**Not Android Related: Windows Ultrabooks**

Posted Mar 05, 2013 at 8:05 pm in Threads > Opinions

Hey guys,

My concern is that when the word “ultrabook” gets thrown out there, my immediate thought isn’t thin, fast, powerful; rather, I think “expensive”. Just about 1 year or so ago, before the whole Intel “Ultrabook” term was made and before Windows 8, MacBooks were the most expensive laptops by far, with premium processor and subpar discrete graphic with a price tag of >$1200. Now, every review out there of Windows ultrabooks are >$1000 with same specs as as Mac, crappier screen resolution and unjustiable price tag. It is ridiculous where this market is going. Last year, I bought i7-3630QM (2.4 GHz), NVDIA GTX 660M 2GB, 8GB RAM, 500GB hard-drive 7200rpm for $650 with the sale from Lenovo. It could run every game on the highest setting, and handles any engineering software I use it for…for double that price, you can’t get a laptop anywhere near those specs.

Would like to hear your opinions on this overpriced trend windows laptops are heading :)

PS: Don’t hate; I know this is an Android-dedicated site but it’s the only TECH site I’m active in so i have to get my thoughts heard by someone other than my apathetic girlfriend lol