Page Plus Review, for those wanting to “stick with” Verizon

Posted Oct 31, 2012 at 3:15 pm in Threads > Opinions

Lately with Clark and Taylor giving a lot of information about Prepaid plans and carriers, I started doing a lot of research to find out what was best for me. When considering a cellular network to go with in the US, you basically have 4 choices: Verizon, ATT, TMobile, and Sprint. (Note I’m talking about cellular network/towers, not service)

My priorities for choosing a service, in order of most important to least important, include:
- Coverage
- Reliability
- Price
- Speed
- Customer Service

Each person will have different priorities, and certainly different coverage based on their location. For me, Verizon has perfect coverage and great reliability. The worst part was the price. Seeing prepaid services for $35-50/month was embarrassing for me, knowing how much I was paying ($170/month for 2 smartphones with unlimited data). I don’t care about download/upload speed as much because for me 3G is fast enough, whether at 1Mbps or 3Mbps. Based on these priorities I knew I needed to stay with Verizon’s CDMA network. I started looking around and found Page Plus Cellular.

The Plans

Reviewing the plans it seemed almost too good to be true. 3 Plans with data ranging from $30-55. For people switching from being on contract with one of the “Big 4”, “The 55” plan is most like any contract plan: Unlimited Call, Unlimited Text, 2Gb of data, $55. Doing 2 phones of that plan would save me $1440 over the life of the standard 2 year contract. I was sold.

The Good

Now that I knew I’d be saving tons of money (in my world that is a good sized chunk of change), I wanted to see what would be good about switching to this new company. First, and most importantly for my wife, we HAD to keep her number. Her business is run through that number, so losing it was not an option. We ported both of our numbers over in one evening, even when having to get approval from Verizon.

The biggest part of being content in my decision is that now that I have switched to PagePlus, my cell-service, quality, and coverage has not changed from the previous 9 years I was on Verizon. I can’t tell I’m using a different service.
Another aspect is that I found a “Page Plus Dealer” in the mall by my house that could do the initial porting, sign up, and setup. I wanted this because it was my first time on prepaid service and I wanted to make sure the transition went through without a hitch. I’ll cover the importance of this later in “The Bad” section.

Any Verizon 3G phone will work instantly with Page Plus. This is great because my wife and I already have 3G Verizon phones that we’re happy with. Also, any Non-Verizon CDMA phone can be flashed to work on PagePlus.

Signing up for an account on their website allows you to manage every aspect of your account including AutoPay, renewing for another month, changing plans, and “stacking” months.

The Not-So-Good

No LTE as of yet. I know I said I don’t care about speed at all, but the problem is that Verizon’s LTE phones don’t work “stock”. Flashing is required to get an LTE phone of any CDMA band to work with PagePlus. This is an issue because Verizon is no longer releasing Non-LTE phones to the market, so flashing will take lots of study, effort, and heartache or just money and potential heartache. Along with that, if you decide to flash an LTE phone, many have had issues with being able to only get 1x speeds once flashed over. Getting 3G to work still remains a handful.
It has been noted so far that many Prepaid companies have bad customer service. PagePlus is no exception to this. So far all my dealings with their customer support representatives have been pleasant and helpful for anything I’ve needed to address, but my shortest on-hold-wait-time has been 8 minutes. My longest wait time was approximately 25 minutes. When you do get on the phone with them, there is a lot of noise in the background (other people working hard, scrambling around), but all my questions have been answered in a sufficient way. When doing my research I knew this was the case. I read many reviews on the internet giving them 1 or 2-star ratings because you have to wait on hold every time you call in. I was prepared to make this leap to PagePlus because saving $1440 a year is worth that extra few minutes on hold the few times I need to call in.

Final Thoughts

I wish I could go out and buy a phone like the Nexus 4 and have it unlocked and ready to go with my service. Do I miss it enough to switch to a GSM service? Not quite yet. I’ll play this one out for now, as I am content and enjoying a hassle free experience.

PagePlus is a great service for those who want to leave Verizon because of the pricing and “random charges” to their phone bill, but don’t want to leave the reliability of their network. It may not have the variety of plans/service one can get from going to a GSM prepaid plan, but it allows you to keep the peace of mind if of using their network.

Personal Note:

I am planning on jumping to a Galaxy Nexus or Razr MAXX once my phone dies, and therefore will have to flash, but there is a lot of support popping up at XDA for these phones on Page Plus. It is a growing company and I have a feeling they’ll soon (6 months) be allowed to have access to Verizon’s LTE because of the phone options that are available.

If you have any questions about jumping to this, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Or if you have any experience, good or bad, share it below.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I was on Verizon last year and I loved their network. Their prices were the highest of any wireless service I had, so Page Plus sounds like a great deal.

    • Jake

      Hi i just discovered that pageplus is runned by verizons towers! So i finally ended my contract with verizon to switch to PAGEPLUS … I love it because i get to refill my minutes anytime and anywhere! I love using ! i refill my pageplus minutes using pay pal. I love this website !

  • davehomeless

    what speeds are you seeing on verzion cdma 3g towers

  • LukeT32

    I am also in an area where VZW is the network to have coverage wise. I am still not sold on losing my LTE though. I enjoy streaming Pandora/Google Music all day every day with no hiccups and still able to do other things without waiting. If they gain access to LTE I would probably have no issues switching over.

    • Thomas Biard

      I definitely understand. Luckily I didn’t upgrade to LTE before I left, so I don’t know what I’m missing, however my 3G has never hiccuped my streaming of Pandora/Google. The only time it would buffer on Netflix was when I was in my huge concrete building at work and got terrible reception there, but I know speeds vary with location.

      If PagePlus ever has LTE, I’m def going that route.

      • LukeT32

        Do you use the “high quality” feature also?

    • mike

      i was with verizon and have a galexy stellar 4lte i flashed the phone throug beigh phone great company they flash any phone in under 10 page plus my stellar works perfectly every function so dont worry but use beigh

      • mimi

        I was with verizon when i first bought my samsung note 2 but quickly went to page plus due to the price. But what i didnt realize was i wouldnt receive any updates for my system which really sucks.

      • mike lambert

        Can u give me that info i have a 4g galaxy stellar and would love to have it flashed. Or call 814-207-5429 thanks

    • Ziggy

      I have a verizon samsung s3. I had it flashed to page plus for $39. and everything works, including MMS but it is a little slow sending pictures. I love page plus. I just wish they had a data plan between the 500 MB and 2GB

  • Thomas Biard

    I’m bumping this hoping to get more input, or questions about Page Plus. I feel like this is an option many of the Big-Red-Loyalists don’t know.

    Also, as an update, Page Plus now offers the “69.95″. Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, 5Gb of unthrottled data, $70.

    • Sharon Esterson

      I agree. I had done months of research into PPC. Like you, I decided to take the leap from Verizon Wireless. I have read all of the negative feedback on PPC’s customer service. I have used their live chat 5 times in two weeks and have found them to be very quick to respond and willing to look up the model of your phone and “talk” you through whatever the issue is. They have even been a huge help in suggesting how to save your data. What big carrier does that?

      • Jake

        Hi i just discovered that pageplus is runned by verizons towers! So i finally ended my contract with verizon to switch to PAGEPLUS … I love it because i get to refill my minutes anytime and anywhere! I love using ! i refill my pageplus minutes using pay pal. I love this website !

    • Dennis E

      I prefer the Verizon network for their extensive coverage, but Page Plus prices for Phone Calls. For those people who just want an occasional or emergency phone you don’t need to worry about 3G or LTE, a $45 Palm Pixie will work fine on the $10 minutes or $12/month plan on the road. If you port your number to Google Voice and use Talkatone you can ring this one and your home phone or, for those needing lots of fast data, a Nexus 4 using WiFi or T-mobile’s 100 minutes and unlimited data $30 plan. Horses for courses but two phones for half Verizon’s fee.

  • Joe Kerr

    I’ve been on VZW for a very long time and am finally fed up with the constant increase in pricing of plans. My wife and I are up to what Thomas was paying with 2 smartphones and it’s ridiculous. I was contemplating one of the T-Mobile monthly plans but where my wife works in a mall, Verizon is the ONLY provider that gets service in there, and that’s a big factor for us. If you’re using a smartphone there are so many apps you can use in conjunction with your phone to beef up your experience.

    For anyone doing the streaming thing (Pandora, etc) try and use wifi whenever you can. I do this at home anyways and it doesn’t count towards your monthly data allotment.

    • noclue

      Just got a used verizon ebay motorola drod X, by passed the activation screen so my son could play with it. Today I went to activate the account with pageplus via chat. They helped me to activate the account manually successfully. They were nice and helpful. I was surprised they even know how to help me to activate with page plus even after i had already bypassing the activation screen.
      I brought my 10 dollar-minute pays as you go which will be expired in 3 months, and if I refill before expiration day, the unused minutes will be rolled over. Good for back up phone or low minute -users.
      Very happy!!!!

      • V

        how did you get pass the activation screen??

        • Jared

          Tap the corners of the screen sequentially in a clock-wise direction beginning with the top-left corner.

  • decker

    I have been contemplating “straight talk” for a while.

    • Bill

      Straightalk- not bad if you don’t mind having your account suddenly, and without warning cancelled ! Yep, a constant issue. Not bad if you don’;t mind that Walmart and ST advertise UNLIMITED everything BUT don’t dare use it b/c it’s not.
      I actually had a customer service rep tell me that in order to use the GPS i would HAVE TO TURN IT ON TO GET MY BEARINGS , WRITE DOWN SEVERAL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS AND THEN TURN OFF THE GPS UNTIL I NEEDED IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

      1 word for Walmart and ST — NO

      My rating for them would be (-) yea MINUS 10 !!! Lies, long hold times, unintelligible telephone rep[s the Negative list is endless STAY FAR AWAY form them,,far far away

      • Monkey

        I never had a problem with my GPS on ST…. But my service would randomly drop. For a couple of hours at a time, I couldn’t make or receive a call. Sometimes this happened in the middle of a call. I couldn’t get customer service to understand that it was not “dead zones”. I had been sitting in the same place (at my desk) before, during and after the service interruption. I’m on NET10 now. It’s worse. Most of the time, I’m roaming. Sometimes it says “no service” with full bars showing. Right now it shows full bars, says I’m in service and still won’t connect my calls.

  • Jeffdwisc

    I have a phone on page plus. We do enjoy it so far. The price per month is definitly a plus especially if you are not a high data user. The only issues we have seen are with text messages. These sometimes tend to be delayed or we get duplicate messages. Other than that we could not be happier. It should be noted, that because this is a month to month plan, at the renewal time of the month service will go out for an hour or so. This is generally in the middle of the night so not too much of an issue.

    • Thomas Biard

      Interesting, I have never experienced that. Maybe its because my bed time is at 10! I found that when I was on Verizon the same thing with text messages happened to me from time to time. I think it mostly happened when I was in areas of “extended coverage”. Right now I have only experienced it a couple of times with only a couple of people I’ve texted with.

  • Sony

    I have been with PagePlus for 9 months and love the service and the price. I have never experienced the duplicate or delayed text as another user described. Maybe because I live in the metro Detroit area that I have not experienced duplicate or delayed texts.

    My experience has been good so far. Maybe 3-4 dropped calls in the 9-month period. There can be long waits for customer service when you call them, but if you choose to “chat” with PagePlus instead, the wait time is far less. Getting a good dealer is helpful, like Kitty Wireless. I signed up for autopay and I am now a member of their pin discount club (no more searching for discounted pins).

    Overall the experience has been great. I get to use Verizon’s network, use a smartphone, all for $29.95 a month – 1200 minutes, 3000 text, 250 MB of data! So great, I have convinced 5 friends and family members (former AT&T, MetroPCS, and Consumer Cellular) to come on over to PagePlus.

    • OHS

      I second the “chat” w/customer service comment. It’s much faster and more accurate (especially when having to give/get phone ESN or MEID #s).

      Can’t wait for them to offer 4G… or at least activate Verizon 4G phones.

  • Richard

    Page plus is an incompetent and crooked little company. When I first signed up my phone stopped working after 2 days. They said they made a mistake and restarted my plan which was a 4 month plan. Then my phone stopped working after one month. They said they must have signed me up for the wrong plan but would not fix the problem since the plan they signed me up for had expired. Basically they stole my money and told me to F off. It is not surprising. This company seems to be a poorly run start up with poor hardware, there computers are always “down”, and very poor customer service. I would pony up and go with Verizon directly page plus will screw up your account and yank you around. The wait times for customer service are about 30-45 min usually and there are no stores, keep that in mind. One time there was no customer service for 2 days. They delete bad reviews from there facebook site, like mine, even so it is always full of negative comments.

    • R mack

      Ive had 3 phones with page plus via kitty wireless for 2 yrs….No signifcant issues….

    • maria

      i agree with you. i used to hve verizon but switched to page plus cuz verizon was too expensive. they had to unlock my phone and put the 55.00 plan on my phone but it took them 6 hours to do it. my text messages are delayed and I get duplicate messages incoming but more out going. I pay for unlimited wifi and i cant even fucken watch youtube. complete bullshit!!! I’ll be switching to family mobile through Wal-Mart. they have excellent service.

      • BOB

        Currently using Wal-Mart Family Plan. Looking to switch because of coverage issues.

        • pete

          walmarts provider tends to be the sprint network which if you look at there coverage map theres not alot of coveragewe have to walk outside with any sprint phone providersweve had nearly every provider page plus over 5 years now andfor phone calls the $39 unlimited has been great we dont use the data we ended up useing millicom for wireless we have both the hotspot and a flashdrive style. both on the 20 gb monthly for i think its about $69 a month for the hotspot with the 20gb which my kids watch netflix and they will have two pc’s running watching netflix and the wife will be eating up bandwidth with the farmville on facebook and they work just fine.millincom is on the verizopn network so it tends be good. mind you as with even landline when bandwidth in the neighborhood is being eaten up it can get a slowdown but for $69 a month with the hotspot i can have all four of our familys smart phones online with 20gb to use. And the hotspot is great for traveling its with us when ever we go somewhere it tends to be in the wifes purse most of the time when not being charged. expect the price would really suck for 4 smart phones with a verizon contract. they do have a unlimited data plan which there is really no such thing with any carrier with millicoms unlimited once you hit about 50gb they throttle the speed down but it still works but streaming can be a pain. but also the unlimited is on the sprint network i have no idea why the use a different carrier for the unlimited but sprint reception in our house is horrible and 20gb with the verizon network is great and actually our entire region has poopy reception with sprint so the 20gb verizon hotspot is best for us so for $39 for the regular cell phone unlimited talk and text with 500mb of data roughly and $69 for millencom hotspot i had to find something cheap for wireless internet my kids would max the internet all the time with there video calls and netflix it wasnt working out to well. its as if the smart phones are allways on in some kind of video mode. my kids do alot of video calls with the smart phones.we do have the regular cable line for internet but we stick with the lowest tier for $29 a month and theres been 3 computers running netflix and the wife doing her farmville and someone downloading something and we’ve had no problems. And we get over 20 channels on our tv since they went digital from anaolge for on air tv we even have a weather channel thats out of the city of Richmond here in Va. and Richmond is over a hour drive on the interstate. we get stations from two regiuons Richmond and the southern area of Hampton roads.Anything they want to watch thats not on they hit the internet between the history channel online and discovery and more theres plenty.

