Nexus 4′s wall charger humming while plugged in?

Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 2:45 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

My wife and I recently received our nexus 4′s in the mail and love them. Tonight while trying to fall asleep I noticed a weird humming coming from the wall outlet. With a little research I found that it was the actual wall adapter I received from Google. After checking my wife’s I found hers does the same. We have tried multiple sockets in our house now.

Anyone else have this problem? Going to try the charger at work tomorrow because I’m scared to charge overnight.

  • Auzo

    This is a phenomenon that occurs with transformers.

    The voltage and frequency of the AC signal at everybody’s wall outlets are slightly different. Maybe the design that google went with for this wall charger just happens to not like the specific values that you are getting at you house.

    Anyway, its not likely to cause any damage, it’ll just heat up a little more than normal.

  • BrotherBloat

    I would probably recommend experimenting with a cheap 1A USB wall adapter if this interferes with your sleep.
    There is nothing special about a proprietary charger at all, as they all follow a USB 2.0 power standard (5V @ ~1A of current), so it’s probably worth trying a different one if that means you have a good night’s sleep! :)

  • Teebor

    Leave some print outs of the lyrics next to the wall charger whilst it is plugged in, hopefully it will learn the words and stop humming

    *This post brought to you by the “I have nothing more to add as the other posters got it right so will just add a funny comment department*

    • Auzo

      Haha, i really got a kick out of that!

  • Fiasko

    Thanks for the info, still seems weird to me.

  • LukeT32

    Is the charger one of those 2 piece deals? A small block you plug in and a seperate USB to micro usb cord? My Samsung one does that, so I use my one piece OG Droid charger.

    • Fiasko

      It sure is, but all my previous chargers were two piece like this as well. The sound is not quite at all. Sounds like something spinning inside.

  • TheStig


  • Ezy03

    should i get one? When i have the chance to actually order a nexus 4

    • Fiasko

      I love mine so far. Still getting used to the size, but it is so fast and the screen is amazing

  • Fiasko

    I love mine so far. Still getting used to the size, but it is so fast and the screen is awesome

  • Fiasko

    Blah I guess it wasn’t lying about already posting lol sorry!

  • dbcher

    your charger is fine, but i agree it is annoying.
    so you should just buy a different charger like mentioned earlier

  • Stig03

    i wish i can get the phone let alone the charger!