[Opinion] HTC Should Make The Next Nexus

Posted May 04, 2012 at 9:25 am in Threads > Opinions

Now, before I indulge in why I believe that HTC should make the next Nexus, I would like to formally apologize to HTC. I have bagged on their products many times, but now I truly understand what other users on this and many other sites were saying, they truly do go all in.

Now, a few weeks ago, we heard a rumor that Samsung would three-peat the Nexus line, and HTC would partner with Facebook for a Facebook phone. At the time, I was all for it, thinking that Samsung would truly set new boundaries if they made another Nexus. Boy, was I wrong. After seeing the unpacking of the Samsung Galaxy S III, I can blame no one but myself for setting my expectations so high for this device. It has all of the makings of a wonderful device, could still be smartphone of the year, might I add, but it was the hype surrounding the release that has made it receive mixed emotions. With HD Super AMOLED (720p resolution), a 4.8 inch screen, a quad-core Exynos processor, a 2100 mAh Li-ion battery, 8 MP camera, wireless charging, and running Android 4.0 with TouchWiz, this seemed to be a killer device, yet all of the speculation about what specs there would be has brought me my own disappointment. Samsung didn’t disappoint me, I disappointed myself.

Onto HTC. Their new flagship series, the HTC One series, especially the HTC One X (or XL being the US variant), is HTC’s way of going all in. The HTC One X comes with Super LCD 2 (720p resolution and regarded by many to be the new standard for screen displays), a quad-core Tegra 3 processor (or dual Snapdragon Krait for the XL variant), 1800 mAh Li-Polymer battery, 4.7 inch screen, 8 MP camera, Beats Audio (not truly important, just decided to throw that in there) and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense. These two smartphones have very similar specs (I left out the HTC ImageSense for the One X because really, that thing is a beast), and the SGS3 even has a bigger battery, yet it was the surprise factor from HTC and the disappointment factor from Samsung that gives the One X the edge. We all were thinking that the SGS3 would have a 12 MP camera, HD Super AMOLED+, an Exynos 5 dual-core processor, and other things such as being water resistant, 3D technology, having stock Android 4.0, and even more outrageous things such as being flexible! They are both wonderful devices, top-of-the line.

HTC wanted to get back into the game, and they proved that by making the HTC One series. We were all sort of let down by the Samsung Galaxy S III, and honestly, we can all say that while the SGS3 doesn’t look that bad, in comparison with the HTC One X, the One X is Cinderella and the Galaxy S III is the ugly stepsister. If given another opportunity, HTC would make a KILLER Nexus device, especially if the HTC One X/XL is any indication of what they are capable of doing. What are your opinions? Should HTC be given another chance, or will the Google-Samsung love affair continue to flourish?

  • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

    You said it yourself “Samsung didn’t disappoint me, I disappointed myself.”

    In my opinion, the One X doesn’t have enough to really compare or outclass the Galaxy S III. Here are several reasons why I don’t think the HTC One X has what it takes.

    1. 1800 MAH non removable battery (HTC feels like optimizing the software is enough, but the battery life on the One X is lacking)
    2. No SD slot
    3. Tegra 3 (Tegrazone is a positive for gaming, but compared to the Exynos 4412 it really can’t compete.)
    4. S-LCD screen (This is subjective, SAMOLED has deeper blacks and brighter colors. Personally, I would take an HD SAMOLED Pentile over an HD S-LCD Non-Pentile anyday.)

    Now, these are just the reasons I think that the HTC One X isn’t better than the Galaxy S III, It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to see HTC make another Nexus device, since the specs wouldn’t be fully decided by HTC; Google would also have a say in it.

    HTC does deserve another chance, I just feel like they still have a lot of much needed improvement to gain Google’s and their customers favor. HTC has shown us they have made some big improvements, although it’s just not enough to gain my favor. Samsung had a tough job trying to make a sequel to one of the best Android devices. I personally think they did quite an exceptional job at making a sequel, especially when it comes to software improvements in Touchwiz, and accessories to go along with the device.

    • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

      By the way, this is a great, well thought out idea for a thread.

      • Lightning7

        Thank you, and I also enjoyed the feedback and your point of view :)

        • DSaif

          If rumours are true and Samsung will make the next Nexus, then I want it to make a sexy phone! The Galaxy S3 is super ugly.. They should find a new designer I guess… the design just ruined the complete phone

          • Lightning7

            It actually was designed by lawyers to combat Apple trademarking the “rectangle.”

  • Lightning7

    No, I appreciate it and I agree, it was the hype that hurt the GS3. It is a top-of-the line, high-class smartphone. Like I said in the the “Samsung didn’t disappoint me, I disappointed myself.” I, and I think just about everyone else, help his/her own expectations too high, yet all in all, it doesn’t take away from a wonderful device. Also, it would amazing if Google did strike that deal with Samsung.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I didn’t really buy into the hype that came before the actual announcemt of the SIII. I’m not a big fan of the way Samsung Phones feel, I prefer some heft with my devices. I’m a purist, I don’t want anything extra included in my phone, software-wise, I’ve lived with Sense for a year and I’m wanting out. For me, the perfect Nexus device looks good and runs stock Android, we haven’t seen that since the Nexus One. I would love to see another HTC’d Nexus.

    All that aside I’m pretty impressed with what Samsung has added to the SIII. It shows that they are really thinking about new ways to interact with theses devices. That is what really interests me. No so much what frequency the CPU runs at or what type of scree is in it. I want the expirience to be good.

    • Lightning7

      Interesting, simplicity and functionality over flash. I respect that.

  • Macaroni_Tony

    Using Samsung for the upcoming Nexus would be a big mistake. The next version of the Nexus will probably look and feel just like GSIII; Sammy don’t very to far from the Galaxy design. IMO, the GSIII looks like a plasticy Palm Pre concept from 2009 (I owned a Pre). Absolutely dreadful! I don’t need to spend extra money to get the same plasticy feel and below par specs, I got it already. HTC got it totally right this year and should have gotten the opportunity to do the new Nexus. For now, I’ll hold on to my NS4G for awhile.

  • aNYthing24

    Yes, please. The best looking Nexus till date (IMO) was the Nexus One and HTC has done a fabulous job with the One line. If Google puts out a Nexus X (similar design to One X) with a quad-core Krait SoC and Adreno 320 GPU, I’d be in heaven.

  • Meister_Li

    Since HTC finally seems to move away form Qualcom, this could be possible. Nvidia isn’t a very good candidate for a Nexus phone either, however, as their processors are equally closed off.

    So, if HTC goes with a Texas Instruments or Samsung Processor then… Sure! I think a HTC Nexus could work and would be welcome.

    • aNYthing24

      Why would they move away from Qualcomm? They have the fastest SoCs (read: not GPU) right now.

      • Meister_Li

        It’s more about having a processor that’s not shrouded in secrets to an extend that only the manufacturer gets to see anything and even they don’t get to see all (Nvidia, Qualcomm) vs. a Processor which is in very open and visible development that is accessible to Manufacturers and end consumers (Smasung, Texas Instruments).

        Why do you think the Samsung Phones all got CM9 earlier than their HTC counterparts? It’s because developing on an open platform is a lot easier.

  • Wunako

    going off the comments before me i agree, and if anything the SGS3 looks like it took a few hints from the GNex. I would absolutely love for htc to make the next Nexus device, something that has that feel of the One series (that feeling that you get because you know htc really did consider a lot while making the device which it seems that sammy did as well) Im not a Samsung fan since i was let down more then once with their previous phones (my behold 2 days are still fresh in mind) plus touchwiz screams iOS-ish.

    kinda strayed there but in all honesty i dont think samsung should of had 2 nexus in a row and it would be nice to see other oems get a shot, but all in all HTC and Samsung are the 2 best but i have to say ill always love the quality feel of HTC phones.