      • tastysnack

        you pay for wifi? If you can’t access apps something is up with your phone not the service. I am die hard pageplus here. Went that way two years ago and haven’t looked back. I do wish that they had 4g but I am not a heavy data user. 500 mbs is more than enough for me. I don’t have to check my facebook status at the traffic light… but some do. The family mobile uses t-mobile’s network so be sure that it works good in your area. Which phone did you use during your pageplus dilema?

      • Shawn

        Why would you have to pay to use WiFi? I’m assuming you meant something else.

    • Ricardo

      Check your spelling.

    • luke

      First off there’s no four month plan, a cash pin can be on your account for four months and last that long provided you don’t use it up. Second, Page Plus has been around since pagers were in style, hence the name. Hardly a startup.

  • herby

    Richard must work for Verizon.

    • Mig

      I believe so, because I’ve been with Pageplus for 2yrs and I love it. I was with Verizon, every month there were differant charges on my bill. I finally got fed up and called them,saying I was tried of getting ripped off. Like so many other people we need to know what our bill is going to be each month. Hate Verizon!!

      • lucy

        oh gosh i am totally contemplating moving to page plus. i have an iphone 4s w verizon. they are so expensive and since i will be moving out of state for school i won’t have the luxury of spending over $100/month on my iphone bill. my main concern is would i need to change apn/data settings for MMS etc? i had an unlocked iphone and was on the tmobile network for a couple years but had to alter and play around with my data setting so that way i could receive and send picture messages.

        • mt

          Before leaving Verizon, tell them you want your phone unlocked for international use. Tell them you are not interested in the global (expensive as He..) plan.
          Then after they’ve done that, you can change.
          I accidentally updated to iOs 6.1.3 and it kind of messed me up.
          I love Page Plus. had them a year with no complaints… except maybe I want a hot spot, but maybe I just don’t know how to get it.
          I was on hold with Verizon before for 1 hr 40 min!
          I hated Sprint, too.

          • daffy duck

            What the heck is a HOTSPOT!

      • Jake

        Hi i just discovered that pageplus is runned by verizons towers! So i finally ended my contract with verizon to switch to PAGEPLUS … I love it because i get to refill my minutes anytime and anywhere! I love using ! i refill my pageplus minutes using pay pal. I love this website !

    • Andy

      LoL i was thinking the same thing. 4 month plan ? never seen that.

    • terri

      Yep. Been using pop for four years and no major issues. Ju D’st what can u expect for such low prices. Makes me feel stupid for all the years paying for contracts and such.

  • Robert

    I switched to PP in August I have saved money and had no problems, however
    I went to the store today(dec. 28) and wanted to switch from 29.95 to 12.00. I was told
    they do not sell $12.00 plan. What is up with this? I hope this is not a case
    of being lied to by a retailer.

    • Thomas Biard

      The “store” is not a Page Plus Cellular store, it is only a dealer, and not all dealers supply all the plans. My guess would be that they don’t make money off of the cheaper plans and therefore don’t “stock” them because they want to encourage you to get a nice plan.

      Dealers can basically choose to run their business however they want, so the key is to find a good dealer that knows what they’re talking about. For example, the dealer I started with was in a mall kiosk. They knew exactly how to get me setup and port my number and everything worked out perfectly. I found out that they don’t upcharge for porting or activating new numbers because their main business at that kiosk was buying and selling used phones.

      I only deal directly with Page Plus Cellular on my account on their website and have no hiccups.

      • DEE D.

        I have used page plus for quite awhile with mostly good experiences. However I will NEVER use their official web site to purchase phone time again. I use other sites that accept PayPal. Several months ago I used my debit card at their web site…had some difficulties….finally went through…..less than 2 days later my debit card account was completely cleaned out ( and then some)……some misguided soul bought a pair of $600.00 French shoes and then must have “SKYPED” the whole world to tell about it. My bank finally credited my account, but it took awhile . Both my bank and I believe that PagePlus had a compromised site. Use a site like CALL MART. They welcome PayPal and I haven’t had trouble since. Dee D.

        • Bill



    • Lady4680

      Well you can always pay from your phone, or all the 1-800#

      • Jake

        Hi i just discovered that pageplus is runned by verizons towers! So i finally ended my contract with verizon to switch to PAGEPLUS … I love it because i get to refill my minutes anytime and anywhere! I love using ! i refill my pageplus minutes using pay pal. I love this website !

  • breckdroid

    Thanks for this thread. I was unaware of PagePlus . I’m currently with Verizon so this is an interesting read. I’m content for now, but this could be a viable option for the future.

  • ibap

    Page Plus is one of the prepaids I’ve looked at. Kitty Wireless seems to be the best option in terms of service. I’ve had to call Page Plus directly once, when I mucked something up, and they were entirely helpful. That said – there are enough horror stories, that Kitty is likely the best way to go. offers some discounting depending on how much money you’ve deposited with them, aggregated over the life of your relationship with them. It’s a little complicated, but you can rack up discounts up to12%, though it might take some time for you to get there.

    In Kitty’s forums, the opinion seems to be that 4G will be permitted eventually, but no one knows when. There are still a log of 3G Verizon phones available on ebay.

    • ibap

      Make that a “lot” of 3G Verizon phones on ebay.

    • Thomas Biard

      I chose not to go with Kitty wireless only based on the reason that we had just started with Page Plus and wanted to figure out how it all works for ourselves and then choose later if we want to use Kitty. I am really looking forward to joining one of their members clubs to start saving money in the long run.

      My wife does all her business on her cell phone so we didn’t want to risk anything with service cutting out if a day was missed or count on someone else to solve our problems. We’re a very hands on couple.

      Good point about ebay. We have used Craigslist and actually made money that way. Bought a Droid Incredible 2 for $130, my wife really didn’t like it, so we sold it for $160 2 weeks later. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

  • Leo

    Love it!!!!!

  • Leonardo

    Love it!!


    Hello and thx! A couple of things. I am on Verizon now since 1990 with a HTC Rezound, a 4g phone and a pretty good phone. I have to switch over to PP for now for cost reasons! I live in the mountains, Aspen so coverages are great or OK at times but always improving. How or can I reprogram the Rezound to 3g or should I just purchase a 3g phone and or do you have any phones to suggest. I do like the HTC line up. I thought of going with the Casio Comando? Also what are feelings on and other such software….one better than the other? One phone better than the other? Do I have to use a 3g phone? Your feeling on how long this will last out there. Most appreciated!!

    • Thomas Biard

      Right now, the only phones that will work “stock” are 3G phones. To use your Rezound you’ll have to flash your phone to be 3G only. I know there are companies and websites that can do it for you, or you can go on XDA and find a thread where someone has already flashed theirs. I am wanting to get a Galaxy Nexus because I know plenty of people have used that on Page Plus after being flashed.
      The best 3G phones that you can get right now are probably the Incredible 2 and the Droid X2. I didn’t like the Incredible 2, but if you’re a fan of HTC, then you will probably enjoy it.
      I am yet to tether on Page Plus, so I’m not sure about yet, but I do have it on my phone.

      Regarding the possibility of LTE coming to Page Plus: I am guessing it will be available sometime this year. I think that because CDMA 3G phones have stopped being released, so the only phones available are already in circulation and are pretty old as is. Verizon is basically just making sure they sign up all the LTE contracts first before having LTE available to MVNO’s. Most MVNO’s don’t have LTE available yet because it is still new, but everyone will jump on soon because 3G has become a thing of the past.

      I currently use a Droid X. I bought it on the day it was released 2 1/2 years ago and I still absolutely love it. I am not upgrading until the phone full on dies, in hopes that I may be able to hold out until LTE is available.

  • Denise

    I’m curious if it’s possible to get rid of the apps that came pre-installed on my Droid X2 when I switch to PagePlus? Like all of the VCast stuff and other random things that I’ve never used. Or would those technically still work on the phone even though the provider is different? Would I have to root the phone?

    • Thomas Biard

      To get rid of those apps you need to root the phone. There really is no way around that. The apps may still work, however I have never had any interest in using their bloatware apps.

      I used Titanium Backup to freeze those apps so they disappear but there is less risk of removing something critical to the phone.

  • Mike Bishop

    I am using Page Plus right now typing this post on my iphone 4 3G and to be honest there’s no way in hell I’d ever go back to Verizon’s HIGH rates when I get exactly what I had when I was in contract with them as I do now for honestly half the cost not to mention I can’t even tell a difference after switching exactly the same coverage everything NO COMPLAINTS 100% satisfied with Page Plus!!!!!

    • Thomas Biard

      Exactly how I feel Mike! There is nothing that I can notice while on Page Plus that distinguishes my service between Page Plus and Verizon.

      One feature I do like is that i can text BAL to a number and it will come back with how many minutes, texts, and data i have left, and when the prepaid month ends. These numbers are also online in the account summary.

    • Dawn

      so you can use a Verizon Iphone on page plus?? and use media and apps??

      • Thomas Biard

        Yes to the first question and no to the second question IF they are the verizon apps.

    • DMACH

      I was told that I could not use a iphone4 but sounds like I can. Am I correct?

    • Tom Actis

      Mike, I am considering PP and I was told by a PP rep that they wouldn’t let me use an Iphone. How did you do that? I have access to one and would like to use it.


    Thanks for the feed back out there everyone! I am going to ship my HTC Rezound off to Beige Phone today and have it flashed to 3g, has anyone used them to do this and how was the service and results? Any suggestions of what to do to the phone prior to shipping it? I hear they are the best for doing this. I will post the results of this when I get on Page Plus…..

    • Thomas Biard

      Let us know your experience with Beige Phone afterward. I’ve considered doing the same.

  • Max

    Can you use an I phone ? If not what kind of phones are you guys using ? I need to go to the PP web site after this , to see what phones are selling . Any suggestions , Thanks

    • stephanie

      If you have not seen thieving yet you can check out my for cheaper page plus plans all levels & now they have offers on iphones & various others with page plus ….

  • Iris

    I don’t think you can currently use either an iPhone or a Blackberry. Go to and poke around. They seem to have the best information.

    • Thomas Biard

      You can use them, they just don’t support them. Same goes for any phone they don’t sell. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people using iPhones on Page Plus and they work great…as long as its not the iPhone 5.

  • Michael

    I am a Verizon pre-paid customer and planning to switch to PagePlus or Straight Talk. Has anyone had experience with Straight Talk CDMA? Good, bad, indifferent? I believe with Straight Talk, I’d have to flash a Verizon phone, where I don’t with PagePlus, unless its 4G. Right?

    • Thomas Biard

      I believe Straight Talk does require its own phones unless being flashed. I don’t have any experience with Straight talk because I took my Droid X straight from Verizon.

      Only flashing that needs to happen for Page Plus is if you bring an LTE phone over, or a Sprint/Other CDMA phone. A lot of rumors have been floating about saying Page Plus should get LTE acceptability sometime in early 2013, but no promises yet.

    • Michael N

      I was on verizon family plan paying 1/2 of plan with a friend paying 44 a month for 350 minutes . No texting , no data . My son’s been using PP for years so when I ought a Droid X2 on ebay for 65 . I switched over to PP because the Data plan would have taken me over 70 . Now for $30
      I get 1200 minutes , 3000 text, and 250 mb data . I’m kicking myself for not listening to my son earlier . My 2 customer service calls to set things up wait time was about 20 minutes each .
      Look at their plans and compare — you save almost half .

    • Denise

      Straight Talk only works on AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phones. I am currently using an AT&T iPhone 4 on Straight Talk, have been using the iPhone for about 6 months now and ST for about 2 years. Decent coverage, so-so customer service. Am looking at Page Plus due to the more extensive coverage area, but will probably have a local dealer take care of porting, etc for me.

  • Al Kukla

    OK I have made the switch from Verizon to Page Plus with my 4G LTE HTC Rezound. I paid Beige Phone to handle the flashing and the service for Page Plus.There service was very prompt and EVERYTHING is working like I was still with Verizon! So I highly recomend doing this and saving a whole lot of money in return. If things change I will post it here, but like I said I am very satisfied to date. I was even able to tether with PDAnet. Thank you Beige Phone!!

    • Thomas Biard

      Awesome! Glad to hear it because I have considered using them if I need to flash my next phone. I don’t have the time to sit down and figure out how to flash my own phone. I know I could do it, but having someone do it for me while I do something else productive is more what I can do.

    • daffy duck

      What is FLASHING?
      From an old geezer

      • Thomas Biard

        Flashing is reprogramming a phone. You take whatever service its supposed to use, then you reprogram it to work on a different service. Not all phones can be flashed, and not all phone services will accept a flashed phone from other services.

  • Bobby B

    There’s also a new Verizon MVNO – TalkForGood. They let you bring any phone and use the postpaid network, so coverage should be a little better than PP. TalkForGood has 3G data. No word on when they will support 4G LTE. They have a good pay go model that will save a lot of money as long as you don’t need a lot of data.

  • Ella

    I’m new to all of this since I’ve been with Familymobile (Walmart PP) for the past year. However the T-Mobile Samsung I had has given out I’m now looking for a substute until can afford a more up todate phone. I was with Veriaon over 15 years and got sick of having to look thru bill every month for over charges.

    Since I was with Verizon I still have my blackberry curve 8330 and a 8830 World Edition (no camera) that work. Familymobile does not support these phones and actually gave me Pageplus has a possible option.

    In reading the above about flash I know nothing about and wanted to know with the blackberry’s and if anyone knows if pageplus supports the bb?

