Open Garden lets you share your mobile Internet among all your devices

Posted Oct 02, 2012 at 5:58 pm in Threads > Apps

Open Garden interconnects devices to form a wireless peer-to-peer mesh network that provides Internet access. Requires Bluetooth, or two WiFi Direct capable devices.
Simply install Open Garden on your Android phone and on your laptop, and devices automatically connect.


  • kazahani

    Something like this is going to be the future of the internet. Every device that has access to the web will reboradcast it to other devices in the area. The whole world will be like a happy electric sea of love and internets!

    • jaxidian

      I totally agree. HOWEVER, we need better VPN technologies before that will happen. Most current VPN technologies are actually insecure and easily hacked. Nearly all current VPN technologies are a royal PITA to setup and get working.

      Nearly nobody uses VPN when they should. And I bet you’re also guilty. Have you ever checked an email account at a public hotspot (airport, plane, etc.) without first connecting your phone/tablet/laptop to a VPN network? If you have, then there is a very high possibility that you *could have been* (not were) compromised. Some systems protect against this and, if configured properly, some protocols also protect against this. But they are not the majority by any means. And that’s sad.