Owners of TF700, does ur virtual keyboard lag?

Posted Dec 04, 2012 at 4:47 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Okay so i have the TF700 and its great, but the one major thing i notice that is annoying, is when i type on the virtual keyboard it lags. I will start typing and it well, lags. Some letters it will instantly create and others when typing there will be a lag then it will catch back up. Its super annoying. I am using the stock JB Android keyboard, and just installed the Swift 3 keyboard and it basically does the same thing.

Also i notice when i try to click on things like the twitter widget, it long presses even tho i just tapped it for a milla second, and doesnt open twitter like the widget should, it turns on the “move your widget” function like when you long press to drag something into the trash or move it on the homescreen.

Does anyone with a TF700 have these issues? or am i alone?

PS While i have you, hows your battery life? TF700 is my first tablet so im was shocked to see it drops 5-percent or more when im just on it for 10 minutes. And i mean on it like Brightness 15%, wifi on, and doing something like on the twitter app. Oh and on “Balanced Mode” of performance.

  • HumbertoH

    I have a TF201 and the stock keyboard lags as h3ll. Im using CM10 and no lag =)

    I thing asus makes this “lag” isue so you will feel like you need the dock keyboard.

  • M3rc Nate

    I just read on a diff forum that after a OS update, its smart to reset it and that doing so, fixes the keyboard lag issue. I will be looking into this and trying it out. Will post results once i do.

  • tylerfoy

    My TF201 (jelly bean) doesn’t have any keyboard lag. Although it recently decided never to turn on again…soooo. Take that with a grain of salt

  • cullenmq

    i have the tf700 and i installed cleanrom. before everything was really laggy,but as long as i have less than 6-7 apps running in multitasking its fine. i also have the real keyboard where the lag was definitely more noticeable.

  • Gib990

    I don’t get much lag however, sometimes it will input a word that I typed previously when I hit enter. It happens a lot in splashtop.

  • kelltrash14

    Depressing reading….really want ASUS to perfect these things already =)

  • YodaDaCoda

    My tf201 lagged pretty bad on the stock keyboard. I ended up using swype just because I was so frustrating.

  • M3rc Nate

    Well, i factory reset the tablet and so far, no improvement. The stock android keyboard still lags. Annoying.

  • steve

    Im having the same issues with the keyboard n the tablet in general :-(