Opinion: Why do you like Android over iOS

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Android has came a long way since 2008. When the platform first launched, it was hard to see it competing head to head with iOS. Over the past 4 years, Google’s developers have been working hard on closing the gap. That being said, what do you like about Android vs. iOS? Are there any areas you’d like to see Android improve in? What new features would you like to see implemented?

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I originally chose Android over iOS because of my issues with my iPod. I absolutely hated dealing with iTunes every time I wanted to add music. If I bought a CD that I wanted to rip onto my iPod, I was forced to wait until I got home. Then of course iTunes would rip using it’s own proprietary format if I wasn’t paying attention to change it beforehand.

    Android was freedom for me. Freedom to choose how I did anything on the phone. Different browser, keyboard, messaging, user interface, the list goes on. Sure it means that noone has any idea how to make a call when they pick up my heavily-modified mobile, but that’s fine with me. I love that people go “wow! your phone looks cool!” when they notice me using it.

    As for improvement, I’d like to see more apps designed with tablets in mind. Now that Android tablets are on even footing with the iPad in terms of performance and screen resolution, it needs to catch up in apps.

    • Nicko01

      I actually had a similar experience. Apple’s DRM was causing me trouble, so I stopped buying music from them (after only buying 2 songs.) I was considering buying the iPhone, but that’s when the OG Droid was first released, so I went with that instead after some research.

      I also agree about the tablet apps. Some are severely lacking. But now that Android is dominating the market, I’m sure we’ll see improvements pretty soon.

  • hokiewv

    The ability to buy an unlocked phone at a decent price really was the killer feature that got me to switch. I picked up the Galaxy Nexus from the Play store and I’ve been very happy with it. I’m impressed with the number of UI and speed enhancements packed into Jelly Bean and can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Apple definitely has a head start with Airplay especially now that they’ve integrated it into Mountain Lion. Hopefully Google will learn from the initial Google TV lack of interest and start building out a true multi-screen experience.

    • geiko

      Good points all around. I’ve been disappointed in Google’s implementation of a lot of things in that area, especially Android at Home.

      Here’s hoping Google fixes all these inconsistencies.

  • TheVoodoo

    1. Android is “Open-Source,” which means easier improvements and debugging.
    2. Android can be “Customized” by novice end users through simple apps that replace the home screen, app drawer, keyboard, dialer, etc.
    3. Android is “accessible” to a broad customer base, as it is available on various devices at several price points.
    4. Android’s notification system and multi-tasking is, in my opinion, far ahead of iOS.
    5. etc. :)

    It is the above that make things such as the following possible:

    - Android available on an HDMI stick for your TV (http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/12/favis-android-packing-smartstick-finally-shipping/)
    - Ever-improving competing keyboards (SwiftKey, Swype, Stock, etc.)
    - CyanogenMod with its slight but impressive and practical refinements of the Stock OS.
    - and more.

    • pol biswas

      I really like your 3 number point.yes android has a broad customer base and it is available on various devices at several price point.people who can’t afford a high end device ; can enjoy it on other low end device with affordable price.

  • ndub21

    Customization and options! Apple makes so many decisions for their customers and really lock down their platform. You can get all kinds of phones with Android, but just one iPhone. Also, he Android manufacturers tend to push the limits of technology with each product iteration whereas Apple just does small incremental updates.

    Apple really excels at advertising and making people think that HAVE to have the new iPhone. I think it has become a lot more obvious lately that Apple has stopped innovating and is just playing catch up with Android. I think we’ll continue to see Apple market share decline.

    • TheVoodoo

      I agree. Apple has been touting features such as panorama pictures, and small-form-factor tablets as innovations in their marketing campaigns, while not explicitly calling them innovations.

      However, the general public seem conditioned to think that whatever Apple advertises was invented and first-produced by Apple, even though that is usually not the case.

      – Forgive the following sarcastic remark, but it is meant lightly :) –

      For example, we might finally see a new technology that currently “does NOT exist” called NFC “invented,” “renamed to iTap,” and “brought to the masses” by Apple sometime in the future.

      • dillonshepherd1991

        iTap? that’s perfect!

      • inchhigh5137


    • Thomas Biard

      I agree with you when it comes to having a choice about the hardware you want to get and what features are important to you. I like the idea of having a choice between the form factor of the SGS III and the form factor of the Razr M for example. The ability to choose my screen size, manufacturer, battery size, if the batter is removable or not. All great things. I also love the openness of Android to make it my own custom look on my home screens.