    Another question, if so the potential problems and do they have to be unlocked?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, until then my phone resources are limited.

    Again Thanks,

    • Thomas Biard

      Page Plus does not support any phones other than the few they sell on their site. However, this does not mean your BlackBerry won’t work. As long as it is a Verizon phone, the call and text will activate with no problem. I believe the data will work without a hitch, but because I have never tried it, I can’t promise it.

      My biggest suggestion is to find a Page Plus dealer near you and go get started on PP in person. The dealer will help you switch over, get you setup with your new PIN and give you the rundown on how it all works. I did a lot of research before ever switching, just so I could know how it all works. I have a feeling that once you switch from FamilyMobile Prepaid to Page Plus, you probably won’t want to go back.

      Let me/us know if you get it going alright. Good luck!

      • Ella

        Thanks for your help. Mentioned that PagePlus only supported the one’s they sold and that PagePlus could help.

        I’m sorry but I didnt understand what you said about PagePlus not supporting any phones other than the one’s they sale but they could help.

        Sorry for being so confusing.


        • Thomas Biard

          Sorry for the confusion. Supporting a phone, allowing a phone, and a phone working are all different things.

          -Supporting a phone means that they will help you connect your phone if you’re having trouble, or they will offer assistance if something goes wrong between your phone and the way it works with Page Plus. Example of supported phones:
          -Allowing a phone means that they won’t help you if problems arise, but they don’t care if you have that phone on their service. A perfect example would be any feature phone/3G phone (excluding iPhone) that works on Verizon is allowed. Page Plus still doesn’t officially allow iPhones, but it will work on their service. Verizon has no problem with activating a Verizon iPhone on one of their MVNOs.
          -A phone not working on Page Plus means that as it comes “stock”, it will not have the capabilities that you would expect it to have on Verizon. Examples of this are any LTE phones. LTE is not yet supported by Page Plus and therefore because of the difference in technology, the standard programming of an LTE phone won’t get cell, text or data service on Page Plus. However, with the right amount of reading, studying, and nerdiness, one could reprogram an LTE phone to work on Page Plus.

          Hope this helps.

          • Ella

            Have you gotten any replies from Ella regarding the Blackberry / Pageplus dilema in the past half hour? I typed but forgot to fill in name, email, etc and when popped up hadn’t done, when went back everything had typed was gone?

            I was thanking you for the time you took to get back on the blackberry / pageplus ordeal. I dont know if you have a website or maybe this is your website nevertheless for someone like me who knows zelch about technology your priceless.

            Does your technology knowledge go into anything else than phone / network? Ask because of the questions I often have about computers, internet, etc?

            Thanks again,


        • Joey

          I just had my HTC EVO 4G flashed and everything works fine. Only been using for a week but for now no complaints.

          • Thomas Biard

            Are you getting 3G speeds? Where did you get your phone flashed?

      • Dawn H

        Been with PagePlus for 3 years. Over this time, I’ve used 2 Blackberry models, a Palm Pixi, and a Droid Incredible on the $29.95. All are great and got data perfectly. My friend in Florida finally switched over from Verizon and used a DroidX for 8 months and recently put an IPhone 4S on PP and everything works just as it should for her. She is a low user away from home so she has the $12 plan and uses the wifi when at home. An IPhone on a $12 plan…. LOL to all those folks flushing $$ down the drain.

        PagePlus’s own website and chat system always works wonderfully and fast for things like phone number or ESN swaps, takes 5 minutes, I also do payments with them sometimes. It’s instant. And I usually use Kitty Wireless for payments (I’m in one of their discount clubs), they’re also a wealth of knowledge on the site, too. Was just telling another friend last night at dinner about PP….. if you can save $40 a month, that’s a plane ticket to just about anywhere in a year….

      • lynn

        wrong ll the way. I have a droid razr hd that I bought on ebay. it was a Verizon phone and I got Dina 4029571717 to flash my phone to page plus she is on ebay if you do a flash service search. it was 50 bucks. and she is a page plus dealer and after flashing she will set up everything for you. this is a permanent flash,and I have factory reset my phone several times and its still on my phone. her page plus plans are the same cost as anyone elses. and she offers lifetime support and gives you a desktop short cut to her personally and she even gives you her cell phone number. she can flash phone from your computer. just arrange time after you buy and get with her and plug phone into computer she does the rest. Dina rocks!!!!!!!!

  • kelly

    I’m technology challenged in the most severe way. :-) I typically use less than 20 minutes a month and less than 25 msgs. My husband insists that I carry a phone “for safety” but I’m tired of spending $80 a month for an extra weight. I like the look of this and I like Verizon coverage. How do I find a phone that works? Please be specific. My contract with at&t ends this month so I know I’ll need a different phone that works Verizon… Don’t understand it, but knowing is at least a start. The drugstore here in Podunk sells the cards, but I’ll have to order a Sim too. I don’t really need a smartphone which is all they sell online at pageplus. If I end up getting a smartphone do I have to use the data pkgs? I want to buy the 1 yr card for $80 and spend in a year what I’ve been spending a month! If i bought a smartphone Would the internet functions work where there was Wi-Fi?

    • Thomas Biard

      If you hardly use a cell phone, I would go with a feature phone. The reason I say that is because getting a smart phone and still being technologically challenged is a conflict of interests. Basically, you’d spend a couple hundred dollars on a phone, you’d have to learn how to use it relatively proficiently because not knowing how to would severely increase your chances of using a ton of data and either wiping out your phone plan, or causing you to pay more money unexpectedly. If the phone has Wi-Fi capabilities, then you wouldn’t need to pay for mobile data, but again, that is going into learning how to use the phone, connect to different networks that offer free wifi and so on. If your husband has a smartphone and is willing to help you through the learning curve then its not as big of a deal.
      Unfortunately I am not very familiar with feature phone models, and their benefits, but you can either buy a new one from a Verizon store, buy one (with a clean ESN) on Ebay, or go to your local mall and get a decent used one from a cell-phone kiosk. Any feature phone/3G smartphone from Verizon will do the trick. There is no point in paying an additional $80 a month to use your phone a few times a month. For your case, you might want to consider “The 12″ plan from Page Plus. It is $12 a month, but it offers you the minutes, texts, and picture message data availability. Check it out on the list:

      Another option is to just buy one of the cards that has minutes attached to it, and then load your account with a couple extra dollars for your sporadic text messages throughout the month. Either way is a good plan, and always remember, if you don’t like the plan you’re on, you can change in 30 days with no problem.

    • John Q


      If you haven’t done anything yet, you should be able to use your current AT&T phone on AirVoicewireless ( They have pay-as-you-go plans that are as cheap as $ 10 that last 90 days (that’s about $ 40/year) and gives you 400 minutes or 400 texts for the year. They also have $ 10/month plan that gives you 250 minutes or 500 texts.

      Since they run off the AT&T network, you should have very similar coverage to AT&T.

      All the internet stuff should work wherever there is wi-fi. If you want more, they have other plans as well..

      I have not personally used them but I have read good things about them.

      Good Luck!

  • kelly

    Thanks for helping me!!!

  • shane

    was with sprint had crappy service had my galaxy samsung flashed over to page plus now my service even sux worst not good service slow slow slower….than sprint what am i doing wrong

    • Thomas Biard

      Which Galaxy phone are you using? Who flashed your phone? I ask because many people have reported success with said phones. Do you know if Verizon is reliable in your area?

      One possible explanation of slow data speeds could be that when flashing, whoever flashed your phone did the “basic” data flash. Most flashing services only guaranty 1x data speeds when flashing an LTE/Sprint phone to Page Plus. 3G is possible and commonly achieved, but not everyone will flash thoroughly to get 3G.

      • Dawn H

        Shane, it is most likely the person who flashed your phone. the best way to go with PP is with a Verizon phone. There are different levels of reprogramming phones that are not naturally ready to go, and your flasher may have done only the most basic flash. It will not get the full speeds.

  • Ella

    I wanted to thank you again for all the information regarding my bb last week. I’m plaiing on going to a Pageplus Dealer tomorrow and get signed up with the $12 plan that you’d mentioned in another post.

    I have another question sparked by a post of a lady who wan’t tech savy and youd suggestted either using a feature phone unless her husband could teach her (Kelly 2.06.13)

    I’m kind of in the same situation, have been paying for all smartphone featuers but unable to use my benefit. I will look up a few things here and there but because I’m unfamilar with all up to date technology and apps, I always go to my laptop, plus the small screen size on phone. At the sametime in the line of work I do I need access.

    My question is how do I determine if I should go with a simple plan that I can get wi-fi through if posssible with only having call and text and use a tablet like ipad, galaxy, etc. versus smartphone, where everything is “all in one” . One of the features that is as important is a large screen. If I’d dont worry about having the latest and greatest phone would that make having a tablet more appealing?

    I apprecaite all your help and information. I am trying to determine the best way to go since I need to purchase a new phone and do not like contracts and the cost of a good smartphone (suggestiions) can be the cost of tablet.


    • Thomas Biard

      I’ve considered a feature phone, and then getting a wifi-only tablet. I didn’t go this route because:
      1. I already had a smartphone, so buying a feature phone off contract would be more money.
      2. The 29.95 plan from Page Plus includes 250MB of data, which goes a long way if you know how to manage data usage. (I am able to use navigation every time I get in the car, check email when I know i’m waiting on something important. Pull up a youtube video occasionally when I wanna show someone something hilarious…etc all in the same month)
      3. I absolutely couldn’t live without my GPS/navigation during my commute every day telling me traffic updates and rerouting me when needed.

      For me, a tablet with mobile data would be perfect, but they are so expensive. Wifi is perfect when you travel between work (if they have wifi), home (wifi), friends’ houses (wfii) so you don’t have to use that 250mb of data, and can save that when out in the field, or driving.

  • June Tada

    I live in Hawaii. Has anyone experienced the switch from Verizon to Page Plus. What challenges did you have?

    • Thomas Biard

      I believe that many, if not most, people on Page Plus have switched from Verizon so there will be the whole range of answers to your question. However, I find that the people having the most problems switching act first and ask questions later. When switching to a new service, or method of service, the best idea is to do plenty of research on what steps need to be taken. Once you familiarize yourself with the steps, it will seem like a breeze.

      Also, to avoid challenges, or to just have your questions answered by someone in person, go to a local dealer. They know what needs to happen and they’ll help you for your first time.

  • Mary

    I switched from Verizon to Page Plus 9 months ago because of finances. I’m on 29.95 plan. Only problem is running out of data. I can’t seem to set my phone to manually update and sync. It’s stuck on auto update and sync. Any suggestions?

    • Thomas Biard

      It depends what phone you have. I have the 29.95 plan and I haven’t gotten close to running out of my 250mb/mo. Granted I only turn on data when I want it, but I constantly text BAL to 7243 to make sure I am right on track for the month.
      What kind of phone do you have? Maybe I can help that way…

  • Peach

    Has anyone had issues on Page Plus about running out of the included minutes or whatever on their plans? I’m currently on Straight Talk but Page Plus would be cheaper for me and I like that it works off of Verizon towers. When I first started with Straight Talk I didn’t know that some of their phones use AT&T and some use Verizon. I was used to Verizon but sadly the phone I chose used AT&T and the service is terrible in a lot of places.

    • Thomas Biard

      It depends what plan you get. You can get unlimited talk/text/pics plus 200mb of data for $39.95/mo or you can get the $29.95/mo with 1200min/3000text and 250mb of data (which is the plan i have).

      It all depends on the price you’re looking for and what you want out of the plan.

  • Tom

    Okay, new to smart phones but have 2 easy questions.

    If I buy a Brand New HTC Droid Incredible 6300 Verizon Smartphone. Will it work with PagePlus or do I have to get it flashed to work?
    Can I just go to PagePlus website and activate it online?

    I think I read that all Verizon 3G phones will work on PagePlus but I want to make sure.

    I’m not very excited about the phone that PagePlus offers on their website so I’m looking at verizon models that will work on PagePlus.

    • Thomas Biard

      The Droid Incredible will work with no problems on PagePlus. You can port your number and activate it online.

      Enjoy PagePlus and check out this AndroidandMe site for more helpful Android news, tips, and tricks.

  • Justin

    I was just wondering. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. The original one. Its from Verizon and they have screwed us over so much we are done with them. Would i have to take this phone into a store in order to get service on PP or could it be done over the phone? And is there a start up fee?

    • Thomas Biard

      There are a couple ways to do it. You can go to a PagePlus dealer (local or online), or you can just do everything through PagePlus themselves (online or on the phone).
      First step, if you want to keep your original phone number (most people do), is to port your number to PagePlus. You need to provide them with your account info from Verizon so they can go through the porting process.
      Next you need to buy a PagePlus plan pin and activate your account with them.

      If you go to a dealer they will set you up. They charge a little bit to get you set up, but it takes the hassle off of you. Either way you choose to do it, you need to do your research so that you have a smooth transition and that you don’t get angry at PagePlus because its not as “easy” as walking into a Verizon store and having them do everything for you.

      Don’t forget, this isn’t like postpaid contract plans. If you do not renew, or add a new PIN to your account, you will not have cell service when your monthly plan ends. Also, if you go over your allowed minutes/texts/data, you need a balance of money charged to your account to be able to pay for overage minutes/texts/data. If you don’t have a balance on your account, your cell service will be gone.

      • Justin

        OK thank you very much. I just have one more question. The number that i had with Verizon was for a different phone than i want to activate on PP. Would they be able to do that? Or am i going to have to pay the $10 for a new number?

        • Thomas Biard

          Basically you port your number to Page Plus service, and then you activate a phone (using the MEID/ESN) on that account (phone number).

  • Trish Meyer

    I am unfortunately under contract w/ Verizon until the end of the year. However, I’d like to get my mom on a smart phone w/ PP. my iPhone 4S is a wifi hot spot. I would like my mom to have acess to that for a laptop or tablet. If the phone I buy her has that capability, is that feature available through PP? I understand I need to get her a 3G phone, but I’m still a little technologically challenged.

    • Thomas Biard

      Trish, breaking contract with Verizon for yourself and switching to PagePlus will probably save you money even though you probably have to pay the early termination fee (ETF) from Verizon…Just something to consider. I would go into Verizon, give them your phone number and have them tell you how much you’d have to pay on the ETF. For example, if you switch from a $90/month plan on Verizon for 2Gb of data and unlimited talk/text, to the 55 plan on PagePlus, you would save $35/mo. Over the course of the year that will save you $315. If you have 9 months left on your contract, you will probably have to pay $200 ETF. Therefore you save $115 by December.

