Nexus 5 Gets Really Hot, 43.9c Hot….?

Posted Nov 21, 2013 at 11:56 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Just wondering if anyone’s Nexus 5 gets really hot while playing games?

I usually stop playing games because I am worried about the heat but I have gotten to 43.9c after playing Plants vs Zombies 2 (PvZ2) or Kingdom Rush (KR) for maybe, 10 minutes. I have no phone case and nothing else is running in the background and it is stock Android. The camera lens actually feels like it will burn me if I touch it long enough. The entire phone gets hot, back, front, sides…etc

KR and PvZ2 are horrible for this but all other games generate quite a bit of heat, way more than my Nexus 4 ever did. My wife can play PvZ2 for 30-45 minutes on her Nexus 4 and it’s a little warm but she was sitting at 34c with many programs still open!

I spoke with Google but am waiting to get a reply back as they suggest a facotry reset which did nothing besides kill my progress in PvZ2 :( Helium backup does not like that game for some reason.


  • danpoon

    43.9c isn’t hot! My old HTC One X gets to 62c and then shuts down if I’m using Waze in my car. My new Nexus 5 never seems to get more than lukewarm…

  • Mix

    62c is crazy!

    Hrm lukewarm would be nice but if I put the back of my phone to your face you would probably get burned from the camera!

    Still waiting for a Google reply as I think something is up as my Nexus 4 and the wife’s Nexus 4 didn’t get anywhere close to this hot.

  • Josh Purcell

    Mine does exactly the same. Currently it’s 32.2 C but I only have Chrome open.

    PVZ2 Makes the area around the camera and top of phone really hot.

  • SGB101

    My old one x, just shut its self down, if you ignored the red/green blinking light. I found sonic thd would last 40mins before it shut down.

    That phone go far to hot in the hand and burned through the battery in an hour if it was pushed.

  • Josh Purcell

    Just got out of a Skype call because my ear was burning. 45.9°C

  • Matty

    Mine does the same thing in fast and furious 6 and PvZ2 I played 2 hours flat out and it didn’t get any warmer than 40.1C it was warm yeah but over all it was fine

  • Satish

    Nexus 5 getting heated while playing any games and surfing. Please Google provide solution for us.

    • Usman

      Same problem with nexus 5 red really annoyed. Samsung s3 had no heating issues.

  • maurits

    My nexus 5 does exactly the same! The top gets a bit hot while im playing games, but also when im doing almost nothing! Google please do something about this!

  • Dey

    Since iPhone 5S release, I was thinking to upgrade to 5S from 5! On a second thought, I decided to keep my iPhone 5, and buy a Nexus 5 to taste android high ends! what a shame, the phone get’s warm in back-upper side even when I’m doing almost nothing! I feel really bad about this, and have tested a bunch of solutions which are shared in forums and still have the problem. I feel totally suppressed, and regret buying an Android based phone. I think I have wasted my money!

  • Raoul

    I know I’m late to here but I’ve got the same problem with my nexus 5 the camera lens gets really hot after playing plants vs zombies for 10 mins. I’m not sure about 42 degrees but yeah it gets really hot what do I do about it?

  • binarysyndrome

    My Nexus 5 gets really hot while playing Plant Vs Zombies 2. Anyone found any solution to the heating problem?

  • heena vanwari

    I have the same problem …my nexus 5 is suddenly starting to heat up around the camera area …so I have to stop using to cool it down ..and this is happening in not much use time …initially thought it was due to Google camera update coz before that it was working fine but it dint change after I uninstalled Google can update .pls help to fix this problem

  • sarah orange

    My Nexus 5 heats up as described with PvZ2 – more than with any other game. I have a friend with a samsung and he says it does on his too. I’ve also noticed it heats up, but to a slightly lesser extent, on my 1st Gen Nexus 7