      There are drawbacks though that make this less desirable to some. My wife, for example, loves using Apple products and we’ve had many a discussion about why we each like what we like. She loves that she can buy a Macbook, or an iPhone and doesn’t have to worry about any bugs in the OS, or hardware crapping out. I can def appreciate that view, but I don’t mind having buggy hardware from time to time, or learning how to fix a software glitch.

      I’m not saying Apple never has issues, but being so “close source” and very controlled allows them to produce a product that won’t have the same outreaching hardware problems, or have some hardware that doesn’t work as well with the software they’re running. For them to control what pieces go into a device, they can design specifically for those, which is a reason their laptops with seemingly slower specs and less RAM still blow through processes much faster than an equivalently spec’d PC.

      I’m pro-Android all the way, so don’t go flaming down on me for this post ;)

      • gmaninvan

        I think another big one to consider is app portability. Say my phone is two three years old. I want to replace it but I don’t want to repurchase all my apps. With android, I have my choice of over thirty OEM’s with multiple screen sizes, form factors, and looks while retaining the same apps I have already purchased.

        On top of that, google isn’t as greedy as Apple when it comes to their tablets. On iOS, although not for every app, people are forced to buy both the iPhone and iPad version of an app. On android, it is one app that reorients itself for a tablet interface. (I guess this is why Apple can make claims that their developers make more money, because they double charge!!).

        • clearzero

          You don’t have to buy new apps on iOS when you get a new device. When a form factor changes the app gets updated, for free. A large chunk of iOS apps are universal meaning you get the ipad and iphone version in the same app.

          The iOS model is superior on tablets. I use both and the iPad apps are substantially better because they are built for the device. Some require an iPad specific purchase but it is certainly worth it. The greed is with the developers if that is how you want to look at it. I view it as paying for a better experience.

          • gmaninvan

            I don’t think you understood my point. I am not saying that iOS apps don’t get updated for new models, I am saying you have a grand total of three devices and one OEM to choose from. With android you have access to over thirty OEM’s and hundreds of devices all very different from each other and all compatible with the same apps.

            On the iPad apps, I also disagree. This is changing rapidly with the success of the Nexus 7. You are now seeing a drastically increasing amount of android tablet apps (good android tablet apps) that are every bit as feature rich and smooth as their iOS equivalent. I also think you need to look more deeply on the universal apps. Very few iOS apps in my experience (on my girlfriends iPad) employ this. Most developers on iOS it seems would rather try to sell their wares twice.

            “I view it as paying for a better experience.”

            This is just trolling. Why is an app built specifically for two tablet resolutions by extension superior to an app that properly scales? This makes no sense. Android tablets themselves don’t vary drastically in resolution unless you count the chinese budget ones (which if you buy you deserve a bad experience) so the interface is very consistent if the app is built properly with the fragment api.

  • Charlong666

    I won’t go on and rehash everything that everyone above me said so I will say just one more thing: OVERCLOCKING! :D

  • Randy White

    It’s not apple, period…

  • dillonshepherd1991


    I’ve asked a lot of my iOS-using buddies if they actually use their notification center. Not one of them actually does… One was surprised to find that they can post on Twitter/Facebook from their notification center. As for multi-tasking… why would you say Android is better?

    • TheVoodoo

      I am sorry, I must have clarified that I did not mean only the ability to keep and switch to more than one app at a time; but rather, I am referring to a collection of the following that enable a multitasking environment without the need for the user to focus at one app or task at a time e.g. read RSS feed and email and text messages on the same desktop.

      - great interactive notifications
      - widgets from different apps on home screens
      - lock screen customization that allow data from different apps to be accessed on the lock screen

  • reyame

    Biggest reason for me is price.

    Pandigital Novel White $59.99(bensoutlets) Vs Ipad Gen1(preown) $179

    Archos 28 $89.99 Vs Ipod Touch $299

    i needed basic(music,games,mail,reading) and thats what i was able to get for my money. now that im ready for a premium tablet im looking at the nexus 7/10. if it was left to apple i still wouldnt have either

    Android “price choice”
    Apple “Whats this thing called budget?”