      Wireless Hotspot for phones uses a lot of its battery, can make your data usage soar if you’re not careful (i.e. browsing the web on a laptop), and can be hard to setup for someone who is a little technologically challenged. I’m not saying its not possible for your mom, but my experience while dealing with my parents and phone technology has been a very very steep learning curve. Also, most 3G Android phones need to be rooted to have the functionality of HotSpot. My suggestion is to do your research specific to the phone you want to get her, and find out how to setup the Wifi Hotspot for her.

  • Jamie

    I currently am a Straight talk user, have been for 3 yrs now. My son is wanting a tablet for his bday. My BFF has a Droid throught PP and he can set his to Wifi and his son can use his tablet from their home by pulling off his dads phone. I am wanting to do the same. Is Verizion better for doing this or will it be the same if i switch to PP?

    • Thomas Biard

      Wireless tether is not a capability of the service you use, it is a capability of the phone. Almost every (if not every) Android phone you could use does have the wireless tethering option. One thing to consider is the data plan that you will be getting if you plan to have a device using data through your phone. It also drains battery life very quickly on the phone that is acting as the hotspot.
      Typically tethering is useful when traveling, or anytime you’re not at home. If you’re at home, I would just suggest getting a wireless router for your home internet connection. Its a one time cost and there is “unlimited” data that you can use rather than taking the precious data from your 2Gb/month plan.

      • Jamie

        well i live litterally out in the sticks and all they offer is dial up!! I got the Nokia E5-00 smartphone thru straight talk(their version of the blackberry) and i really like it…only prob is i cnt get pandora, pintrest and other things that say i need a flash drive. Im going to get me a new, more high tech phone soon but just tryin 2 figure out which i wanna use. Ive had PP b4 but couldn even get on the web..even when i had the new chocolate touch (it was 3 yrs ago tho) so i switched to Straighttalk. Do u suggest in getting a android thru PP or just getting a newer phone thru ST??

        • Thomas Biard

          If you’re new to Android phones, I would suggest getting any 3G Verizon Android phone. Many popular choices are the Motorola Droid X2 (or X), HTC Incredible 2 (or original Inc.), Samsung Galaxy Fascinate. You can buy these used or refurbished online through either Craigslist or Ebay. Some malls have cell phone kiosks/stores that deal used phones, that way you can go try one out and see if you like it.
          Page Plus has a weak offering of devices. I’m not sure about the offering of phones for ST that are CDMA. My suggestion is to do your research on which device is closest to what you’re looking for.

  • OP

    i currently am using a verizon $50 a month phone/plan but in a week i am updating to a prepaid Page Plus , carrier Verizon ; HTC Rhyme phone . Will i be able to keep my verizon number switching over to use Page Plus? and will the WIFI and everything i get on the verizon network be the same? its 3G not 4G.

    • Thomas Biard

      To keep your number from Verizon you need to port it over. This is very easy and either a dealer, or the Page Plus website can help you do it.

      Everything that you can do on the phone now will still work except the Verizon apps (VZ Navigator, My Usage…etc)

  • mattplaybass

    I saw a video on Youtube of a successful flash of Sprint Galaxy Nexus to page plus. When he did a test call, an automated message of his minute balance played before the call connected. Does this occur for all page plus plans or just the pay-as-you go plans?

    • Thomas Biard

      I have never had it do this before a call. Neither my wife nor I have had this experience on 3 different phones.

      I think it has to do with the number he called. There is a number you can text and it will give you all your account info, including data remaining. This is one of the best abilities in my opinion. You can monitor your account by text, call, or online. Page Plus makes it really easy to not run out of anything, or at least to know when you’re going to run out.

      • Craig Polhemus

        The announcement of balance and replenishment date on Page Plus pay-as-you-go plans can be turned off by customer service.

        As others have said, the Chat function for customer support is much quicker than calling them.

  • Traci

    Hey guys I am actually a Page Plus dealer in North Carolina. I have been a dealer for about 3 years now. If you guys have any questions about anything you can call my store number at 828-837-4744 or message me on Facebook. My store name is Cell Plus. I can also do a lot of the stuff you guys are talking about over the phone such as porting your number over to iur company and helping you get activated. You can also make you payments with us over the phone or through automatic withdrawal. I can also flash most 4G phones to Page Plus you would just have to ship them to me and then I would flash and ship them back. And like I said I would be glad to answer anyone’s questions :)

    • Thomas Biard

      Traci, you seem like a good candidate to hang around here at AndroidandMe and be part of the community. Create an account, stay a while haha. I bet you’d have a lot to offer in the Threads section of this site.

      Just sayin’

      (btw, I don’t work for the site, I just enjoy useful comments and new perspectives)

  • char

    I’m looking at Motorola Droid 3 to use on PP. Just double-checking – that should work, right? Haven’t seen much said about the phone on PP.

    By the way, Howard Forums has a forum specifically for PPC (Page Plus Cellular) and has lots of useful info.

    • Thomas Biard

      Yeah I stay up to date on the howardforums info for Page Plus. The Droid 3 should work just fine. The only thing that would hold it back would be LTE, but since its not LTE, then you’re fine.

  • Juan

    Can anyone help me activate my Droid Razzr Maxx because I took it to a service center and they couldn’t activate it.

    • Thomas Biard

      Have you had it flashed to Page Plus? A stock Razr Maxx won’t work on Page Plus without flashing.

  • Mark


  • Carol Jean

    I’m already a Page Plus customer for a year now and love it. I bought the Kyocera M2000 which has been giving me fits for months, so I purchased a LG VN250 refurb online and want to keep my phone number. How do I get this activated? I know it’s allowed but I don’t think it’s supported. Please advise. Thanks

    • Thomas Biard

      You just contact Page Plus customer service and have them activate your new phone. They’ll ask for the MEID/ESN of the phone and then in an instant your phone will be the phone attached with your account. Super easy

  • Jenneshe

    I ported my phone number over to Page Plus a few months ago. So far I have been very satisfied with the cell service. I have not noticed any change in reception or data steaming. Also if you do have to contact customer service I highly recommend the online chat feature in their website. Saves a lot of time! I am so happy to be saving $40 a month since I will probably need that to pay for gas now :-)

  • RottenRotti

    My new Verizon Motorola DroidX is working almost great on Page Plus. I am having a problem with downloads completing. Once I click install, it says app is downloading but it never completes. Any ideas?

    • Thomas Biard

      If it is downloading fine, but not installing, that is not a problem with Page Plus and is actually a problem with the phone. Sometimes they’ll say installing and never say its done, but the new app does show up in the app drawer.

      Try downloading something that doesn’t install like a picture or an MP3. If you can see/hear it fine, then Page Plus is working fine, and your phone has a problem.

  • Marnie

    You might want to consider Solavei! We were looking for better rates and found $49 unlimited text, talk and data on T-Mobile 4G network BUT it is also a business opportunity where you share with your friends and every 3 makes your bill drop by $20 a month…unlimited which means you could get paid to use your phone!! No contract, and you can bring your own GSM phone!
    We love it and have GREAT coverage!

    Check it out.

    Let me know what you like about it!

    • Thomas Biard

      I (and many people around this site) am familiar with Solvaei. As I said in the original post, GSM networks, especially TMo, aren’t reliable where I live and work. I would be more than happy to switch over if the reliability was there, but unfortunately it is not.

  • Sheik

    I was so happy to switch to page plus after hearing so much good about the services, I went to a store dealer and they also had used phones o_O I know, a big no no, but I was in a crunch and needed a phone quick so I purchased the phone and had the dealer set me up on pp, well turned out that I didn’t get good signal in my area so I decided to take the phone and get on a prepaid plan through the phone’s carrier, here is where the trouble came, turns out i had a stollen phone : ( needless to say I was very unhappy I really wanted pp to work I was experiencing very slow Internet and couldn’t send pics and could not get signal where I needed it most I contributed this to the flashing that was done to the phone. However in all this I’m glad that it worked out this way bcuz I by no means wanted to be walking around with a stollen phone. I would just say plz be aware of what you are buying and do your research, this was a great post and other than my personal experience, I have no bad things to say about the pp service itself. If I do consider it again it would not be with that dealer and I would not get the phone flashed.

  • Barbara

    can an Iphone be connected to page plus? Thanks

    • Ross_

      I recently found out that you can but it would have to be flashed to page plus

      • Thomas Biard

        If it is a Verizon Iphone 4 or 4S it can be used on PagePlus without any modifications. IPhone 5 is a different story.

  • Ross_

    Can a sprint iphone 4 be connected to page plays? If so will talk text mms and 3G work fine? And also can a sprint iPhone 4S be connected to page plus and will talk text 3G and mms work fine? Please reply!!

    • Thomas Biard

      This is an Android site and Android forum. Please read all my responses above and it will clearly address your question.

  • Domski

    I just want to confirm that Verizon iPhone 4 works with Page Plus. My daughter who is on $12/month plan has been using it for a while now. We switched the data completely off and she uses wifi only for data since the $12 plan comes with 25 MB of data only. Calling and texting works without any hiccups.

  • Angie

    I bought a used Iphone 4 or 4s (can’t remember) from someone on FB locally. Her contract ended and she couldn’t afford the phone. I’m with straighttalk right now. I want to put my number on to the iphone. Is it going to cause a problem with the iphone having been someone else? I know someone locally that has had an iphone with pp for at least a year and hasn’t had any problems with it.

    • Thomas Biard

      This is an Android site with new news for the Android OS and its carriers. All the answers regarding Page Plus are answered above. Please read all responses before asking repeat questions.

  • Lori

    Have used PP for a year now using a Palm Pixie first and now a HTC Incredible 2. I live in a rural area & my home is located in a “dead zone” where only the Verizon tower works. PP has been great for me. I only wish more people would take my advice and save money with great service. Ebay and Amazon are great sources for new and used Verizon ready phones perfect for PP SERVICE. I would not recommend the phones PP offers for sale. Data usage is always minimal for me with so many WiFi available spots wherever I go. Go PP you won’t regret it plus you will save money over all other carriers. I am a heavy phone user too.

  • befirst2fit

    I switched to PP from Sprint …PP has great coverage at low cost.. Convinced more then 20 of my friends and family members to switch to PP never heard anyone complaining:) Personly activated Razr Maxx on PP everything works accept 4G .. There is a lot of possibility with phones options if u research it.

  • citychik

    Hello there, Thomas. I enjoyed your article. I hope you don’t mind a long-ish comment, but I am hoping for some recommendations for my situation.

    I have never had a smartphone because I never thought it necessary. When I first started using cell phones, I hardly ever made calls because I also had my landline, and I rarely sent texts. It was more for emergencies or coordinating meeting up with people. Sometimes I even left the phone at home when I went out. I didn’t need to get on the internet or listen to music on my phone and I could wait to get home to read my emails. So, I was one of those people, although I never was a technophobe. I have reinstalled the OS on my desktop at home, and am rarely intimidated by any kind of software, although some annoy me more than others. I just like to satisfy my basic needs and am not interested in bells and whistles that will mostly go unused. I liked flip phones and still do. But smartphones, such big bulky things… eh, I would rather my phone be as small and thin as possible, as I am not the type to sit and watch a whole movie on a phone. Just wasn’t interested.

    I had a contract plan for 3-G cell service through AT&T and was happy with my little Nokia flip phone. I had a basic plan that had continued long after the contract expired, so had a good deal for many years – 600 minutes of talk for $34.99 with rollover, 200 texts for an extra $5, and data was 25 cents per MB over a certain amount, if I remember correctly. Even though it wasn’t a smartphone, I could get the internet and used it occasionally to login to gmail (I never wanted push email) or get directions, check websites and Facebook (ugh), etc. I didn’t mind the extra charges for internet because my usage was low. I didn’t want to signup for a data plan for an extra $20/mo.

    But things change. My husband left me almost three years ago while I was unemployed, at a time when the job market was its worst. I couldn’t find work had very little savings. I had to let go of my cable service, landline, and eventually my cell service. II couldn’t afford any of that! I live in NYC (Manhattan) and nearly lost my apartment. I almost became homeless. I needed cell phone service to be able to get a job, so I signed up for Safelink, which is subsidized by the government for low-income people, and the service is provided by Tracfone. My phone uses T-Mobile’s network (which I think is actually Sprint?).

    The phone provided to me by Safelink is a basic phone – the Samsung S125. They don’t allow you to use your own phone. I can make and receive calls, and texts, but have no internet, no camera. It’s definitely not 3-G and the sound quality is terrible. I cannot begin to describe how terrible it sounds, for both myself and the people I call! Terrible, awful, tinny, with little drops out of the sound. But it’s free and I am grateful to have it. Cell service in my apartment has always been better near the windows than deeper inside. That was true of AT&T and still true with Safelink/Tracfone. The Safelink service gives me 250 free minutes per month. Every text counts as one minute. I try to do most of my texting through Google Voice, but I usually wind up having to buy additional Airtime. $9.99 ($11.05 with tax) adds 100 minutes on, but still I have to be so careful at the end of the month. Once in a while, when I had a little extra cash, I would spend $20 and add on 200 minutes. My sister feels that is really expensive, even with the free 250 minutes I get. My friends and relatives find it frustrating that I can’t really call and gab anymore.
    Eventually I found a job and am now getting back on my feet. I was able to hold onto my apartment in a great and safe neighborhood, but it will be a long time before I can afford cable again or much else besides rent and food. I am thinking about my phone service, though, because my Safelink phone is so-o-o bad and their customer service downright sucks. But now that I am dating again, my pattern of usage has shifted from calling to mostly texting, especially if the guy is a bit younger than I. Everyone is texting instead of calling people these days, but I do stilI want good sound quality, and as many texts as I can afford, and a camera and internet, for as cheaply as I can find it. While things are better, I still need to budget myself carefully!

    One good thing that came out of Safelink/Tracfone, besides it having been truly a lifeline that helped me get this job, was learning that maybe I don’t want a contract plan anymore. I like not having to worry about due dates every month, and the idea of adding minutes to my account according to what I can, when I can. So, I started investigating and came across PagePlus. I found your article because I wanted to locate reviews about it. Problem is there is no interface on the Safelink/Tracfone site for me to see my exact usage. I am thinking of the $50/1000 minute plan, or maybe the $80/2000. I like that I am not obligated to refill my airtime more often than every 120 days, and I understand it charges me 50 cents per month in addition to airtime fees, but am a little confused as to how it works otherwise. It looks like, on the $50 plan, calls and texts are 5 cents/per message, which I guess gets deducted from the 1000 minutes, but how? And data is 99 cents per MB, but how is that deducted? Or is it extra? And I could find no mention on their site about being able to dial 911 for free.

