Opinion: What’s the buggiest phone/tablet

Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 10:02 pm in Threads > Opinions

We’ve all experienced the unspeakable force close at least once… Have you guys owned any phones/tablets that were ridiculously buggy? What manufacturers are the worst at squashing bugs. Any phones out there that are relatively bug-free?

  • ndub21

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was absurdly buggy on the recent ICS update. Luckily CM10 has come a long way and is very stable.

  • redraider133

    My sgs3 was pretty bug free. I’d have to say the most buggiest phone I’ve had would have to be HTC thunderbolt

  • TheVoodoo

    Nook Tablet with most ROMs, such as alpha CM10 or even older ones. Of course that is expected from alpha releases.

    Also, I’ve had the displeasure of using a few Android phones purchased at $50-or-less prices just after release, which were horribly buggy even with stock software. I don’t remember their models, but LG and Motorola where the brands.

    • TheVoodoo

      Where = were. SwiftKey auto-correction :-)

  • KingCrow02

    Jazz tablet sucks

  • gh0st665

    I loved my Transformer Prime, but good g0d was it bugged out! After, many hours with ASUS corporate, an RMA exchange, multiple maintenance updates and a GPS kit I finally sold off my TFP and went with a Nexus 7. Lately, I have been missing the 10″ form factor. But the speed and performance of the Nexus 7 (along with not having to wait with Asus on pushing major updates) makes me stick with my Nexus 7. Unless, I win a Nexus 10 sometime soon. (Hint…Hint…)

    • gh0st665

      That’s cool. I’ll take a TF700 and make due.

  • jaysond

    pretty much any generic tablet is buggy

  • dillonshepherd1991

    I heard the gs3 was pretty bug-free :) anybody care to corroborate that?

  • TheStig


  • TheStig


  • Ezy03

    my old htc hero <3

    • Charlong666

      This ^

      My HTC Hero was so buggy, but I loved it none the less. Oh the memories.

  • celo175

    my lenovo k1

  • Stig03


  • Randy White

    Nokia by far the worst for us.

  • dillonshepherd1991

    Yeah, I’d have to agree that Nokia phones are crazy buggy. A lot of Verizon-branded phones (especially the Droid line) are so buggy. Remember the Bionic…

  • Nicko01

    I feel like my Droid 3 is the worst! I had higher expectations coming from the OG Droid, but this phone really sucks. Okay specs, but bad software. If only Motorola could just leave phones stock…

  • Daniel Hakimi

    The Epic 4G Touch has some pretty deep GPS issues.

  • SGB101

    My one X (tegra version) wasn’t fully baked.

  • josha14025

    Haven’t had many bugs on my AT&T one x, but my old iphone 3gs was almost completely useless after upgrading to ios 5, took forever to load apps and even longer to take a damn picture.

    • dillonshepherd1991

      lol. didn’t the 3gs get the update to ios6? I can only imagine how slow it is haha

  • Nostril

    My Palm Pre and Blackberry Playbook! I only got a Playbook because I received it for free as a developer by the way.

  • lou2cool88

    The buggiest phone I’ve had has to be the HTC Thunderbolt. It always had problems unless I had a custom ROM on it. I finally had it with that phone when my alarm didn’t go off one morning because the phone’s gps thought I was in a different country and thus a different time zone

    My buggiest tablet has to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 after they updated it to ICS. It was really laggy till I flashed AOKP. My sister’s 8.9 and my mom’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 2 are fine, however.

  • tommydaniel

    Samsung Moment had it’s share. The original EVO did as well.

    • dillonshepherd1991

      Ahh, man! I loved my EVO so much! The memories :)

  • zolikaaa666

    My Htc ChaCha will win in this category…When i start a game which need very low requirements it’s just switches off….It’s buggy that i can’t even tell….The thing that i regreted the most in my life was when i bought this phone -.-