    • TheVoodoo

      But the pricing of most (not all) high-end Android devices is comparable to Apple devices. Even iPad is closing the gap to some extent.

      I don’t think it is practical to compare budget Android devices to Apple ones. That is actual why some of our friends switched from Android to Apple after buying a cheap Android phone and considering its low performance a reflection of Android as a whole, whereas they were comparing a $100 product to a $600. Even within the Android ecosystem there is a huge performance difference between those price points.

      • inchhigh5137

        Yup I see this at my job a lot but I try to tell people to do research then decide on a phone
        Don’t just buy what your friends tell you to buy just because that’s what they have

  • KingCrow02

    Better customization and multi-task

  • kelltrash14

    Google seemed to have an attitude towards freedom and personalization of devices while Apple wanted everything to look the same. Couldn’t stand that. I also like the idea that Android is moving towards true computing devices while iOS is stuck in phone mode.

  • WlfHart

    I like not having to deal with iTunes, being able to have more control in customizing things, and not supporting a company who gets sue happy and patent trolls when they experience competition.

    • WlfHart

      Oh, and I like the whole stylus concept which Samsung is doing so well which Apple will likely never get into.
      As for what new features I’d like to see for Android… More native stylus supporting apps, and native multi window view mode (for those 1080 res displays and more likely tablets).

      • tanman888

        I know of iPad owners who frequently use an after market third party stylus as a preferred option to function and navigate. So there’s definitely a market there…
        Who knows they may bring out an iPen and call it another Apple innovation! :P

  • gh0st665

    Like everyone else,

    Apple presents a closed environment (iTunes). It’s how they say, when they say, why they say. I’m not going to fly with that.

    The hardware is high polished garbage. Don’t sell me on a small a$$ screen by telling me I can’t see the pixels! It’s a same size screen that the $49 Kyocera phone has, but with smaller pixels and a full touch screen. 2-3 versions later we get “game changing’ features like “cut and paste”, and mms! Just this year they finally got turn by turn navigation and it was an EPIC FAIL. Apple released a product with antenna issues and then Steve jobs told the flock that is wasn’t an antenna issue, everyone was holding there iPhones wrong! iOS hardware and software has always been garbage, it’s just Apple is just really good at marketing.

    Android just allows me to adjust and customize my device to how I want it. To use what ever app service, music service, book service, or whatever that I want. I can completely design my device to my liking. I can multitask, I can get faster data speeds, I get a better experience with Android.
    For the brave, you can root and load completely customized software onto the device and not even be at the mercy of the carriers OTAU’s. This way you have total control over your software and your hardware. You truly own your phone.

    With iOS, you just rent your device. Apple tells you how it will work and who it will work with.

  • jaysond

    andriod is better than ios in so many ways,ability to do all apps,games and the freedom of it almost being a pc,ios is way to restricted and built around being a money grubbing machine (a very successful one at that)but people won’t just stop using it to prove a point that you don’t have to pay for everything you want to do on somthing that you paid 500+ for , instead everyone pays up and gives them more fuel to hire more money sucking teams to think of what to charge you for next,blah I hate this world and the system of moneys

  • Fiasko

    I enjoy it simply because I like having a choice. Everything they have looks exactly the same and is overpriced. Yes, it may be sleek but who cares if everyone else has the same exact device with the same home screen.

    I truly enjoy modding my phone, applying different launchers, and having a choice.

  • TheVoodoo

    Not ti mention that the Windows version of iTunes is one of the most clunky programs I’ve ever used on Windows.

  • dillonshepherd1991

    People still talk about iOS being smoother than Android. Honestly, Android is closing that gap. With project butter, better cpu’s and gpu’s, and kernal tweaks Android is getting smoother and smoother. What do you guys think? Is Android closing the gap, smooth wise?

    • clearzero

      It’s definitely getting better and better. I still think iOS has an edge but it is hard to explain in words because it has become much smaller that it used to be. It’s a feel thing. If you get a new device now you won’t get much UI lag if any. It’s not really something to worry about any longer.

    • inchhigh5137

      I agree project butter is smooth as butter on my GS3 lol

  • TheStig


  • Ezy03


  • http://jwtear.blogspot.com/ cutiyar neriman

    Open Source

  • Teebor

    Because when the vendor leaves the product behind in terms of updates you are not forced to buy a new phone if you want the latest OS features
    Example being that Apple only supports some of the latest phones (previous 3 phones?) so if you have an iPhone 3 I think you are out in the cold now? might be wrong though.