    The other decision I would need to make is whether to get one of their phones or find one onmy own, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to research all this stuff. I know that a lot of people are happy with Android phones. I don’t know what a CDMA, LTE, MVNO, or GSM is. But if you could answer my above questions about PagePlus, I would appreciate it!

    • citychik

      Just want to add that I could go to Assurance Wireless, as I still qualify for subsidized service. They offer 250 free minutes of talk and 250 free texts per month, twice as much as Safelink – but it is on Sprint’s network which has a notoriously bad reputation for service here in the city. I may still switch, but only if I can’t find an affordable, quality service. I like that PagePlus is on Verizon’s network as it always gets reviewed as teh best here in very congested NYC.

    • Thomas Biard

      My response may not be answering your questions in order, but I’ll try to address them all. First, let me touch on how Page Plus (PP) charges you a rate per usage/overage. When you start a plan with Page Plus $2 is automatically added to your account. There are 2 parts that make up an account with PP. One part is your plan (i.e. $50/1000min) and the other is your credited money. When you buy a PP plan you get a PIN and that will add a month or minutes to your plan depending on what you buy. The second part to a PP account is the balance you keep attached to the account. So if you buy a $50 pin, you can also add $10 to your account balance. This will keep $10 ready to use for overages or texts/data you use that aren’t part of the plan you purchased.

      On a side note, there are no conversions from minutes to texts, or minutes to data. What I mean by that is if you have 1000 minutes, you get to use 1000 minutes to call people. If you want to text, it will remove money from your balance. If you get a picture message, it will remove money from your balance for the data the picture took to download it.

      Certain PP dealers (like Kitty Wireless) help you manage your PP account. They can automatically refill your balance if it gets below a certain level (that you set), or you can have them buy another $50 pin for 1000 minutes and add it to your account once your minutes drop below a certain level (that you set).

      911 Service: It is the rule by the FCC that a cell service MUST allow 911 calls whether or not a phone (person) is a subscriber. So feel safe about that.

      If you are considering PP, whatever phone you get should either be from Page Plus themselves, or from Verizon (but not a 4G LTE phone). Not to confuse you, but CDMA is the type of network Page Plus/Verizon use, so if it work on Verizon it will work with PP and that is really all you need to worry about for choosing a phone. If you buy a phone from PP, they will help you with any troubleshooting. If you bring your own phone (i.e. Craigslist), you will not get support from PP. The benefit of bringing your own phone is you have more options.

      If you decided to get an Android phone, but aren’t getting a plan from PP with data allowance, do the research to find out how to turn your data on/off at the phone. If you don’t know how to do this, you’ll burn through data and spend a lot of money without realizing it. Most phones have forums dedicated to them where you can learn just about anything you want from them. You can learn the basics of using that android phone all the way up to very detailed ways to reprogram it and customized it beyond factory settings.

      Hopefully this was helpful. Thanks for joining the community here. I hope the forums and articles here help you as you learn about Android. And just so you know, I don’t work for this site, or Page Plus or Kitty wireless, I’m just speaking from experience as a user. I just spent a lot of time doing the research a year ago so I could know what to do when switching, and who offers what. Good luck

      • citychik

        Thanks for so patiently and clearly explaining all that for me! Big help… much appreciated.

      • citychik

        Oh, I do have another question…

        I had never heard of Kitty Wireless before reading your article and a few others I’d found. What is the advantage of using them over just managing your account through the PagePlus website? Thanks!

        • citychik


        • Pat W

          The advantage of using them over Page Plus directly is they are very good and quick with customer service, They are the premier Page Plus Dealer. After reading about it, I went with Page Plus Through Kitty Wireless having left Straight Talk and NET10 because my phones kept being shut off. on their “Why Kitty Wireless page” they state many reasons why, including my favorite.

          A Kitty Exclusive: “We will handle your prepaid line for you. NO RISK to you. If something goes wrong with your billing situation, we fix it. No extra cost. And you won’t have to argue with us to get it fixed. Just part of doing business with us.”
          My inbox is filled with post to and from straight talk & Net10 trying to get my phones turned back on, since I switched to Kitty Wireless I have had no problems.
          and having read about their customer service, I’d rather have kitty handle any problems then me fighting to get my phones turned back on, etc.
          Here is their “Why Kitty Page

          • citychik

            Thanks, Pat, for your informative response!

  • systemBuilder

    I went through 2x of the RAZR MAXX HD models over xmas. The 802.11 tuner just didn’t work on these phones. MY bitrate would go from 1 Mbps to 18 Mbps (max) on a 54 Mbps access point. I am talking 18 Mbps when I held the phone 4 inches away from the 802.11 antennae. And then, it stopped working in the living room, 25 feet and 2 walls from our study where the access point is located. My RAZR MAXX HD could only see 3 APs at most, whereas my laptops always saw 7 or 8 APs. My wife’s iPhone 4S works everywhere in my house. I gave up on the RAZR MAXX HD and got an iPhone 5, because a poor 802.11 radio makes for a poor smartphone. Beware!

    • Thomas Biard

      I think you may have the wrong thread. I’m not quite sure where this is supposed to be posted.

  • paz

    citychik, This forum is aimed at android phone users that use a monthly plan which includes a monthly data allocation. From your comments it appears that you are talking about the $50 standard plan for basic phones. There is a monthly $.50 maintenance fee so you will get $48 worth of calls over the 120 day period.

    • citychik

      Hi Paz, Thanks for the clarification.

      Yes, it would seem that the Talk n Text 1200 Plan (1,200 Minutes, 3,000 Text/Picture* Messages, 250 MB Data) for $29.95/mo. is a really great deal. I am just hesitant to commit to that because my finances are still so shaky that I am not even sure I can be able to pay $30 every month.

      I wonder if it would be better to signup for The 12 (250 Minutes, 250 Text/Picture* Messages, 10 MB Data) and just be obligated for the $12/mo. and add more money for overages whenever I can. But, it seems that the Standard Plan of $50/1000 is actually equal in cost to The 12, except that (I assume) the minutes or texts or MB are not portioned and can be used in whatever amounts I need them during the course of the 120 days, with the added plus of not having a monthly deadline to worry about. Hmmm.

      It is hard to know my usage since I can’t get a report from my current crappy but free provider.

  • Andrew

    I currently have Metro PCS (which I love but I’ve moved to an area where the coverage isn’t very good)

    I have a couple of questions about PP. Can I port my phone number from Metro to PP? (or do they port just from Verizon)

    I’m used to paying $40/month flat fee. No taxes or fees. $40 or $40. On the PP $29.95 plan, are taxes/fees added on top of that?

    OK, three questions. I think I can, but just making sure. My sis gave me her older droid A855 Verizon phone. The ESN number checks out. Will this phone work with PP?

    • Andrew

      oops, I meant $40 IS $40 (not “or”)

    • Thomas Biard

      Yes, you can port your number.
      No, there are no additional fees. I use the $29.95 and my wife uses the $55, and the total we pay is $84.95 each month.
      Yes, the OG Droid will work.


      • Andrew

        Thanks! Just curious, what does the “OG” stand for in “OG Droid”?

        • Thomas Biard

          Original. Just meant “the original droid” because they were only called the Motorola Droid….and then later there was a Droid 2, 3, 4, X, X2, Incredible…etc.

    • BlastGT1

      You can definitely port your number from MetroPCS, I just did it about a month ago. I got sick of 1x data speeds, and didn’t like the dual core 4G phones they had in a price range I was willing to pay. So I picked up a Motorola Droid X2 for $93 on Amazon in decent condition with a clean ESN, and they had my number ported in 1 day, in spite of MetroPCS CS reps giving me the wrong number for my account PIN, which delayed porting.

      Activation was easy, and I signed up for the 55 plan, downloaded My Data Manager app from Google Play, and have found that with my data usage habits (probably learned from dial-up Metro speeds) that I can get by just fine on the $29.95 plan with 250MB of data, as I’m right up to the end of my first month and have used less than 150MB, including using data at times I couldn’t with Metro because data was so slow.

      Kitty looks like the best dealer option, and I got mine done with a free number port as well as a 10% discount on the first month’s bill. Oh, and for those who asked, in case nobody answered, the plan prices are all-inclusive, so the price they list is the price you pay, period. It’s all rolled in, which was important to me, being used to that with Metro as well.

      If you have any doubts about Page Plus service, cast them aside and sign up. I can’t tell you how much I wished I’d done it sooner!

  • JF

    This is a great thread. I am currently on ATT with a BB curve. The phone is dying and I although I have a pretty good plan, I am thinking of changing to PPC as it will save a bit. I have an exchange email at work and a personal email account. Emails from both accounts just show up on my phone without having to log into webmail. will this work with PPC? what does it take to set it up? Also I like the curve keyboard for typing and I do type longer email responses. any phone suggestions. thanks.

    • Thomas Biard

      Sorry I don’t have any information regarding Blackberry Exchange working with Page Plus. Most of the knowledge on this thread/forum is Android related. However if the Blackberry is coming from ATT, it won’t work on Page Plus

      Regarding phone suggestions for Page Plus,, it is very common now for people to get an LTE phone and flash it to PP. This is because 3G-only phones have not been sold new in a while, and the current ones on the market are quite old and relatively slow.

      • JF

        Thanks for the reply. I realize I need to change phones to go with Page Plus. My work email is not on BB exchange, its our hosting service’s exchange. From the thread it sounded like you have specifically log in to one’s email via webmail from one’s page plus phone to get one’s email rather than having the email come directly to the phone. Is that the case, or does email just arrive on the phone without having to log into the email server each time you want to check for email?

        what cdma phones have a keyboard that is good for typing longer emails.

        • Thomas Biard

          You don’t need to sign in to your company’s site every time. Basically on the phone you add an email account and set it up in the settings of the phone. Page Plus service does not effect which kind of setup you have, it is dependent on the email host/client. There are many tutorials online on how to input the correct settings to allow ‘Push’ email to work on any phone you get.

          Regarding phones with physical keyboards, I don’t think one with a physical keyboard helps type longer emails than one without. The reason is that programs like Swype help you type much quicker than punching the buttons. But if you do really want one with a physical keyboard (I’m not judging you, its just not my cup of tea), the Droid 2 or Droid 3, or the Samsung Stratosphere. Those are my suggestions to you. I Think the Stratosphere is the newest, but I may be wrong.

  • Skalley

    Tons of great info here in the original post & the responses.

    I’m thinking about switching to the $29.99 plan from VZW, but there are a few things that I am not clear on.

    1. When adding extra money/credit to the phone, do you buy one of the pay as you go cards, say $10, and add that to the card so that I can buy an app or use extra MB of data if needed? Or are there really three types of cards (monthly / pay-as-you-go / extra cash)? And does it have to be added all at once or can you move it over chunks at a time? Like if I buy a $100 card, can I move over $20 here and $15 there to cover the difference when I have overages that aren’t included on the plan?

    2. What about roaming? The PP site says “You are “roaming” whenever you make or receive a call using a transmission site outside your ****home coverage area****, or using another company’s transmission site. “. This makes me think that each plan has a certain geographical area tied to it, and if you travel outside of it you will be roaming. I really don’t leave the state I am in that often, maybe 10-15 days per year, so if that is the case I would be able to deal, just curious how it works.

    3. I assume that once I use up the data on the plan, and if I don’t have a reserve tied to the account, that the data just won’t work but my minutes and texting will until I use them up as well? Or do calls and texts also use data also?

    4. Has anyone come across any unexpected costs? I guess I’m thinking of the possible roaming? Looks like there is a monthly service fee of 50 cents?

    • Thomas Biard

      1. They have the ‘pay as you go’ cards that can be used for ‘pay as you go’ service, or just adding cash balance to your account. These cards come in $10, 25, 50, 80 amounts. The cash balance is used for roaming or overages of minutes, texts, or data. Each card you buy can only be applied to one account. So if you have 2 accounts, you have to buy 2 $50 cards instead of 1 $100 card.

      2.The plans don’t have different coverage areas. Page Plus has the ‘home coverage area’, and anything outside of that is roaming. Their coverage map shows what areas you’d be roaming in.

      3. I have never allowed myself to run out of data. I got within 6mb last month and thought that was close enough. If you use it all, my assumption would be that only the data runs out, not talk and texts also, but again, that is just an assumption. I always text ‘Bal’ to 7243 to see how much i have left.

      4. I haven’t experienced any unexpected costs because when you buy a plan like the 29.95, you only pay 29.95. I have never added a cash balance to my account to use as ‘backup’, so it couldn’t have had any hidden fees. That is the beauty of Prepaid, what you see is what you pay. If you go over, you pay, but that’s your fault. My suggestion is to be aware of your usage and monitor it. You can monitor either by texting ‘bal’ or by signing onto their website and checking that way. I check a couple times a week, or after heavy usage. Luckily for me I have never come close to using my minutes or texts.

    • So glad I found PP

      As far as #3, from everything I have seen if you are on a monthly plan such as the 12, if you run out of one item such as data, the other 2 will continue to still work.

      And as far as roaming, even though the map shows roaming areas, I have been in roaming at least 5 times, the phone reflected I was in roaming, I had cash on my account to pay for roaming, but I was not charged for roaming or even prompted to reenter the number being dialed (the indicator that you are going to be charged for roaming). I have had cash on my account just in case it does change and charge me for it, but so far so good. So maybe others have been lucky in this regard too.

    • Jonathan (New Hampshire)

      Its as simple as it seems. All of the components operate independently of eachother (Talk/Text/Web) When you run-out of one, the others continue to work. When that happens and you are on a monthly plan, continuing to use that component will start to erode any cash balance in your account. If it will be quite some time before renewing your monthly plan you can call and re-up your monthly plan early or upgrage to a more generous plan. I have found this to be the less expensive way as the per minute and per text charge tends to add-up quickly.

      I’ve been with PP for 4+ years and have no complaints!

  • Steve

    Looking at their website there is a lot of roaming charges mentioned. It reminded me of Bell Atlantic 20 years ago. Are people getting hit with much roaming?

