Photo Sphere on ICS

Posted Dec 18, 2012 at 2:23 pm in Threads > Rumors

Is there a chance to Photo Sphere come out to ICS ?

  • klcow92

    Who knows?? keep a lookout on xda, surely someone will do it :D

  • LukeT32

    +1… but it isn’t really that amazing.

  • TheStig

    That would be awesome!

  • dino13

    I’m wondering why it didn’t come out for ICS in the first pace. Google seems keen on providing new features only for new versions of android. This is totally unnecessary. They should finally do more to provide new features to more versions of Android.

  • Ezy03

    or on a nexus s

  • Stig03

    hopefully soon! Over at xda!

  • Randy White

    would love to see this happen soon.

  • braydencw1

    Watching for it on XDA, only a matter of time.

  • Charlong666

    It shouldn’t be that hard to port, just do like everyone else and keep and eye out on XDA. It’ll come.