Ouya vs Vizio CoStar. Round 1… FIGHT!

Posted Jul 11, 2012 at 3:02 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’m sure you all have now heard about Ouya over on Kickstarter. It’s a $100 Tegra3-powered Android Gaming Console, complete with what should be very nice gaming controllers.

Then there’s Vizio’s CoStar, which is a $100 GoogleTV unit (with unknown internal hardware) that comes with a very nice remote control plus OnLive gaming baked in.

What do you guys think is going to happen with this segment of the market? Are you considering purchasing one of these? Have you already pre-ordered something like this? I’d love to hear what you think of these products!

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

    I have actually considered the Ouya more seriously than the CoStar but I don’t really plan on buying either. I would honestly prefer to just dock my phone/tablet to the TV and use a Bluetooth controller to control the game. I mean Android devices already play Android games (obviously) and can also play OnLive from the same device, so why go out and buy a new device that that isn’t as portable?

    I don’t know, I’m just a big fan of consolidation I guess.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I think my current problem with what you suggested is that controller support is still fairly poor. Connecting a controller isn’t the hard part but getting a game to play nicely with that controller is more the hard part. Because Android games are so cheap, most devs simply don’t invest the time to support controllers. Hopefully this changes!

      Now with the Ouya, on the other hand, all of its native games should come with very good controller support.

      OnLive games all have controller support although it’s not exactly great and I believe requires a proprietary controller.

  • kazahani

    I think the CoStar is gonna win this one. OnLive is just too good. They can stream a whole library of games to your TV, not just Android titles.

    You could play Battlefield or Modern Warfare on your TV as though you had an Xbox, but you’ve got a full featured Google TV device as well.

    • Tarwin

      Yes, but OnLive isn’t exclusive to Vizio, it’s available for Android which means one could most likely get it working on the Ouya (it’s dedicated to being completely open source). It might not be the official version of the app but it’s a high probability nonetheless…

      • kazahani

        But doesn’t the CoStar come with the OnLive controller? I thought it did, but if not, then you’re right.

      • kazahani

        I did me research and NO ONLIVE CONTROLLER IS INCLUDED. Now the question will be if the Ouya controller will work with the OnLive service. If it will, then my decision has been reversed.

        • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

          I don’t think it will. I remember watching several videos of OnLIve before it launched and I’m pretty sure the wireless controller technology is proprietary. Now if Ouya is willing to work with OnLive on the controller, that’s another story.

          • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

            Yeah, I also recall the OnLive controllers being proprietary. Which is really quite silly.