    • So glad I found PP

      Hi Steve. As I noted above, I have been in roaming multiple times, the phone reflected I was in roaming, I had cash on my account to pay for roaming, but I was not charged for roaming or even prompted to reenter the number being dialed (the indicator that you are going to be charged for roaming).

      So I have been pleasantly surprised that I have not been hit with roaming (and truthfully I didn’t have to make the calls when I was in the roaming area, I just wanted to test it each time until I actually get charged for it). My cash-on-hand is there for just in case it does change and charge me for it, but so far so good. Not sure if others have experienced this or not.

  • So glad I found PP

    Hi Thomas. This is a great post. Looks like we went thru many of the same steps last year. Your description closely mirrors my own. I have been totally happy with Page Plus and am a Kitty Wireless customer too. Since so few people in my area know about Page Plus, I put together a website that detailed my research and eventual switch to Page Plus with the hopes of helping more people make the switch away from a contract phone and saving money on their cell phone service. If anyone has questions, feel free to check out my website at:

  • Kayla Cole

    Okay, after reading I have to add my current situation. I am in a pickle as well. Living in Foley Al, page plus (on vzw network) is the best. I have to start by saying that I had Verizon for 2 years an LOVED the service, plans, and customer service… Just not the prices. So after my first contract ended I figured I’d try Sprint. BIG MISTAKE!!! I freaking hate sprint. I don’t get any service worth a crap and Rome half the time from just  walking inside a store like walmart. And 4G? Forget about it. I have the Galaxy Note 2, and considering all this phones capabilities, it’s really upsetting that I can not use it to its full potential.
    Recently I’ve discovered page plus and I’m sold. I can have my phone flashed, keep my number, and have better service on more towers than with sprint. Actually I’ll be flashing it Monday. Let’s just say I’d rather pay the $350 to end my contract with sprint than continue to use this crap they call service. I live 10 mins from town and drop calls in 2 sections before I get home. It takes over 15 mins to download one single song. And I don’t get even 3G unless I’m in a high service area. Which is definitely not my house. So yes I’d go with page plus, if your having a tough time deciding, check out there website at page and look at the coverage maps.

    • Lauren

      were you able to get ur galaxy note 2 working well with page plus?

  • Brad Albert

    After doing some research on my own, I made the switch from Verizon to Pageplus via These folks ported my phone numbers and activated my phones for free in a few hours. They also manage my monthly charges automatically so no hassle for me.
    Look over the information on their website ( there is a lot of good information there) and decide for yourself.
    I have seen no difference in the past week on Pageplus compared to the 8 years on Verizon. The biggest and only difference is what cell service costs me now. So far so good, I am a very happy customer !!

  • Jonathan (New Hampshire)

    I spent 10+ years having my pockets drained by Verizon, US Cellular, Nextel/Sprint (Never AT&T cuz their coverage was always limited to major cities). After a huge blow-out with US Cellular I decided to give prepaid a try. The major attraction was none of the “extra” profits masquerading as extended 911 and this-and-that which resulted in my $60/mo plan costing me $80+.

    I stumbled across a Boost Mobile store selling cheap phones and the dealer couldn’t stop ranting and raving about Page Plus. I bought a Motorola Q and gave it a whirl. I am now 4 years deep with Page Plus and estimate my savings to be over $2,400!

    I always have exceptional coverage even when others don’t and am paying as much as $100/mo less than many others. People are always asking me who I am with and I always get a “Who” response when I reply.

    My only complaint is the occasional hold time when calling customer service but then again I almost never have a reason to call them because I never have a problem. FYI like anywhere else there are peak call hours but if you avoid them you can get right through; I have more than once.

    The way I see it I can afford a lot of hold time with my $2,400! I suspect part of the problem is more and more people are making this discovery and Page Plus is experiencing growing pains. If you are a phone ‘geek’ willing to stand in line 3 days waiting for the next Iphone release Page Plus ain’t for you, but if you are like me and are happy with a 3G smartphone thats 1yr old make the switch. You and your wallet won’t be disappointed!

  • Angie

    What is flashing?

    • Thomas Biard

      In the most basic sense, flashing a phone is reprogramming it to work on a certain set of cell towers. Sprint and Verizon both work using CDMA towers, however they have different radios that connect with these towers, so flashing is manually adding a set of radios that the phone uses to communicate with a certain service.

  • Lauren

    I have used the Samsung Galaxy Fascinate on the pageplus cellular network for about 9 months now and have been very pleased with the service. I am wanting to upgrade the phone and keep the same ppc service. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and went to the local PPC dealer and was told that they could not activate it where it would work on 3G. THey said something about having to flash it and it would still only get 1G. Obviously that is not worth the money I paid for the phone if i am not able to enjoy all the features! So I am asking for any suggestions, other than the iPhone 4. I would like to stick with the Samsung or have recently read about the Nexus 4 from Google. Does anyone know if the Galaxy S3 work on the 3G network with ppc or the nexus 4?

    • Thomas Biard

      First of all, only 3G-ONLY phones can work on Page Plus. Anything with LTE will not work. If you have the Galaxy Note 2, check craigslist for dealers that can flash it. There are a lot of people with these phones working on 3G. Check Howard Forums for information about a guy that is doing loads of these at a time remotely. A flash like this should cost around $45 or $50.

      The Nexus 4 is only a GSM phone so it will not work on Page Plus. Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 all need to flash.

      • Thomas Biard

        When i say will not work, I mean will not work without flashing. My first post says it all.

  • Yuriy

    Pageplus has the worst customer service I’ve experienced in my entire life.
    And I grew up in communist Russia.

    These guys are the worst!

    I think they’re hiring the dumbest laziest mentally challenged Mexicans they can find and put them on 12 hour shifts doing phone and web support at the same time.

  • stevieb

    Does anybody know what the heck is going on with pageplus website? Can’t refill on login to chat?

    • Thomas Biard

      Try again. I’m having no problems now.

  • citychik

    I am still looking into Page Plus,. I am wondering what phone to get. I like the idea of getting an Android, but I know nothing about them. I’ve never owned a smartphone. In addition, I miss the smaller phones they used to make – the smaller, the better! I have no interest in watching movies on my phone, as I would only use the screen for looking at emails and visiting a website every now & then. What phones would you recommend that are smaller in size?

    • Thomas Biard

      Look for an HTC Droid Incredible. They’ll be used, but you could probably still find a couple that are in good shape. It will cost the least, the phones are older so they don’t have the newest hardware, but are quite sufficient for reading emails and the occasional webpages. If you get a smartphone, learn how to toggle the data off on the phone so you don’t accrue charges that you aren’t aware of.
      It will take some research on your part to learn how to navigate through the settings on an Android, but if you want that capability without having to pay for the more expensive service, you will def have to learn.

      • citychik

        Hi again and thanks for the recommendation – I am now ready to get serious about signing up for Page Plus, so I’m looking at phones now. I found an HTC Incredible 2 online for $90 – is that a good deal (seems like it, to me). Any other phones you think might be good for me, based on what I said in the post you responded to? I also want a phone with good battery life – I would hate having to recharge it every day!

        • Thomas Biard

          When it comes to smartphones, recharging every day is almost guaranteed. If you don’t use data or wifi very often you may be able to stretch to 2 days, but if you like checking facebook/twitter/email/candycrush, you’ll be recharging every day most likely.

          Go with a Droid X, Droid X2, Droid Incredible, Incredible 2. Those are my suggestions.

    • Cecil Gabriel

      My wife is using an HTC Incredible 2 on Page Plus…

  • JT

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy 3S through verizon and i am getting crushed on data charges. First, can I switch this phone over, and second would it be worth it. Will I lose my 4g capabilities? Is the 55 dollar a month plan good? I averged around 2 GB a month with verizon. I average $96 a month with going over on my data charges from tine to time…..Thanks

    • Thomas Biard

      This is answered multiple times throughout this thread. Please read above for the answers you are looking for.


    I have noticed on Page Plus coverage map that they have some areas marked as “roaming” but yet I can’t find any information on what that means. Do they charge extra if you happen to be in a “roaming” area? Thanks

    • Thomas Biard

      Yes, roaming is a cost that they take out of the balance of your account. If you don’t have any balance in your account you will be unable to make/receive texts/calls while in a roaming location.

      • Thomas Biard

        Each plan has different roaming/overage costs. Please see your corresponding plan details.

  • Morgan

    I recently found out about page plus and was going to switch to it from Verizon with a droid RAZR M which is 4g they said they would have to flash it before it would work which will cost $50. Then I was asking around at work if its reliable and someone told me that sometimes after a few months the phone would stop working and have to be flashed again. Have you ever heard of this problem? I definitely wouldn’t want yo have to pay $50 extra every few months.

    • Thomas Biard

      Phones don’t “unflash” themselves. However sometimes if you take an update from Verizon, it may change some of your flashed settings. Some places will reflash for you at little-to-no cost if you’ve already had it done by them.

  • Lene

    Hey i just brought a verizon LG intuition from a friend and need a little help trying to figure out how, where, and what all i have to do to get this bad boy up and running. thanks so much. again the phone i have is the verizon LG intuition

  • Ishan


    I recently bought a Verizon Motorola Droid X2 to use it with Page Plus. While trying to activate the phone, I went to the settings where SPC Password is needed. I used the default “000000″ but it didn’t work! I asked my Page Plus dealer, and he was clueless. I have asked the seller, who provided me with the refurbished model, for the SPC. Any other suggestions?


    • Thomas Biard

      I don’t know about entering an SPC password. Why are you trying to enter the SPC password with Page Plus? It should just activate straight across when you dial the number for activation. Only reason you’d need the SPC password is if you’re programming/flashing a phone to a different CDMA company like Sprint.

  • Rob

    $1440 a year or over two years?
    Verizon/ 2 Phone cost + $170 per mo* X 12 mo=Phone cost+$2040
    Page plus/ 2 Phone cost + 110 per mo X 12 Mo = Phone cost +$1320
    Savings $720 per year or $1440 over two years with the option of changing plans at your convenience without penalties.
    *approximate values based on location and requirements.

    • Thomas Biard

      My statement was a savings of $1440 over the life of a 2 year contract. And of course that is not including the cost of buying a new phone every 2 years.

  • Cassie

    I have an At&t iPhone 4 that I am going to have unlocked. Once it’s unlocked, can I use it on Page Plus?

    • Thomas Biard

      No. Only CDMA phones work on Page Plus. You would need a Verizon iPhone 4 or 4S to work on Page Plus as is.

  • unhappy customer

    Ridiculous. Don’t go with page plus. With setting up the phone was under the impression that pic text and texts were as one. Not a lot of data. Don’t go with.

    • Thomas Biard

      If you were under that impression then you did not look at the details of the plan you were signing up for each month. The fact that picture messages take data is plainly stated, so you being under the impression of otherwise is something that you had convinced yourself of.

      Also, in early July Page Plus will be increasing the data for the 29.95 and 39.95 plans to 500mb. That is a lot of data for what was 1/5 that amount less than a year ago.

  • TJ

    After 10 years of being with Big red (Verizon) on a post paid contract and frequently paying for extra service charges, onerous e911, federal, state taxes, etc. and data they said I used (I have a dumb phone). I was really not getting much value for my overpriced plan, so I left.
    Big red = Big ripoff.

    Anyone who stays with Verizon is just flushing money away!

    I’ve been using Pageplus incident free for the last 18 months. My coverage is the same and I’ve not yet had any problems. If I had a question I’ve always used the “chat” option and service was quick and satisfactory. My only regret is that I didn’t leave Vzw years ago.

  • bebe

    I am going to give PPC a try with a Verizon Droid X2 I was given. However, I want to wait to port my number over until I have tried PPC for a month (I will keep my current provider (GoPhone) in the mean time), Can I port my number over after I have already set up and used PPC with a number they assigned?

    • Tj

      Bebe, per the website, it seems like you COULDN’T do this if your temporary number was on a regular Pageplus monthly plan (such as the $12, $29.95, $39.95, $55, or $69.95 plans).
      “A monthly plan cannot be transferred from one phone number to another (e.g. from your temporary number to your ported number), nor can any initial funds added for the port or activation request be transferred. However, any additional funds added to your temporary number via a $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 or $80.00 Standard plan card/PIN can be transferred”.

      However, if your temporary number was on a standard plan ($10, $25, $50 or $80) where you just buy airtime minutes on any of the standard plans…… than it seems like you could.

      You could just wait to port at the very end of your trial month. This way if you needed to start a new account with PP to port, you wouldn’t lose much.

      I would check with PP via chat to be certain, or maybe inquire with one of the popular resellers like Kitty wireless or pagepluswireless (NTB confused with the actual pageplus cellular).

      • Tj

        P.s. Since you have a smart phone I highly recommend that you do NOT sign up for a standard plan(10,25,50,80). The one bad thing about PP, is the data rates on the standard plans pay as you go for minutes is $0.99 per MB.

  • Tj

    This is a great thread but one thing that really needs more emphasis is the savings on taxes and fees. If you go from Vzw postpaid to Vzw prepaid you avoid the added Fed univ, regulatory & admin charges & e911 on top of your normal monthly cost. If you buy refills online you can also save on the sales tax.

    Additionally, there are some discounts to be found at some sites like callingmart or prepaidonline, you get 1% rewards or loyalty bonuses. You can also usually get up to %5 off at certain times of the month when they post discount codes on their FB/twitter pages. I believe kittywireless gives discounts too, if you do their auto-refill.

    If you have multiple family members/phones on PP you may want to consider a wholesale account on a site like pageplusdirect, where you can get even greater discounts for an upfront investment.

    • Tj

      meant to say Vzw postpaid vs Pageplus prepaid (not Vzwprepaid)

  • ShwaleeC

    I have used PagePlus after leaving Sprint. The best thing I ever did. My daughter has ruined 3 droid phones since I switched over a year ago. I replaced them on ebay for less than 40 bucks. I bought an extra for backup. The money I save using PP over Sprint or Verizon would easily pay for a 2 extra Motorola Droid phones EVERY MONTH. On Sprint, I streamed videos and would walk away just because it was unlimited data. On PP, you just have to manage your data. There are excellent apps to help. Customer service is MUCH faster than sprint when you do a chat session on their web site. ESN changes take an average of 4 minutes. Keep up the good work PP !

  • Jake

    Hi i just discovered that pageplus is runned by verizons towers! So i finally ended my contract with verizon to switch to PAGEPLUS … I love it because i get to refill my minutes anytime and anywhere! I love using ! i refill my pageplus minutes using pay pal. I love this website !