  • B-Real206

    I really want Motorola to make a nexus phone. Maybe next year, that’s when my contract is up anyways :)

    • Lightning7

      Anything is possible with Android.

    • wcsoccerboy828

      Why? Motorola is notorious for terrible customer support, locked bootloaders, and in general, poor design. I owned an X2 for a year roughly and following that experience, will never buy another Motorola phone again. A few of my friends with RAZRs D3s and other various Motorola phones consistently complain about it.

      I’m not bashing you here, I just wonder the logic behind it.

  • shadowxof

    I’m with you about HTC, ever since the release of the sensation I’ve been seeing vast improvements not only in build quality (which I feel outclasses samsung), but also in hardware. HTC has been slowly getting back to place where customers can trust seeing how they no longer lock bootloaders and support the dev community. If they keep at the pace their heading with the One series we’ll see great things from them in the future

    HTC shock the world when the Nexus One was first released, why can’t they do it again? Samsung has had their time in the spotlight, hand over the reigns please.

  • Mark Pucka

    I was the biggest hater of Samsung. I was mad about the vibrant, the gsgii not getting updates, heck im mad now about my gnex not getting 4.0.4 yet! But HTC i was happy with the MT4G & sensation. The 1 x, I don’t see what the big deal is about? No sd card, no removable battery, no other innovations? Im sorry I.dont htc stepping up.their.game.

  • auronblue

    I agree that the SGSIII is a very nice phone but i do feel they didnt push the envelope the way the One X did. Hopefully they give us something awesome in the fall with the next Nexus (if they end up doing it).

  • That Guy

    I didn’t disappoint myself, Samsung disappointed me. I wasn’t expecting the phone with 12 mp camera, Exynos 5 or even a flexible screen like you said. But I was expecting a nice-looking device with premium build quality. I was disappointed with GS3′s pentile display which is equal if not worse than on the GNex. I was disappointed with flimsy plastic they use that is worse than those on GNex or SGS2.I was disappointed with the placement of camera, flash and speaker grill. I mean seriously, what does that represent? 3 in a row as it’s GS3? It looks totally rubbish compared to One X’s camera and flash placement that looks like the moon and earth orbit. And just look that design of the speaker grill on the One X. HTC not only built a powerful smartphone but they also made a piece of art with the One X.And don’t even get me started on the new Touchwiz. There’s green icons all over the place that make it look like gingerbread. On top of that they advertised Touchwiz features in the creepiest way possible. My God, really what were they thinking?

  • Ardrid

    Couldn’t agree with you more. It’s about time that Google went with someone other than Samsung for the Nexus. Given HTC’s new approach to industrial design, they would be perfect to elevate the Nexus back to the top. Many people believe the Nexus One was the best Nexus ever built and I believe that HTC can bring that sentiment back if given the chance, certainly more so with Samsung and their continually uninspired design choices.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    My opinion. Design/Aesthetics to HTC or Sony Ericsson/Sony,, the hardware to Samsung I.e( SUPER Amoled HD PLUS so no pen tile, 64gb internal with micro SD slot, and dual-core exynos 5250), and the software to google

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’m trying to look at this from another point of view.
    With the Nexus One Google was trying to put Android on the map. So they needed something that looked and ran well. Since that original nexus, that progam has changed into a “Developer” phone. Google doesn’t need it to sell because developers are going to get it so they can get their hands on the reference phone.

    Maybe Google is leaving the sexy to they folk who are trying to make money off the phone.
    Besides, they probably don’t want to piss off the largest phone maker in the world.

    Just a thought.

  • redraider133

    I would love if HTC got another shot at the nexus. I always wanted the nexus 1 but being on verizon we all had our hopes up and then at the last minute the rug was pulled out from under us and they “canned” it. HTC makes solid devices and with stock android would be another real winner that HTC needs.