Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Now on Sale at Play Store!

Posted Feb 11, 2013 at 1:34 pm in Threads > News

Just noticed today that the official Nexus 4 wireless charger orb is now on sale at the Play Store for $59.99. “Ships Soon” in less than a week so it seems to even be in stock.

Looks nice, but not sure if I am buying it at $60 (over $70 after taxes and shipping to Ohio). The price is surprising since one of the benefits of the Nexus 4 was its low price. Guess they are trying to make up the margins with accessories.

  • OpenIntro

    Not happening for me at $70. I’ll wait it out until it’s about half of this. My Energizer Qi charger is working great for now.

  • SGB101

    Would of been a better option if it was just a plain flat mat, also would of made it cheaper.

    Would be nice to inlay flat mats all round the house/work. Make charging invisible.

    Seen a demo (about 4 years afo) of the wireless kitchen, the worktops was all made of (basicaly) charging mats, and the kettle, blender, juicer etc, all had no cables, and could be positioned anywhere. That is the future I want.

    • OpenIntro

      I actually like the tilt. I have my phone on a flag (sort of flat) Energizer Qi Charing Mat, and the viewing angle is awful. The tilt of this would be perfect for my desk at work.

      • SGB101

        By better I meant, could be shared by other devices.

        I think the design looks cool, just too expensive for a single device charger.

        • Tiuri

          Agreed, it’s too expensive at the moment.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I ordered the wireless charger on Feb 11 and it just shipped today. Tracking number says it is 2-day air, so I’m hoping it gets here on Saturday.

  • JonJJon

    Will be interested to see how well the price converts when it becomes available in the UK. I would love it (if not just for the novelty factor) but at that price I wouldn’t bite unfortunately (I love my tech but gotta watch the unessential spending atm :-( ) as I have many micro USB chargers from my family’s phones and “old” feature phones just lying around the house not far out of reach for a charge.