  • court

    I have Verizon and want to break my contract and go through Pageplus but I’m reading it can be flashed?!?! I have a android RAZR M 4G LTC. So can I do it or not? And if I do will I have bad service or will my phone work slow?

    • Thomas Biard

      You can have your Razr M flashed. Please read above and note that flashing removes the LTE data connection from your phone! If you go to someone that can flash your phone, be sure to ask if they can flash it and get 3G data for you. If not, your internet connection will be super slow.

      Flashing does not affect the call quality or coverage, all it does is reprogram the way your phone talks to Verizon’s data towers. This will not affect the speed of your phone with regards to its processing/graphics power.

      With LTE no longer functional it will *probably* increase your battery life. Flashing a phone to get 3G requires a donor phone, so most of the time it costs a little extra to have a full 3G flash as compared to a flash that only gets you 1x speed of data.

      • subs241

        I read a blog that stated WiFi data subtracts from your allotted data amount! Is this true?

        • subs241

          and also iam going to activate a htc droid incredible ,my current phone is a boulder with Verizon. I want to know what is the best method to switch over to pplus 29.99 plan. Thanx. Oh yeah and keep my # thanx again

          • Thomas Biard

            I stated all this in the original post and subsequent follow up posts. Read above for the answer

        • Thomas Biard

          No that is not true. You don’t even need a phone plan to use a smartphone on Wifi.

  • Chilk

    I just switched one of my phones from VZN to PP. Checking it out. Great info on this blog still sorting through it all. I’m thinking about a used VZN Samsung Galaxy Nexus SCH-I515 – 32GB. Will I need to flash it? Still trying to figure that out.

  • Chilk

    Oh Also I really want to find out if I can make it work as a Hotspot for a tablet on PP.

  • citychik

    Is it true that Page Plus Cellular has been sold to Tracfone?

  • T. Martin

    Yes…PP has been a acquired by TracPhone pending FCC approval. They (TracPhone) also acquired one of the largest TMobile MVNOs (Simple Mobile) last year.

    • citychik

      Hmm, well, when I had a Tracfone, the coverage was always great. BUT the customer service totally sucked. I wonder how PagePlus will be affected by this! Just as I was getting serious about signing up for PPC, this happens. Phooey!

      • citychik


  • Darkelfv

    I was a loyal page plus customer for 5 months, I am switching to a new company and do not recommend page plus to anyone.

    They have a limit on how many records they track. 250 max or 60 days. 250 max only covers the last 250 of your data transfers, calls, or sms. So you can never view 60 days, unless you don’t use your phone for anything close to the standard plans they offer.

    When i requested to view my records from the company support, they told me it would cost me to get a copy of my usage report.

    They did not rip me off that i am aware of however they could easily hide cramming data with you being blind unless you pay extra just to get a copy of your own records.

    • Thomas Biard

      You know its possible to monitor your own data usage daily, or weekly? There is no sneaky business going on. If you think they’re stealing data from you, then you are mistaken and need to follow your own usage. If you leave the data on your phone ON all the time, then it will naturally consume data. Refreshing email, facebook, twitter, or anything consumes data. Even weather widgets consume data. So don’t get upset at Page Plus because you don’t know what you’re using. Waiting 2 months to go through phone records is way too long. Text ‘bal’ to 7243 and they will send you the amount of texts, data, and minutes you have left. I do this daily.

  • Dmullins

    I’m a 55 yr old college mom with a teenage daughter. I only need to a cell phone for emergency reasons only. Do you recommend this plan & their reliability??

    • Thomas Biard

      Yes. It has the same reliability as Verizon so far as I have noticed.

  • April

    I have page plus and I see on ebay that have sprint phones on page plus. For example like the Samsung galaxy s3 it says the carrier is sprint but it has been flashed to page plus how does that work? does it still run off a Verizon tower or sprint

    • Justin

      If you pay for someone to flash the Sprint Phone to Page Plus, it will be on Verizon towers (unless you are in a Roaming area).

      I’ve been trying Ting Wireless (Sprint Towers) for three weeks now, but the coverage in my area is very spotty, and unreliable. The backup ( no charge roaming) carrier for Ting is Verizon Towers, but from what I’ve experienced, they won’t switch over even if your connection keeps failing.

      Today I am having someone flash my Sprint Samsung Epic 4g Touch (waiting for my number to port over as I type this) over to Page Plus because the Sprint coverage in my area is so bad.

      If Sprint service is good in your area, and you want to use the phone on Sprint’s towers, I highly recommend Ting wireless. It’s ridiculously easy to set up your Sprint phone to use on Ting. Just a few settings on your phone, and you’re good to go. No flashing needed.

      Their customer service is top notch, but only available during weekday business hours. Their online site and rates are wonderful. They even have an app to monitor your usage.

      It’s just the lousy Sprint coverage that kills it.

      The only advantage with Sprint in my area is faster data speeds at my home. The Verizon data signal is 1 bar, where Sprint WiMax is 4 bars.

      I’ll trade slow data for reliable voice any day since I can always use WiFi hotspots if need be.

  • A. Lee

    I am so disappointed with Page Plus. I have had issues with them since I created the acct (1.5mos) ago. I ported my number to Page Plus and it worked for 2 days. Suddenly, it stopped working, I called back and they had to reset my number. It was working for a couple of days and started to act up again (work, not work, work, not work, etc). Finally, I called in to complain about it because I no longer had a reliable phone. I requested a refund for the $80 that I spent (I only used $5 of it since my phone didn’t work) and asked if it was OK to port my number. The customer service rep (Hilda) blamed my phone for the reason I was unable to make calls (I bought a NEW phone from Verizon) without even trying to resolve the reasons with me. We opened a ticket for me to talk to a supervisor and she said that it was fine to port my number. I didn’t hear from a supervisor so I called back. CONVENIENTLY, they closed my ticket and is unable to help me (and I lost all my balance when I ported the number out). NO ONE had told me that if I ported my number out, I would lose my ability to talk to Page Plus AND lose my balance. For a service that is based on customer service, this is AWFUL. I guess you pay for what you get. I will NEVER use Page Plus again and will never recommend it to anyone. They don’t care about their customers

  • Jen

    Our contract with Verizon is not up till January 2014. But I’ve been reading so much about Page Plus and T-Mobile, that I’m pretty sure we’ll switch to one of those to cut plan costs. I understand the cost savings will be huge, which is great. But my only concern is the 3G vs. 4G dilemma. We don’t currently own smartphones. So we’d have to buy 3G phones for Page Plus to work, but I’m concerned that the technology advances so quickly, that within a year or two we’d have to buy a 4G phone. I guess my question is, why should I spend money (a lot to us) on 2 3G smartphones and connect to PagePlus unlimited (smaller data) plan when I can purchase 4G phones to use on T-Mobile for $10 more per month (plan only) and have the latest technology? Now granted, we have never used smartphones, so anything new would be fantastic. But we’re slow-to-purchase new technology people, so in buying 3G, we’re probably stuck with them for at least 3-4 years, unless one broke, before we’d buy anything new just because of advancing technology.

    • Jen

      Any advise would be welcomed and appreciated. :)

    • H to the F

      If you’re managing OK with your VZ “dumb” phones, it seems to me you don’t need to buy anything right now. Just have them activated on PP, no? You can always add new phones down the road. At least that’s my understanding.

  • Mike

    STOP!! Before you switch from Verizon to Page Plus be aware that you may not be able to get data on your phone! I have a Casio Ravine and since I switched to page plus I can only text or make calls-they only claim to guarantee data on exclusive page plus phones but the customer service has been horrible-they wont even try to help me get data working-Im not happy at all.

    • Thomas Biard

      If you’re bringing your own phone, Page Plus will not help you diagnose a problem getting data on a phone because they only support phones you buy from them. What data are you wanting on this phone? It is a feature phone, not a smart phone. Any issues with data may belong to the phone.

  • angel

    Hello I just ported my number from cricket to pageplus. I bought a RAZR on eBay. I had it flashed with this person I found on ebay. I will provide the name or link. Sh did it via internet in led than an hour. For 65$. I had it done with her because I had flash some phones for me to cricket. She will do a vary good job. She will flash your phone so that you will get 3G network and the price picture massages work as well. Very goood person.this is the item number 281123090806 to look up on eBay. Hope it works out like it did for me.

  • Don

    Do you know if I will be able to switch to page plus without flashing my 4g Verizon phone, and then flash it at a later dater?

    • Thomas Biard

      Read up above. This is clearly stated dozens of times in this thread.

  • Earl Tash

    Been on PagePlus now 4 three years using a Omnia i910 windows phone.
    Extremely happy with PagePlus.
    N the i910……great phone 4 the 15 bucks i bought it 4 on ebay…


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  • darea26

    I have a Verizon Iphone4, 2 year contract just fulfilled recently (last week). Called both Straight Talk and Page Plus. Both state that they can not provide me service to my Verizon Iphone4. I have talked to multiple people at each. FRUSTRATED! Anyone know what is up? Thanks.

    • Thomas Biard

      A Verizon Iphone 4 will work on PagePlus. If you really want a no questions asked experience, take it to a Page Plus dealer. Technically Page Plus does not “allow” Iphones, but there are thousands of people using them with no problems whatsoever. If you ask they say no. If you just activate your phone through them they don’t know/care.

    • Darlene Lynch

      Just bought an Iphone two days ago and had it activated it 3 mins. I have had a chance to use the phone yet, but the store owner where I purchased the Iphone had no issues starting the service.

  • lucy

    Considering PP but and conflicted.Help me understand about the roaming charges. These seem like they could add up to a lot of money. Is there a way to avoid them? How do they work how do they bill you?

    • Thomas Biard

      The only way you can get ‘dinged’ for roaming charges is if you have money loaded onto your account. If you don’t have any money, then you can’t roam and they won’t charge you. It could add up to a lot of money, but that is based on you looking at Page Plus’ coverage map and seeing if you’re living around an area that is roaming, or if you travel by car a lot.

  • Becky Foley

    can I use my straight talk phone

    • Thomas Biard

      Maybe. Some Straight Talk phones work just fine, but others are based off of the GSM network. It really depends what you have.

  • Becky Foley

    can I use my staight talk phone on page plus

  • Brandon

    I recently switched from Verizon to Page Plus. I’ve had an iPhone since 2008 and the only flaw with Page Plus for all you iPhone followers is their is no visual voicemail with the Page Plus service. Besides that everything is great. I recommend the switch if you wanna save money!

  • citychik

    Hi again Thomas – & everyone who is knowledgeable about this stuff!

    I have been finding lots of phones online that are CDMA, apparently able to work on Verizon’s network, BUT are “4G with 3G capability.” I was only looking for 3G phones, but now this has me wondering (& a little hopeful) – what if Page Plus upgrades their system to accommodate 4G phones? I would hate to spend $50-100 on a phone that is unusable in a year (I’m pretty broke!). They can’t stay 3G forever, can they? That would not be a smart business move. So… can these 4G-but-3G-capable phones work with PagePlus * now* ???

    Looking forward to your reply (I also responded earlier to one of your previous comments to me upthread)- thanks!

    • Thomas Biard

      Page Plus will stay 3G as long as Verizon withholds LTE (“4G”). A 4G with 3G capability will not work on Page Plus without flashing it (which costs $45-65 per phone), and most of those phones are much more than $100. No one knows when Verizon will release their LTE capabilities, but right now they are still gaining customers on it, so they’ll keep it tight a little longer. The ones that are easiest to flash are the RAZR or Samsung Galaxy phones. Like I said though, they are much more expensive than $100.
      Getting a smartphone is an expensive venture. The phone costs way more than a standard phone, and the plans with data cost more per month. Plus once you go smartphone, you never go back so getting a newer smartphone when this one wears out will become a “necessity”…. Just something to keep in mind.
      I have stopped using data while on the go except for my navigation app. Other than that I don’t hardly see a need for it anymore. I don’t really play games on my phone, and I don’t facebook but for 5min a day right before bed. Plus, so many of my friends and family now have smartphones with data, that I’m ok with being the only one that doesn’t use it.
      The beauty of Page Plus is that you can get a cheap phone (used) and choose not to sign up for a plan with any data. You can then turn the data off on the phone and only use wifi. Verizon will not let you sign up for a cell phone without data because they don’t make money that way.
      I’ll stop rambling now. Just my 2 cents (sense*).

      • citychik

        You said: “The beauty of Page Plus is that you can get a cheap phone (used) and choose not to sign up for a plan with any data. You can then turn the data off on the phone and only use wifi. ”

        Well, then, wouldn’t I be able to do that with a “feature phone?”

        Sigh… I am having such a hard time figuring out what phone to get.

  • Jose

    I would love to have access to LTE phones on Page Plus, it would be GREAT!! I have changed many family member and friends to PP, but I have a lots of complaints about 3G phones not big enough and they feel out old style. These people love the savings but would liket o have the nice phones too.

  • isaiah

    I just flashed my Sprint Galaxy S 3 to piage plus this weekend , and the service is good everywhere except for my house. To be honest when i put my charger in my phone my signal fades completely away , and says Searching for service. Whats going on ???!!!

    • Thomas Biard

      I have no clue. I have never heard of this problem. Try searching forums for it with regard to the S3, not regarding Page Plus. Sounds like a hardware issue.

  • ocj4rwer0u9

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  • Annie

    Do you know what’s going on with Page Plus service today – 10.22.2013? I do not have incoming or outgoing service for calling or texting and when I call support i get the message of “all circuits are busy, please try again.”. Their website is loading very slowly. I’ve been a page plus subscriber for over 2 yrs now and never had an issue. My phone is my business so I’m a bit flummoxed. Anyone know what’s going on? Thank you so much!

    • Annie

      and just for clarification, my account is current and paid – lol!

      • Annie

        I just got thru to page plus using the #CCARE – 800 number and live chat didn’t work. I was told by a very snippy young woman – she cracked me up, definitely no the sharpest tack in the box – that Verizon is having tower issues and tech support has been working on it for the past 3 hours. My phone number shows up w/ Page Plus but no account or features are connected. Verizon customers have priority and then to Page Plus. Miss Snip and I’m bored to tears with all of this attitude girl said some customers have been coming back up but to please be patient. So there ya have it! Thank you so much and enjoy the day’s magic. FYI – today is the first day of mercury retrograde so this tech malfunction isn’t surprising! ha!

