Often Forgotten Emulators – gameboid, nesoid, *oid

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 10:50 am in Threads > Games

Long removed from the Android Market (not yet Play Store) back in 2011, these emulators were created for Android. Many of them were the best available for emulating that device on Android. With the advent of more powerful Android devices and the existence of bluetooth controllers, these emulators are more powerful than ever.

The list of emulators are:
N64oid (paid – $4.99)
Gensoid (SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive)
Gearoid (SEGA GameGear/MasterSystem)
GBCoid (GameBoy Color)
GameBoid (GameBoy Advance)
Ataroid (Atari 2600)

Each of these apps were on the Market for $4.99, but went free after being removed from the Market.

These are all available for download from the original developer at http://slideme.org/user/yongzh.

Without linking to game roms, what is everyone’s favorite game from these systems?