as controlling.

      Even if there were no plans to release an LTE version of the Nexus 4, overwhelming sales may still have changed that.

    • LukeT32

      Agreed… I have a GNex on VZW and love it.

      But Google didn’t like the battery life with LTE and VZW is only releasing LTE devices.

  • LucenNox

    From what I’ve seen, it’s not going to happen:

    1. Part of the reason they can sell the nexus so cheap is that it’s one device, not 3-4 slightly different devices with the same name.

    2. After the galaxy nexus, there’s been some animosity between Google and Verizon.

    3. Because of additional licensing fees, among other reasons, it wouldn’t likely have LTE/4g on Verizon even if it was given the basic CDMA radio.

    I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the only way I see it happening is with Verizon bending to allow Google to keep the Nexus a Nexus, followed by revisions to still keep one universal device, and I don’t think that’s likely. Maybe with the next Nexus, but I’ll be surprised if this one is put on Verizon, much less in time to still be relevant.

    • MagikalTrev

      This makes sense, and I really hate that to be true. : P Thanks much

  • robopixie

    N4 runs on GSM, while Verizon’s network is CDMA, that’s why N4 can’t be used with Verizon, at least not now…

    Although supposedly there is LTE hardware in N4 (which would make it work on any carrier with a LTE network), the hardware is non-functioning right now. Google supposedly chose not to make N4 LTE compatible:

    That’s not to say Google won’t change its mind on making N4 LTE compatible later on, but as far as all the information available at this point, that’s not going to happen in any near future…

    • herbivore83

      The latent LTE function of the N4 is not compatible with every LTE network, only LTE running on band 4.

  • Trean

    As others said, GSM is the type of network used by Nexus devices. The Galaxy Nexus was a divergence from this. The world primarily uses GSM, so supporting Verizon in the US is actually a secondary thing in comparison to making a more secular phone.

    It sucks, I have Verizon and love my Galaxy Nexus and wish this weren’t the truth. Oh and the GNex has a sim card.

    • MagikalTrev

      Oh it does? Can you not put that sim card in a nexus 7 and call it good?I am not well educated on SIM card use.

      • Trean

        No clue, don’t have a Nexus 7 to try it out. I didn’t expect a SIM card as it is a Verizon phone but apparently Verizon started using micro SIM cards with LTE phones. So it was news to me when I got the phone but didn’t matter much since all my contacts were stored in Google so migrating to a SIM card from my Droid Incredible didn’t matter.

        • MagikalTrev

          I meant a nexus 4 :-)

        • LukeT32

          I believe the SIM is only to activate the LTE portion. I could be wrong on that though….

  • baboo

    The sim card Verizon uses is for their 4g LTE data network. Voice still travels over their CDMA radios. You can take out the sim card and put it into a tablet that has Verizon’s 4G LTE netowrk built in (iPad, Galaxy Tab…). It will not work in a GSM phone or tablet at all.

  • War

    Yes, my Verizon GNex has a SIM card.

    The sim card is just a method of making your account portable between devices, NOT networks. The sim card contains the proper data to tell your phone who you are, and it, in turn, passes that along to its network. Having a sim card does not get you around the basic need for the proper radio to talk to a given network. The Verizon gnex cannot talk to another carriers network. GSM is a standard, so the unlocked GSM GNex can talk to US GSM providers, but NOT CDMA providers. All of this applies to the Nexus 4 as well, except that a CDMA version of the N4 is not made, so youre stuck to GSM networks like ATT and TMobile.

  • lou2cool88

    I really hope they do release a Verizon Nexus again soon. As bad as the delays have been with the G-Nex, I never want to go back to non-nexus.

    • LukeT32

      I am not leaving VZW anytime soon. I have rooted my last to phones and run roms anyway. I could careless about VZW screwing the updates up. I just want an unlocked vanilla android.

  • Rick Wilson

    If AT&T and Verizon pays for the LTE license there might be a Nexus 4 on those carriers.

  • tomecia

    The Gnexus 4 is almost no different than Verizon Gnexus, my friend has it an he said he could’ve just kept his gnexus

  • CTown

    I guess you are just going to have to wait for the Motorola X. Not only does Verizon and Motorola have a very good relationship (where Moto essentially releases all their US phones on Verizon) but the phone is rumored to be sold in the Play Store with stock Android. Though, nothing is certain about the device…