    • Thomas Biard

      I found out that Verizon was having MVNO prepaid billing issues. Because their issues, Page Plus was down for most people around the country at different times. It seems to be back up now. As best as I can tell it was a Verizon thing and not a Page Plus thing.

  • Amy Bryant

    Hi, I would like to know what happens if you have the $41 plan with unlimited minutes & texting with 500 mgb and you have already paid your bill, but you go over the 500 mgb of data? In a case where it is not time to pay your bill again.

    Will they cut off your service until you go back to the store and buy more data or change the plan? Just need to know how this works IF I should happen to run over 500 mgb. Thx!

    • Thomas Biard

      If you run out of data, you will not be able to use anymore until your plan restarts, however voice and text will still work. If you NEED to renew your plan early you’d have to call page plus and have them add another PIN early even though your other one hasn’t expired yet.

  • Amy Bryant

    PS – Thomas, I was referring to the Page Plus service. The dealer’s name in my city is “Unlimited Wireless,” but they are an authorized Page Plus dealer.

  • Jennifer

    I’m just letting everyone know that page plus fuckin sucks. I flashed my iPhone from sprint to page plus i just attempted to put $50 on my phone for the first time so i followed the directions on the receipt. I tried getting on the web to see if it worked it said cellular data off so i turned it on.i was literally on the Web for like 30 seconds seen it worked checked my balance it $40 so i called to see what was going on i was in hold for at least an hour by the time I some to someone my balance was $14 because i turned my data on without picking a plan first. they charged me 99 cents a minute for having my data on even tho i wasn’t even using it & they won’t refund my money so i wasted $36 on stupid data that wasn’t even being used while i was on hold waiting for there dumb ass to answer so they can just tell me I’m not getting a refund. Its not my fault i followed the directions on the receipt. Fuckin rip offs if I was rich I wouldn’t of switched to page plus in the first place..

    • Thomas Biard

      Getting charged to use their service at those prices is what you signed up for when you added money to your account and turned on data/cell service without a plan. Yes you have to wait on the phone a lot, but doing that on credit applied to your account is not Page Plus’ fault.

      Also even at the fastest speeds, you can’t use $10 of data in 30 seconds, so making over exaggerated claims like that gives less credence to your complaint. On data you don’t get charged by minute you get charged by megabyte.

  • Lar

    LOUSY customer service with limited hours. I experience lapses in service at the end of 30 days even though I have paid in advance for the following month. There’s no way to get help after their very limited business hours.

  • Carter Riegel

    The activate/port function on the Page Plus site is not working…

  • LeeAnn

    My son is on Verizon and it’s too expensive. He doesnt even have texting! He has a Droid. Wondering what I need to know in order to switch. Not sure what all the terms mean: “flashing” “GSM” “CDMA band” or what I would need to do! LOL

    • Thomas Biard

      If your son is on a contract on Verizon, you will have an early termination fee from Verizon if you cancel your plan early.

      I would suggest finding a local Page Plus dealer that will help you through the process. That’s what I did when I switched. They told me each step I needed to do, and they told me what they would do. It helps you know what’s going on and what is involved in the process.

      • Don

        The only local ‘dealers’ I see on their website near me are gas stations and a few places listed as ‘replenishment only’. Will someone working in a gas station actually be able to guide me through switching from Verizon to Page Plus?
        Is there any way to prepay for longer periods so that you don’t have to be bothered with the once a month ‘replenishment?’ – For a $30 per month plan I’d happily pay $360 upfront just to be able to ‘renew’ only once per year
        I need to do two phones – Are they completely separate contracts or can you bundle everything together, hopefully for a year at a time

        • Thomas Biard

          I didn’t find much on their website regarding dealers around me, but a lot of the time the dealers are at the local mall. We have a couple dealers in our mall in kiosks in the center. I would suggest looking there, or similar places.

          Regarding lump payments, there is no possibility of that, however you can set yourself up on Autopay/Renew. It will charge you every month and automatically add the next PIN to your account for the next month.

          I have two phones on Page Plus and even though you treat each phone number as its own account, you can link multiple accounts to one email address/login info. Each PIN renewal is its own transaction, so if you did a $30 plan and a $55 plan each month, you would not have one transaction for $85, you’d have them each for their own amount.

          In addition, you can stack PINs, which means you can prepay for a few pins and have them autorenew each month. I’m not sure how many you can stack in a row though. The problem with stacking PINs that I see is that if you use up your monthly data too soon, and you call page plus to have them manually add a new PIN before your renewal date, you lose whatever you have stacked. Just sayin. Good Luck.

  • Terry

    Page Plus is okay but their customer service is horrible!

  • ksev

    Page plus is ok if you dont use data a lot but it sucks they domt have unlimited data because their speeds are great!

  • ksev

    Also I just saw their website and their $69.99 plan is a joke really 70 bucks and no unlimited data WOW what a rip off lol I got tmobile/metro pcs and pay $55 for unlimited everything including 4G speeds with no throttling
    If page plus had unlimited plans I would switch back
    but im not paying for just unlimited calls and txts
    Plus after you spend you data you get cut off with no data really!
    cant see why their in business still
    but hey verizon still has loyal customers so go figure

  • tonya

    if i switch to page plus, will i or anyone I text get charged any text messaging fees (if they are verizon users)? guess i’m asking if i will still receive free talk/text benefits from verizon to verizon?

    • Thomas Biard

      I don’t know how it appears for Verizon customers, but texting a Verizon customer from Page Plus costs 1 text message on your plan. The $30 plan has 3000 texts, and any plan above that has unlimited texts, so probably nothing for you to worry about.

  • Darlene Lynch

    Thanks for the information. Just purchase an iphone 4 for my daughter and had it activated a few days ago with Page Plus. Seems like it’s going to be a pretty good cellphone plan. I’m not sure but does this service roam? I live in the Atlanta area and my daughter will be going off to college (4 hours away), will she be “roaming” because she is not in the Atlanta area where I have set the service for the cellphone?

    • Thomas Biard

      Darlene, I don’t know where your daughter will be going, but she will only be roaming if she is outside Page Plus’s coverage map that can be found on their site. I would suggest going there to look and see if it is covered. If it is a university, then I am pretty confident Page Plus will have service there without roaming.




    • Thomas Biard

      They do not have a hot spot device to use…or at least I haven’t heard of anyone getting a hot spot to activate on their service. I’m not quite sure what to suggest because if you’re only looking for the use of the hot spot, you’re a very small part of the people that use Page Plus, and therefore they probably won’t openly accept hot spots.
      Consider using a Freedom Pop hot spot if you really need one, even though Freedom Pop is based off Sprint’s cellular coverage. Its the cheapest ‘off contract’ hot spot i know of.

  • Fabian R (flashusaphones) We flash phones to Page plus and Selectel wireless both companies are Verizon prepaid .Come to prepaid and save $$$$$$…..

  • steve

    i have been with verison for many years im checking out whats out there page plus has many good reviews we have a small craft business we use a square up credit card reader for payment at shows has any one used a card reader with page plus with verison it works good

    • Thomas Biard

      The Page Plus cellular data service isn’t different from Verizon’s cellular data service so this will not be affected. If you have a 3G phone using “Square Up” on Verizon, then it will be exactly the same as long as you’re in the Page Plus coverage map.

  • Gail

    I have a Verizon Nokia 822 phone. Will this work on Page Plus?

    • Thomas Biard

      You would have to get it flashed. Being that it is a Windows phone I don’t know how accessible Windows Phone flashers are.

  • PK

    There is no doubt that PP provides very good rates. It is difficult to beat them. However, please keep in mind that this comes at a price. Customer support is a joke. Online support, tier one customer support, management etc. everything is run by four persons. Perhaps they’re doing the best they can, and perhaps as long as there is no issue, you are getting a very good deal. However, if there is an issue (which is going to happen, given how thin the company is running), forget about getting any support, let alone a decent one. For personal use where I do not have anything to loose, I’d keep using PP until there is another even close alternative (and when there is one, I’ll jump at the first chance). However, I would not risk moving my business communication to PP. It is not worth the price, since you may loose more than you’re saving.

  • jose

    Hello there ..I was with Verizon unlimited data some years paying like craise and now I bough a nexus 5 and change to straight talk $45 plan with 2.5 GB of att LTE and where I live it work very very very good . I’m pay for two lines here is straight talk only $90 possible less than I pay just for 1 on Verizon .I’m very happy with my nexus 5 and my LTE.

    • Thomas Biard

      Jose, does this have anything to do with Page Plus? You’re on a Page Plus thread….

  • victor

    Do you know if the date works as good as the verizon one in lancaster ca? Or does it differ from place to place?

    • Thomas Biard

      What is a date, in the context that you’re referring to? I am not sure what you’re talking about.

  • eb

    I am about to have a flip phone number ported to Page Plus from Verizon. When I ported earlier this year to TracFone from Verizon I lost all my contacts. How can I ensure that does not happen this time???

    • Thomas Biard

      This is a forum based on using Android phones. I do not know how contacts transfer on ‘feature phones’ because typically people at the Verizon store would do that. Android phones use Gmail to sync your contacts. I know that’s off your question, but that’s all I know.

  • melvzdn

    Go with page plus if you want them to take your money and give you nothing in return. I had a number ported to page plus and guess what, they had to allocated a dummy number to me while I waited for the port, obviously I went out and bought credit on the dummy number – having been told that it would transfer to my ported number. well my ported number finally came through, but not my credit!!! at the time of the port activation no “supervisor” was available and I was told to call back to get my credit transferred to the right number. I’m in the middle of moving, so i took a few days to call back, guess what – apparently I only had (24 or 48 hr – they can’t get this right either) to call back and get credit, so now I’m screwed, I have to pay again for something that I already paid.

    BUYER BE WARE: THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL GET WITH PAGE PLUS. IT’S BAD NEWS! Stay with your current provider at least you get what you pay for with them!!!

  • PamelaJ

    I have a prepaid phone account with Page Plus Cellular. The problem is that I am receiving an unwanted same text message from the same phone number every single work day. And it is costing me $0.05 every text message I receive. Is there a way to block this number? I chatted with the page plus online customer rep and she said there is NO WAY she can help me block a phone number from texting me. I could not believe it! Could you give some hints/ suggestions??

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Thomas Biard

      If you have a smartphone you can download text blocker apps. If you have a non-smart phone you can’t block a number. You can try and reply with ‘STOP’ to the text message. If not, try calling the number that is texting you, or search it online finding out who it is. I am willing to guess that others have had the same problem from the same number.

  • Linda

    Just wondering, I have an Iphone4 and use Verizon. I pay 140+ for unlimited data, etc-RIDICULOUS!!! I’m ready (so ready) to switch, but have read that you won’t be able to use an iphone beyond a 4 or 4s. I’ve had my phone for awhile (obviously) and like my iphone. Do you know if this is the case? Thanks!

    • Thomas Biard

      Linda, you can buy an iPhone 5 from Straight Talk (Walmart) that will work with Page Plus. It must be an iPhone 5, not 5C or 5S. That will be the CDMA version. My wife has it on page plus and it work as you would expect any other phone, but is just newer.

    • barbara Skinner

      My Iphone 4 works great…just got it and love it!! have had PagePlus for plans to change anytime soon!!

  • jim

    Does Verizon need to ok having your number ported over to Page Plus?

    • barbara Skinner

      you need to port it while you are still a Verizon customer, I had no issues porting mine PagePlus took care of it for me :)

  • Crystal

    Ive been with page plus over four years .we live inga in one of the smallest towns one caution light no stores .page plus has worked great for us I use wi fi at home and save my 2gb of data for when Im in town or need tp look something up or use gps services.i have never had a customer service problem changing over .my girls have call and had as many as three phones hooked up a day no extra charges im not a huge talker so 1200 mins.2000 text and 2 gb data for $29.00 cant get that with anyone else.

  • barbara Skinner

    I have used Page Plus for 3 years now and LOVE it!!! just got an IPhone 4 and it works great on this plan. I got the phone for they are a Page plus dealer, I have the monthly fee taken out of my account and have had NO problems…as I said LOVE the service, prices and internet speed…enjoy when you switch..well worth the savings!!!

  • Adi

    I love page plus but recently I payed my bill with the online payment and my credit card information got stolen from that and someone in New York City was spending my money . I don’t suggest online payment just for secure reasons .

  • Lisa

    I love page plus. I have had their service for a little over 4 years. It’s wonderful not having an expensive contract and I great coverage. Verizon is the only thing that works where I live so page plus works great by using thier towers. I have had several relatives switch to page plus as well.

  • Spring Angeline

    Thank you for the information, I have been with Verizon for years. But I am at a point that I cannot afford to stay with them. The only reason I have done so is their service. But really does good service justify their high cost. So I have been looking to change and found Page Plus which offers me some of the good aspects of Version without going broke. So I am honestly looking at their plans and will make the change shortly. (It might take awhile since I am looking to change 5 phone lines, and I have to chose the coverage that works best for each line.) Your info is what I needed to help me make the decision to go with this company. Thank you again.

  • Dina

    Under “The Good” comments section you say any Verizon 3G phone will work instantly with Page Plus. Does that mean it doesn’t need to be “flashed” or anything else done? I know just enough to be dangerous-ha. I’ve been on PP for several years (no complaints & love the money it saves) and have a Motorola Droid and want to change phones. I’ve been shopping for phones on Ebay that only include “page plus” in the title. If I can buy any Verizon 3G phone there are a lot more choices. Thanks.

    • Dina

      want to add I’m looking at HTC Incredible 2 or Samsung Galaxy 2 or 3…anyone have these on PP?

  • Tom

    Page plus is a great deal, but I agree with the poor customer service comments. I switched to Kitty Wireless which has good customer service and lots of good plan options, but a limited selection of phones. Also, their website is a little homegrown – Some funky little quirks getting set up, but overall I’m happy with it.

  • stephenjwassick

    Page plus is chatting me that data is @4 g and my vz Droid Charge only requires a sim from a dealer

  • Stefanina

    I am looking at PagePlus for my mother, who is a very rare cellphone user. She only wants voice and text, no pictures, no data, no internet. She wants to use the $10 pay as go since it says it’s 120 days before expiring.
    She has an existing LG EV2 CMDA phone that she wants to keep.
    Will she run into any issues to do what she wants to do?

  • Judy

    I don’t have pageplus. I have virgin mobile and out of no where I started getting texts reminding me to pay my pgeplus bill. I am confused as to why I am getting these. Can someone help me out. Maybe I did something un beknowst to me. Thanks!!