nexus 7 issues?

Posted Dec 27, 2012 at 12:49 am in Threads > Opinions

So I have a nexus 7 and up until about 3 days ago I have no problems. Now it seems to lag and freeze up all the time. I haven’t downloaded any new apps or anything. Anyone else having issues? Any suggestions as to try and fix it? In love the tablet but its frustrating how it was working great then all the sudden having issues. Thoughts?

  • Stig03

    Hard reset might do the trick!

  • scaarg

    Failing just because? I dont know… I second the idea of a hard reset. Or maybe it’s downloading the newest updates.

  • da9el

    go for a factory data reset. this should do! it’s under settings/backup&reset. to avoid unintended issues always update via the official market.

  • ankushsurana

    Just Clean up the cache and unused data from your tab, it should do the trick

  • sandy105

    yeah maybe clean the cache and restart.
    if nothing works hard reset usually does the trick .
    but in your case u didnt install any new apps so thats wierd.

  • dharr18

    How much space are you using on the tab? There were problems with the units slowing down when the storage got too full. Usually the only fix was a factory reset. I think that was fixed with 4.2, but only if a factory reset was done after the update.

    Are you running a custom roms or kernel? Is it rooted? Unlocked?

    • redraider133

      I am not rooted or running a custom rom, and I have over 7gb of free space. A hard reset seemed to fix some of the issues hopefully it stays this way. I will try clearing the cache as well thank you all.

  • jamal adam

    If you have Google Currents installed and running, try turning off sync in the settings.

    • redraider133

      I never used google currents but the problem seems to happen most often when I am using the twitter or facebook app, it will just lock up and won’t be responsive at all. Usually stays that way for a couple minutes then goes back to working again.

  • AndyB

    I’ve experienced pretty serious slowdowns as well. I’ve taken to the habit of looking at recently used apps and dismissing most of them, but does that actually do anything?

    Google Now has always been very slow for me. I’ve suspected SwiftKey at times because it can take so long to come up when I click on the search field (or other text fields sometimes). I did read something about others suspecting SwiftKey at some point as well. Any thoughts?

    • redraider133

      It appears that 4.2 really caused problems for many, I saw over on androidcentral many reporting issues after the update.

      • kelltrash14

        I’ve been a bit unhappy since 4.2, yeah. I don’t know why the thing loses battery in standby much more than before…it’ll do it with almost no apps installed, too. Haven’t bothered fully investigating as I mostly just use my Note instead lately. Kinda waiting for an update.

  • dharr18

    I started noticing some slowdowns/locks the last couple of days. I ended up reimaging the tab with YugFresh Root Toolkit. Everything is back to normal again.

    I think the upgrade to 4.2.1 may be the culprit, When the multiple user accounts was added, the sdcard format changed to using virtual mount points/virtual paths. I think some apps that were installed prior to 4.2.1 still have old pathing enabled and causing issues all around. I would think the upgrade to 4.2.1 should require a factory reset.

    Hopefully the next update fixes some of the issues or actually moves the data to the new location rather than just using virtual locations.

  • OpenIntro

    Really make sure you don’t have Google Currents set to Enable Background Sync….this fixed my major lag issues on the Nexus 7. Here is an article about it:

    • redraider133

      I wasn’t having lag I was having lock ups, I never even used google currents and had it disabled anyway.

  • dharr18

    I did some testing. The 37 build of Franco Kernel was the culprit for me. I did testing on both the 16 GB version and the 32 GB version with the same results.

  • Darren

    I have a Nexus 7 and I am having an issue where while I am using it the screen will shut off like it’s going into a sleep mode. When I put in my secret code to start it back up it will turn on for a split second and turn back off, an do this over and over. If I reboot it, it will usually stop doing this and be good for a while. The level of the battery doesnt appear to make any differnce.

    • HHo

      I’ve had this same issue on my N7 after the 4.2 update…. Driving me nuts!. I did everything like hard reset, restore factory data but still the same issue kept coming back….. So I gave up and got a brand new replacement.

      I still haven’t opened that brand new replacement thinking that I might get the same issue again….

  • rick smithers

    I think there may be multiple problems related to slowdown and crashing, resulting in confusion and spurious suggestions. I have precisely the same symptoms as you describe: screen goes black (as if going to power save mode) I touch the screen and unlock, and the app screen flashes, and immediately goes back to power save. The notification bar functions just fine, and I can start new apps from there…but as soon as I unlock, I see the new app screen, and then back to power save.
    If I reboot, it will be fine for a while, and then start again. Sometimes, by repeatedly unlocking, I can get it to start working without re booting, but it will soon revert.

    It seems to occur more frequently when currents is running, but it can occur with just chrome. I have tried clearing apps, and reverting to factory settings, but that does not fix it.

    So far, I have no solution.