    However with an Android phone you can shift to custom roms and get THE latest offerings.

    However I will admin that Apple does seem to support their devices for longer than the average Android manufacturers

  • gavinb

    Customisation, ‘open’ nature of the OS, Google’s ecosystem, custom roms.

  • Stig03

    Google ecosystem!

  • ndorrough

    As a developer, there are a lot of advantages to Android as well. Back when I was looking into developing for iOS, they strongly suggested buying an apple computer to develop on. There were also fees involved. From the get go, Android has been friendlier and easier to develop for. All you need is something like eclipse and the SDK to get started. I won’t go into more development details. :-)

    The iOS has its target audience, but it won’t include me. At least not beyond my iPod touch. And even then I just listen to music on it.

  • braydencw1

    I simply hate apple and everything they stand for.

  • gmaninvan

    One word….


    over my keyboard, default browser / maps. True multitasking and apps that can only run in the open source environment.

    • gmaninvan

      I also don’t like what Apple stands for as a business. I don’t believe that one company should have so much power over my hardware, apps, media etc.

      If they ended up in a dominant position, they could easily exploit it and they have already provided evidence that they would do just that with what they pulled on the publishers and the subscription policies that resulted in publications like the financial times pulling out of the apps store.

  • mattplaybass

    It started off with being locked into a Verizon contract. I wasn’t willing to give up the coverage (at that time). Though, Verizon’s lack of smartphone selection almost made me jump ship. Then the Motorola Droid hit. It was the best thing that ever happened to Verizon’s line up (though it has since deviated to frustration…)

    Now it’s the simple things. I was on an iPad helping someone and tried to download a video from a source link. 30 Mins later I was ready to throw it across the room. Why can’t I long press a link and have the option to save target as? Especially when it’s a download link. I should really just be able to press it once (like I’m used to on an android browser) and have it download.

    My wife recently switched to an iPhone (all her friends had them). Surprising to me, she not being a techie person, she hates it. She likes iMessage, but hates little things as well, such as not being able to change the snooze time in the default clock/alarm app (yes I know there are other apps that will do it).

    Just a couple of small examples of the over all theme stated above that Android represents freedom vs. being told what I should like.

    • dillonshepherd1991

      People swear by Apple products, saying their so easy to use and they “just work”. My experience with an iPhone was less than stellar…

      • raichleb

        I think that whole “just works” thing is shorthand for “I really don’t know much about how this works. Apple knows what’s best for me so whatever they tell me must be correct.”

    • inchhigh5137

      My daughter’s friend switched from android to iOS she was pissed that she couldn’t just download songs like on androids

  • Nicko01

    Flexibility and hackability – No other mobile OS can do so much and can be so heavily modified. Also, it’s Linux based, which is pretty nice.

    I can’t wait to see how Android will have changed in a few years.

  • Dradien

    Personally, I like the (more) open nature of it vs iOS. Just something about tinkering with your stuff that I like. I’m not one to be dictated on how to use my own stuff/devices, it just strikes a nerve.

    On another note, only two more ranks until I get 50 for todays contest. Anyone wanna help?:)

  • pol biswas

    All above statements already said many
    avantages and superiorties of android over iPhone.so nothing to add.Freedom and ecosystem that makes android different.

  • heynomi4u

    Very simple – I want the phone to work the way I want it, not how Apple wants it to work.

  • thymeless

    Openness, configurability, personal control, price, little to no control from one company, Security options.

  • josha14025

    I can customize the way my phone operates, it doesn’t look like the million iphones out there

  • redraider133

    I actually use both routinely. Each has their pros and done but for me I like the choices in hardware that come with android. I can get a phone with a 3 inch screen all the way up to 5.5 inches plus the variety of processors, that go along with it. Plus I may be one of the only ones but I enjoy skins to some extent(not how they slow updates) but they add to the experience IMO

  • bear831

    My family is deeply ingrained in Apple’s ecosystem and I myself have found it easy and enjoyable. Having said that, in many ways it falter; the inability to switch default apps or navigate the file system confuse and astound me. I will always enjoy the tinkering aspect of Android as it brings me joy, but I have purchased an iPad this holiday season in part due to my family’s established preference in the ecosystem. It truly is easier and more stable than most Android device, Jellybean has made great strides in the quality of software but I continue to find that the hardware vendors falter. Much as is true in the Apple vs. Windows area, the hardware is what holds back the quality of the experience. With the rate of revision from Google I believe that within the next year to year and a half the majority of developers will begin transitioning to an Android first system and the average quality of Android apps will improve. So for now I will give in to the peer pressure of my family and hope to jump on the Android bandwagon for tablets soon. I am also considering purchasing a nexus 7 for this very reason of apps becoming better and better on Android.

