Nexus 7 Owners(regarding build quality)

Posted Aug 26, 2012 at 5:09 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I was planning on picking up a Nexus7 this coming week, so I decided to check some user reviews to see how they were feeling about the N7 and to my surprise started to notice that users(not sure if they were the same users on different forums) were having problems with the build quality(ie bezel being uneven/cracked ,screen lifting, cracking noises and hairlines which causes the screen to be unresponsive or get cracked in some cases). Some were even claiming to be on their 3rd/4th device which is quite alarming considering how the repair is being handled.

Another thing that concerned me is that non of the major review sites are mentioning anything on this subject, but it’s hard to ignore the amount of user reports, could it be competing companies trying to confuse potential N7 buyers, users who prefer another brand or maybe a real defect that’s not being reported by the major sites because they’re trying to get their reviews as fast as they can to their readers or to beat competing sites.

The purpose of this thread is to ask N7 owners if their device is experiencing any problems and how much time have they spent using the device.

Completely forgot to ask a couple of question that aren’t related to the build quality, but I don’t want to make another thread, so I’ll just use this one(if that’s okay)

How do non-tegra apps perform(work) on the N7?

Do phone apps upscale nicely to the 7 inch screen?

  • skugern

    I pre-ordered a 16gb N7 the day it was announced and have used it daily since. I have had zero issues with build quality. Nothing has broken, cracked or lifted. Granted, I don’t abuse it but it has fallen on carpet from about three or four feet without any ill effects.

    Almost all apps run like butter (see what I did there?), with a few notable exceptions (Hi Facebook) and only one app (Farkle Dice) hasn’t scaled properly for the larger screen.

    I use it for watching Netflix and other videos – I’m also impressed with the battery life; it can go for a full day of Netflix watching (wi-fi on) before it needs a recharge.

    Obviously, my answer is nowhere near scientific, as it’s just my experience.

  • redraider133

    I have no issues on my nexus 7 with build quality or anything. The apps scale pretty nicely. I mostly just browse the web, twitter and play a few games.

  • ZR0ExX

    I have the screen lifting issue with mine. Its minimal but it is noticeable. I’m going to take it to GameStop tomorrow and see of they can replace it. Other then that. Perfect tablet and I’m happy with my purchase. I actually am typing on mine right now. I’d recommend this.

    The Google voice app lets me text on here too which is nice. I haven’t had an app that wasn’t to scale with this.

  • nivekkev

    I also pre-ordered the 16gb model, I have had no problems at all. I also keep mine in the case that they had on the order page too so the screen is covered when not in use.

    So far, everything that I have tried has run great, even the apps that say they are not compatible yet. The only app I have tried that has not scaled is Drop 7.

  • Dave Klein

    I pre-ordered the 16GB version and once I received it, a week later the display started to lift when the device got hot. I called up Google and they were really good about the return. A week later I received the replacement and out of the box the screen was lifted.

    I immediately called Google and again they were great about offering to replace. When I asked about build quality they admitted there was an issue with the first batch. When i asked what batch they were on now I was told “the first batch”. With no confidence that the issue had been addressed and every person I personally know who had one had the screen lift, I got a refund.

    Nice device, good size, great price. I’ll take a look at them in a couple of months once the beta test for Asus is over.

  • RX-78-7

    Thank you guys for taking some of your time to help me out, I really appreciate it. As usual some of us are luckier than others and we might end up getting a somewhat flawed device, but that’s nothing new. :P

    I kept looking for more info on this subject and according to some users the problem seems to be more common on the first batch C60(no surprise there), though some users have reported the lifting flaw on later batches

    **helpful tip for those that will be getting theirs at local retail stores, you can check which batch the device is from without opening the box, just look for the white sticker on the box and look for the SSN it should say C60(June) C70(July) C80(August). Hope that helps.

  • ZR0ExX

    I didn’t take it in yet like I said in the post before to exchange it. But definetly will tomorrow because I dropped it in my car and now there’s a nick on the right. Like it fell from my cargo pants pocket to the side of the door. Like one foot of that. Pretty frustrated about how easily that nicked.

