Nexus 4 vs HTC M7 vs Other

Posted Dec 18, 2012 at 11:11 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hi everyone

I’ve been looking to get an android phone for a while now, but at the moment I have no idea what to do.
If I go for the nexus it will be cheaper and I will get quick upgrades. Also lack of LTE doesn’t bother me because I live in the UK.
The HTC have been making some really good flagships at the moment and the M7 looks like it will be a beast of a phone and a 1080p screen sounds really appealing to me.
Similarly other phones coming out next year like the Galaxy S4 are rumoured to have 1080p screens and great specs.
So my real dilemma is should I get the Nexus 4 now (when it comes back in stock) or should I wait till next years phones get released.
I’d appreciate your input :)

  • OpenIntro

    Honestly, since the Nexus 4 is unlocked, get it now. It will have resale value for some time, and if you want to upgrade down the road, sell and upgrade.

    As for the comparison in phones, I think the S4 and the M7 may have some great things up their sleeves….they will likely be a bit more advanced than the Nexus 4 in some areas….but….they won’t be vanilla android. I’ve had a HTC phone (EVO). I’ve had a Samsung phone (Galaxy SII). They are nice, but it is SO nice to have stock android, without the bloat, and feeling like you will be supported by Google with updates.

    Plus I love the build of the Nexus 4.

    My vote is, buy Nexus 4 now…sell later if you are enticed by a new phone down the road!

    • Charlong666

      What OpenIntro said.

      • Jorge Eslava

        I also agree but would like to add that stock Android straight from Google is so much better. If you like to flash roms this might not matter to you, but I’ll have to vote for the Nexus 4.

  • squib

    Thanks for the reply!
    I hadn’t thought about the resale value, I’m definitely going to get the nexus 4 first now.
    Plus as you say I won’t get frustrated by slow updates :)

  • klcow92

    Nexus 4

  • uknowme

    I’m going to wait to see if they bring out a 32g model of the Nexus 4. When they do I will most likely pay to get out of my contract with Sprint. I don’t have any issues with them. I just tried CM10 and I like the progress. Plus if I just want to stay stock I will have guaranteed updates fast.

    • squib

      I was thinking of doing this, but considering the 16GB and 8GB versions are already sold out at the moment I don’t think I’ll be able to wait that long!

  • mattplaybass

    Nexus 4 is a great option due to the vanilla android, but if your comfortable with custom roms, the M7 will most likely have some good development. That’s the key, always search xda forums, rootzwiki, etc. and see how many people are posting and developing roms for the phone. That will indicate it has a good following and will likely have a higher resale value. In that regards, I agree with other posters, the Nexus will have a good resale value a year or two down the road.

    • squib

      The only issue with flashing roms is that I don’t want to brick a phone I’ve paid a lot of money for, but knowing me after a few months I’ll get curious and do it anyway.

      • orangestrat

        Its hard to brick a phone nowadays and its always getting easier to unbrick. HTC, Samsung and Nexus devices are basically unbrickable

    • gmaninvan

      The problem is that the M7 will never have the support a Nexus device does. For example, the CM team has flat out said they only work from source. Therefore, they will always have source of the latest version of the android tailored directly for the Nexus to work off of. That is why custom roms of newer versions of android also seem to be more stable on a Nexus.

  • geiko

    There’s so many things to consider when buying a phone, but this time, it’s gonna be tough.

    I’m still on contract until April, but I don’t know if I want to stay with T-Mobile or go to Simple.

    But the real issues are costs. Do I subsidize a phone in order to get a great piece of hardware with slow software updates? Or do I get near stellar hardware but the latest software updates with the Nexus line?

    This is a decision I plan to be making in February after CES.

    • squib

      I know how you feel :/
      But I’m not on contract at the moment so I think the nexus 4 is for me!

  • Rambir

    Anything but the nexus 4. I do believe that it is one of the top phones on the market and I do actually own one, if you can get it, get it. Even get it from o2 as it is available but being nexus is unlocked, no matter what. The problem is that it is £400 from a carrier but £280 from Google with £10 shipping, but sold out. My beat bet is wait until after CES and then decide as although it is a great phone, it is a great 2012 phone and not a 2013 phone. Lg has cost the nexus 4 by jot supplying it, focusing on the optimus g which is not on sale here. By the time it is back on sale, it will be old.

    • orangestrat

      I wouldn’t worry to much about the age, the nexus S and Gnex both aged really slowly. Software can keep hardware alive much longer than you’d expect.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    There will always be new phones vaguely somewhere down the horizon. Those phones don’t have release dates or anything set yet. Go for the Nexus 4,you know you want to/

  • thymeless

    I’d wait. No rush to spend the money right now imho.

  • orangestrat

    Nexus phones wipe the floor with generic phones. The nexus 4 is the first good phone LG has ever made, that’s how compelling the word ‘nexus’ on the back of a device is.

  • zolikaaa666

    Nexus 4 is so Cool!

    • orangestrat

      DAT hologram glass

  • SGB101

    You will love whichever you choose. I’d go (I did) note2, for me it offers the best overall package.

    Removable, large battery, sd slot, decent screen, powerful and touch wiz is getting better. None of these features are the best on the market, but it is the best overall device.