    P.S. sorry if this feels to much like a rant and/or troll bait but I really believe that Apple wins currently in the tablet space and is losing ground quickly in the phone space.

  • dbcher

    as long as you are ok sticking to the narrow parameters apple tells you that you want, then ios…
    if you want choices and the ability to make your own decisions…then Android

  • kinkate18nic

    Android ecosystem is cool and is open compared to the closed iOS ecosystem..i can do watever customization i want with it…totally coooooooooooooolllllll……..

  • deadly47

    Android_> decent price,customizable,easy to operate,open source,run on minimum Processor,editable, stable nd useful apps……..

  • wickedme

    Like anything I buy, I like the ability to do what I want with it. After all, it’s mine….. I’m not going to have a company tell me what I can and can’t do with my property, even if they made it. And with Android, I can make it easy for me to use and not use as they tell me I can. +1 for eye-candy!

  • Daniel Hakimi

    People always say customization, and well… that. And freedom. And all of the typical things.

    But what I think people often overlook is growth. *Because* Android is Free, and because developers love it, and because there are cheap devices available, and because Google is pushing it, and because the CIA is pushing it, and everything, it’s just *always* going to grow faster than iOS. Forever.

    • dillonshepherd1991

      Agreed :)

      I hope that Google can keep the fragmentation under control with as much growth as we’re seeing!

  • digvijaya07

    1. Wide range to choose between ..(products)
    2. Connectivity (bluetooth)
    3. Best customization available

  • JarlSX

    so many reasons…

    here are some:
    -choice of brand
    -a lot more freedom
    -no itunes
    -bigger screens, full qwerty keyboards
    -no proprietary connectors

    • TheVoodoo

      While I agree with you, unfortunately there are some Android devices such as Asus Tablets with proprietary power connectors. That said, Asus tablets are still my favourite Android tablets.

  • christiaangombert

    just a few days ago i made a comparision between android and ios. here is my conclusion:

    ios is more userfriendly when u use the product for the first time. android takes just a few days to make yourself at home, after exploring your new phone or tablet android seems to be much more usable.

    when i compare the features i came to the next conclusion:
    the only thing that ios has and android doesn’t have is airplay (all though there are some airplay clones for android, but most of them are buggy). when i look to ios compared to android, there are many things ios doesn’t have. within a minute a came whit a list of at least 10 features ios was missing.

    the last thing the i compared was accesoires. this is a win for the apple devices. since the have just 1 design, it isn’t hard to find hunderds of accesoiries for the phone. the only bright point android has is that it uses the micro usb standard.

    thought the design standard in apple devices is a plus on the accesoiries coomparision, it really limits your choise of model. so in the and i came out with a result of 3 points for android vs 1 for ios.

  • jamal adam

    I’ve never been a fan of iOS since it’s inception and for that reason I was ecstatic when Google came out with Android. For me, iOS is boring and bland whereas, Android, I can change anything I want and make it fit to my liking. I also feel that Google is innovating more than Apple and I can’t live without my Google services. It was a perfect match and I love it.

  • raichleb

    Funny, I had this conversation with a friend just yesterday. I summarized it this way. On my Android phone, if I don’t like the stock keyboard, I replace it. On an Apple phone, if you don’t like the stock keyboard there must be something wrong with you.

    • TheVoodoo

      That’s funny but so true.

    • clearzero

      True but Apples stock keyboard is excellent and I would install it in a heart beat on my Android phone if it was possible. And when it comes to tablets it’s not even close. You may not get choice but you get a top tier keyboard.

      • dillonshepherd1991

        Swiftkey or stock 4.2 is WAY WAY WAY better IMHO….

  • golfpedaler

    After reading the posts above, I hear things like “Choice” and “Open” being a common thread. That certainly is my reason to select Android over iOS. Apple does a descent job as long as they control every aspect of the experience.

