Phone Unlocking Now Attracting the Attention of Washington Insiders

Posted Feb 21, 2013 at 6:16 pm in Threads > News

Next to my love of all things Android, few things compare to my love of politics. The National Journal (a magazine aimed at Washington insiders, think congressional staffers, congress people, lobbyists and such) posted a story about the phone unlocking petition. Maybe we’ll get our way on this! Now we need to get this on mainstream media like CNN and the NBC nightly news. Momentum is building (I hope). What do you think will make this go really viral?

Here’s the link.

Why Won’t the Government Let You Unlock Your Phone? 100,000 People Want to Know

  • lorzyhere

    got a good response from the white house about legalizing cell phone unlocking. here is the source: … ne-unlock/

    so we can still unlock our phone from third party vendors like, etc.. .Even there are free unlocking sites like who provide free unlock codes for most of the basic models..
    The recent ruling that effectively bans third-party unlocking has ruffled more than a few feathers, and the people have spoken with their electronic signatures—14,322 of them, to be exact. Now the petition to the White House, which asks that DMCA protection of phone unlockers be reconsidered, has finally received an official response, and it appears that it’s for the positive..