  • the dude

    My kids have a Kindle Fire and a Nook tablet, which are great products; however, the Nexus tablet is much better and offers more. I’ve read about of the issues that some have encountered and I am happy to say that I’ve had no such problems. I’m impressed with the design, build quality, etc…

  • triedN7

    Unfortunately, this is a real issue, and I’m envious of those who did receive non-defective units. I had already ordered my first unit from Google Play before I knew that it was available in retail outlets ($14 for the shipping, and they only allow this pricey 2-day method, so you’re better to go retail if you can) and received it on 8/22 (just over a week ago). I received one of the C70 batch and am sad to report that it had dead pixels. After a week of high use (I’m neurotically gentle and careful with my electronics, so not abuse, just a lot of playing, reading, video, downloads, etc), I learned that I really loved the way it runs/operates, so felt comfortable with my decision to purchase it, but I did start getting some creeking noises I hadn’t thought a whole a lot about, and I wasn’t touch-intensive with it like a gamer would be, so that’s probably not a good sign. But, customer service was great and issued me an RMA for replacement of the first one, which I received yesterday. I was excited, but then only to find that there are two good sized gray spots on the display (far enough in from the edge to be annoying), almost as if there’s something blocking the back-lighting in the two areas, and there is a significant lifting of the screen/glass from the unit on the left side. I was going to overlook the spots, but the lifting is a problem, because when you press down at all it shifts and is already getting creeky sounding since I received it yesterday. If one wants to do any gaming, as the tablet is supposed to be designed for, it’s not going to work with that defect. The replacement is also C70. I love everything else about it – it’s fast, the display quality (in the areas of the display that work) is amazing, and it has the potential to be a great product, but after all I’ve now seen online about these issues, I would NOT have purchased this item at this time, but would have waited a couple months or so for them to hopefully work out the issues. I don’t know why there’s no mention of these things on some of the “name-brand” electronics review sites, but there really should be. I guess it will take a lot of returns and people getting vocal about these issues for them to be addressed properly.

  • Paul b

    I bought my N7 thru the play store in advance and received mine the 1st week it came out. I did not notice any squeaking or screen lift. I have had a few issues with it, including a time when it had a mind of it’s own and would start and stop programs very rapidly. overall however it worked like a charm. but here’s the kicker. I used it Monday night, no problem. I placed it on my nightstand per usual. I start it up again on Tuesday night and the screen does not respond. I look closer at the screen and see a scratch going from one side to the other. I look closer and realize it’s actually a crack! my N7 was never dropped. never. my only guess was that it did indeed have this screen lift I have since test about, and the slight stress finally was enough to cause that screen to crack. I have read about all these folks dealing with Asus who is trying to deny it’s a build issue. shame on them. But good for Google, because when I called them I got no attitude. They acknowledged the “known problem ” and are sending me out a replacement at no charge. I must admit I am nervous that Asus still has not fixed this issue yet. If my new N7 ends up cracking, it’s going to be refund time for me, and time for me to jump on the iPad train….

  • Jake

    I can confirm screen lift on the left side. The left side heats up More than right & I wonder if that doesn’t degrade adhesive. Tried tighten screw fix, still a problem. Pre-ordered from B&H. When I called to RMA it the B&H person said he had not spoken to anybody else to have the issue.

  • JohnM

    I hope Google/Asus are listening and FIX these problems for the impending 3G capable version which arrives here in the UK next week.

    Sold my iPad 3 as I’m sick to death of Apple and their ‘cult’, but I’m very concerned about all these quality control issues with Nexus 7 at the moment…

    Fingers crossed they have these issues licked now (they’ve had long enough since batch 1 went out!).

  • uknowme

    I picked mine up through Office Depot. I did pick up the 32g model and I have no issues whatsoever. This is one of the best investments I have made in quite a while. I am constantly tinkering around with it. I just hope the dock comes out Don.

  • SGB101

    I got a 32gb yesterday put it through its paces and all seems good.

    I do have one issue, I find it to easy to hit the home button when going for the space bar! Pissing me right off!!!

  • Shravan

    Guyz even i’m gonna purchase n7 but in some forums people said asus and google have refeused to refund or replace…
    If its true i’d buy galaxy tab 2 7.0 p3110 16gb which is cheaper than n7 in India… :)