Opinion: Nexus 5 w/o CyanogenMod vs. Nexus 4 w/ CyanogenMod

Posted Nov 16, 2013 at 6:06 pm in Threads > Opinions

In short, I would rather use Nexus 4 with CyanogenMod 10.2 on it, until official CyanogenMod nightly versions are released for Nexus 5– even the Android-4.3-based CM10.2 would suffice.

About three days after ordering them, we received our two Nexus 5 devices. I will not go into a detailed review of them, since others have done a great job on that; but, after the initial excitement wore off within minutes, I started missing small features CyanogenMod that we have come to enjoy over the years, particularly those in the 10.1 and 10.2 versions–I have listed some of these features at the end of this post.

This escalated so quickly to a point that I wished that the screen on my Nexus 4 with CM10.2 had not shattered just over a week before I purchased the Nexus 5.

Does anybody else agree with or understand this, nor necessarily with CyanogenMod, but any custom ROM of your choice, or am I alone in this preference?

Features missed immediately–of course, these are not necessarily unique to CyanogenMod, but that is my custom ROM of choice:

- custom setting tiles with toggle and touch-and-hold functionality. The stock Android setting tiles are not very useful, without toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or data toggle functionality.
- expanded desktop, to take advantage of the full height of the screen.
- touch-and-hold status bar time to jump to alarms.
- touch status bar date to jump to calendar.
- fine-tune auto-brightness, and access lowest brightness for nighttime use.

  • SGB101

    I much prefer CM to stick, however I do like the new Google now launcher.

    On my note2 I have cm10.2n with now launcher, also have n4 and moto g, both running 4.3 stock with now launcher, CM little weeks, all add up to a big advantage.

  • kelltrash14

    I do have to say it’s quite silly that stock android doesn’t do the time–>alarm date–>calendar bit

    What’s the point on hitting the time going to time settings? It’s seriously the least likely action you’d want there, other than it opening something completely random like maps…heh

    The lack of quick toggle editing being easy up front is an annoyance too, though I’d read some quick workarounds you can do if rooted

  • Snafu77

    I do everything you miss on a stock rooted Nexus 4 and root isn’t required for any of it.
    I’ll show you my variation on everything you listed.

    1. I use Power Toggles and Car Widget. With Power Toggle I have toggle bars with custom toggles for tether, bluetooth , wifi, audio sliders and many other settings right in the notification bar. I also have car widgets setup with toggle folders (via Power Toggle) customized for audio on one screen and for driving on another. There are full screen widgets for each activity with 6 shortcuts setup in 2×3 formation. Each shortcut can be configured to link to an app or activity- I use toggle folders for many and just throw in links to different radio apps in my radio folder etc.

    2. Expanded desktop- Nova launcher. I slide my finger down once on the screen to hide the notification bar. Tap twice to hide the scrolling dock. Full screen height achieved.

    3. Whichever clock I’m using on my home screen launches alarms. I also use the DoubleTwist Alarms app instead of the stock.

    4. Calendar is one of my primary apps so I have a dock icon for it and a half screen Simple Calendar widget showing all my upcoming events. (I have 9 home screens – primary has 3 folders, clock, battery widget – bordered by an audio and driving screen, then one direction is business screens with Evernote, RTM and Calendar screens. The other is entertainment and reading.)

    5. Power Toggles- I have a brightness slider to fine tune or a toggle to move between full dim, half brightness, full brightness and Auto. Accessible through the notification bar or via controls on my fullscreen audio widget- so its easy to set while driving.

    Everybody has their own preferences and this is where I am since I can’t tolerate the bugs in most CM releases. I like fine tuned stock ROMs since they usually come with the least amount of bugs but I’ve stuck with stock on my N4 because I have a working phone with all features I require. As it gets older I may venture out more and take advantage of some kernels but I just don’t like wasting my time with CM anymore. I use plenty of other ROMs on other devices but CM has come up short most of the time in the past 2 years. Prior to that I used it a lot but bugs with calls and other critical features sent me packing.

    The N5 should have some nice ROMs available for it soon. That’s one advantage of it being the dev phone. I’m going with a top of the line phone from Sam/HTC/LG available in stock mode in the Play Store next time. I miss some of the nice manufacturer added apps/features like the chip enabled always listening Moto or Sammies listening app. I’d like to have the choice on whether to be stock or manufacturer ROM.

  • irishrally

    In stock, lock pressing tiles toggles, wifi, BT, etc.

    • mattcoz

      Ha, took me a long time to figure out you meant to type “long pressing”. I was so confused. Long pressing just isn’t as convenient, and it is missing many tiles that you can get in CM. The one I miss the most is the auto-rotate toggle. I like locking it to portrait so I can use it in bed on my side.

      • TheVoodoo


      • Ribs

        The nexus 7 has this on stock. Kinda odd that the 4/5 doesn’t…