    I ask myself if that is also a statement as to political or social leanings of Apple and Android user. I know this isn’t the forum for those discussions, I just wander if there is some correlation.

    Android and Freedom all the way!!!

  • orangestrat

    People will tell you about customization and openness and if all you do is tweak your phone, android is perfect for you. If all you do is use your phone, android is still way ahead. Apple doesn’t seem to put any thought into the way people use their phones to communicate, so notifications are absolute garbage. They interrupt you and cover over buttons within the app, and play really irritating animal and bell sounds and then the notification centre never clears out old notifications. I used an iPhone for the last two months and left a twitter notification in place for 24 @#$% days. Push is not really a thing on iOS like it is on Android. I don’t trust my iPhone to keep me up to date on my email, let alone my Facebook and twitter updates. The best thing about getting a smartphone is not sitting front if your computer hitting refresh all day. With iOS, you’re right back in that boat, You find self constantly opening apps to check them and make sure they’re fresh. The only good thing I can say about iOS is that there are tons of really great iPad apps.

  • Laurel laurel25

    I love the level of customization that is available with Android. I also like that you aren’t tied to a single market.

  • pliu.2014

    In the ios system i feel very constrained, and i love the android system for being more linnet.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    I love having a more modifiable and free OS, along with Android progresses with leaps and bounds iOS kinda just nudges along and plays catchup.

  • dillonshepherd1991

    I’m surprised at how many people hate iTunes. I don’t use it. Is it really that bad?

  • Danny Calderon

    i chose android orginally out of default . I never bought a ipod cause I already had a small mp3 player and I didnt see the need for a big mp3 player , than when the iphone came out it was only on ATT and I’m on Tmobile , I wasnt about to leave tmobile for Att , so I guess it was out of default but when Android came out I hitched a ride and what a ride its been , and I guess I have to thank Att and Apple for making it an exclusive item cause there is nothing that is gonna make me switch now .

  • lou2cool88

    Honestly, It’s about choices, customization, and usability for me. Things like widgets, the pull-down menu a GOOD maps app, all make it worth while. I sometimes get envious of the sleek-looking Apple hardware but I’d never go iOS. They’re too simple and stifling for my taste.

  • MrMrMan

    One major reason: I refuse to use or support anything Apple makes.

    • dillonshepherd1991

      Amen, brother

  • TheChez99

    you do not have to have the same design of phone every time you change and it can be a lot cheaper

  • dillonshepherd1991

    Even low end phones these days are getting speedier :)

    • leemy

      true! we look at the flagships often but you have to realize there are millions out there using dumber smartphones

  • Shazam

    Apple has always been overrated.

    • Shazam

      I discovered Archos a long, long time ago. I had a 20 GB mp3 player and apple and all of the people who drank the kool aid thought they were something special having a 2 gb mp3 player a year later…. shaking my head.

  • Ezy03

    too many restrictions!

    • dillonshepherd1991

      I think two of the biggest advantages IMO is widgets and the pull-down menu. iOS’s pull-down menu is clunky and unused. Android is centered around notifications.

      As for widgets, they’re just awesome

  • Scottm

    I look at Apple as the AOL of platforms – “Here, let me hold your hand while you venture out into that big nasty interweb world, but don’t try to go off on your own, just stay here with me… NO!!! DON’T LOOK OVER THERE at that sinister open source platform – it’s too confusing for you and you’ll get lost because you’re a moran”

    I remember when AOL had you in a box – no venturing out, web and e-mail accessible only through AOL. I feel it’s kind of the same way with apple – iTunes, iPod, etc., they are all in their own little world and God forbid you try and venture out on your own.

  • Puzzled by Choice

    I prefer Android’s customization, open sourced philosophy, widgets, etc. You can build alot of your own personality into your phone/tablet versus Apple’s leash policy. Also, I don’t like iTunes.

  • Monsunami

    Android is very customizable to the way I want it, has widgets, don’t feel like others carbon copy phone, and doesn’t come with arrogant, pompous attitude of Apple.

  • s_rob

    multi-tasking & customization

  • castlefox

    My two big reasons are:

    I like it because it is open source.
    There are more than on manufacturer, (IE not just apple)

    I also like being able to customize my phone more than the iphones allow you to.