Nexus Tab 10″

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 8:19 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Should Google(if they arent already) release a hi-end 10inch Nexus tab, if so, should they wait until next year, or the end of the year?

What would you want in this 10″ nexus tab if made available

For me, almost the same as the nexus 7, with more ports and storage, and of course a much higher res screen along with it, and if priced right, it could force other manufacturers to not have such high prices for their tablets which isn’t worth it for their specs.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    I think it will likely come later this year as one of the “five nexus” devices to be released for android’s 5th birthday

    • zerosix

      I can argue with you about your words “5th birthday”
      Android Inc was founded in October 2003 (9th bday);
      Google acquired it on 08/17/2005 (7th bday);
      G1 was released on 10/22/08 (4th bday);
      Cupcake was released in April in 2009 (3rd bday).

      We can drink all year long, celebrating different Android’s birthdays! Woohoo!

      • kazahani

        I really can’t believe you went through all that trouble to look up the dates!

  • ohdeeuhm

    I’m hoping they do. I love my Nexus 7 but I would glady purchase a 10″ nexus to compliment it. They both have their uses. I like being able to play games on the 7 where as some games are difficult to play on a 10″ tablet. Same goes for reading books. The 7 is lighter and has a much better feel. I do like watching movies, browsing Currents and web on a 10″ tablet though.

  • Fugu

    Well the winter release of Android is coming up with its phone refresh of the next Nexus phone. If they’re planning on having five Nexus devices available by the end of the year, a 10″ Nexus tablet is probably one of them. Personally I don’t have a use for a 10″ tablet, I think it’s too big but I know many people who love them and I love choice. ;-)

    So far no one has proved that Android scales well up to the 10″ screen size well. They had JB to clean up the UI, speed up its process and show that it works on the 7″ form factor. It would make sense for Google to clean it up even more and have it scale better to that 10″ size for the next release. Say allowing side by side app loading and the likes. I’m really looking forward to see what they have in store to make that form factor really work.

  • pliu.2014

    i would say if it was to release it would have to be next to a andiod upgrade event. As a pr person would point out, the benefits of a software event and hardware is it attracts alot of attention to the event. And this event would just be before the holiday season. Making the nexus device a desiable device. but the problem is that the pr people at google should space out the launches. I would suggest next year to the people if it is viable for the market to be hungry for new tablets. as far as the specs go and beating other companies, the only company that does not have a table t holding is htc. If samsung and lenovo do a nexus device it could underscore thier entire lineup of tablets.

  • The Google Guy

    We need it ASAP, before we have to purchase something else.

    • The Google Guy

      PS. Put us on the beta team.

  • Moshe B.

    The Galaxy Nexus is by far the best smartphone out there (even when I compare it to Galaxy S3).
    The only reason I haven’t bought the Nexus 7 is because of its screen size – 7″ is way too small for me. I don’t even care about the screen resolution, as long as it can output 1080P via (mini) HDMI.

  • MoSDeeb

    I’d be happy to buy a Nexus 10. I have the Nexus 7 and while it is a great device; I’m willing to pay a premium for a completely high end tablet direct from Google.

  • blurryscene

    Ugh!!! If there will be a nexus 10, I want it now!!! I had (still have) the urge to get nexus 7 but when I heard about a new tablet coming out, I have mixed decisions now. I want to see pictures of the “new” nexus!

  • aranea

    I’m going to buy a tablet soon and two thing are holding me up right now the most important one is if a 10′inch nexus tablet will be released. So if you ask me they should release it so I can buy one :)

    I know all the pros of 7inch ones but I don’t want something just slightly bigger than my phone.

  • hp

    If a Nexus 10 comes out with 32GB I’d probably buy it, but if less like the Nexus 7′s 16GB max, I’d skip and get the Kindle Fire HD. For me a tablet with no memory expansion slot has to have a minimum of 32GB.

    • kwills88

      I am hoping they just kill 8gb as minimum storage all together..make 16gb the minimum, apps are getting bigger as time go by, we need more storage, i dream of a day where i see a tablet and or phone have 120gb of storage.

  • mojeda

    Can we also ask for HDMI, microSD slot, rear camera in the “Nexus 10?”

    • Uncle Ron

      I absolutely agree: BUT, needs ALL of Nexus 7 stuff, plus HDMI out, microSD, rear camera, 32GB. $3-350 and they’ll sell one to every 7″ owner, plus everyone else :-) The Nexus 7 is the most fun thing I have bought in 20 years. I’d buy a 10″ in a nano-second. Very satisfied–

      Uncle Ron

      • mojeda

        I’d be ok with it coming in 8GB-16GB as long as it has microSD slot. microSD cards are inexpensive for quick storage boosts.

  • Maximus

    I’ve been holding out on purchasing a Tablet in anticipation of a Nexus tablet.
    Then came the Nexus 7 and i was tempted to purchase it the day it was available but my desire for a 10′ Nexus Tablet is what kept me from letting Google take my money just yet

    Now that its almost certain that Google is releasing a 10′ Nexus that will be my first questions asked

    What I would like to see is the Wacom Digitizer technology that’s used on the Note also be featured in the 10′ Nexus tablet

    The fact that Samsung is making the tablet would make this possibility all the more likely

    Cant Wait!!