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Posted Jun 09, 2012 at 6:08 pm in Threads > Opinions

I was totally excited about getting a Galaxy Nexus and using NFC stickers but now that I have it I find that pretty much everything I could want is covered by Tasker.

I thought maybe it would be cool to scan a tag and turn on a light or something like that where it changes something not on the phone. You know like scan a tag and have website load up on my desktop. I have no idea how to make this happen.

What are you folks using NFC for? In your wildest dreams what would you like to use it for?

  • thaghost

    i have a gsm galaxy nexus and i haven’t figured out many uses for NFC. I know i need to research it a bit but i basically use if for google wallet and that’s it.

    in my dreams, i would like to use it as a scanner. If my girlfriend is withing 100 yards of me then alerts go off, lol. something like that would be cool.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      I wonder what the outer limit of NFC is? I think at that point we would have to change the name to FFC (far field communication) or we can just call it Wifi, cellular or something like that.

  • James Morgan

    I have a galaxy Nexus for sprint and i been using NFC only for fast food resurants with my wife and kids. it really does get people the first thing they ask is how did you do that or how can i get a phone like that haha.. but yea anything else i havent tried yet my next test is paying for gas. You know it would be grea if Food Trucks and food stands or places at the OC Fair or LA Fair or swap meets allow the use of NFC it would be alot easier …yes im getting use to only taking out my phone and only carring my DL wait i dont even carrier my DL i have that on my phone to so damn i am all phone

  • ajonrichards

    I think Sony’s on the right track here (even though I’m not sure this is the ultimate use of the Smart tags, I think they’re onto something):

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I haven’t seen that video, thanks. Those are obvious uses except for the one that makes you comforter tuck you into bed. I’m not sure if I would want that to happen though.

  • ben dover

    I’ve seen setups where you program smart tags. Like one at work that you scan when you get there and it changes all your settings to “work mode” and then scan the tag again when leaving work and it sets everything back.

    I personally use google wallet almost every day but that’s also be cause I work at Mastercard so all vending machines and the cafe have paypass.

    I also use it at best buy.

    I’ve really been enjoying it but nfc payments need to catch on before it becomes really useful.

  • Zagrash

    I’d be interested in seeing what kind of gaming applications could come from NFC. Aside from the obvious stuff like item trading, and that sort of thing, what if you built up an army, and then invaded your friends when you were within NFC range…or even stuff like chess, board games, etc. being able to play with a friend without having to use the internet, or trade turns.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I did read where someone had the idea of a scavenger hunt using NFC. That could be cool if a lot of people got in on it.

  • lisabrown

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