Pinch Zoom Gmail update

Posted Dec 06, 2012 at 1:44 pm in Threads > Apps

I have been noticing since this update that there is occationally a vertical text offset about halfway through my email window. It is not much but enough to be noticable. Has anyone else seen this?

  • kelltrash14

    I’m not clear on what you are describing, or I haven’t seen it at all. Only issue I’ve had with the new feature is that the zoom has small limits, can’t zoom in like crazy like I’d like to be able to do (sometimes)

  • dino13

    I haven’t noticed something like that

    The zoom function in the basic android mail app is working for me much better that the one from gmail.

    What I find totally anoying is that if you zoom in by pinching the text flow does not adopt itself, I always have to do a double tap after zooming in. This is totally annoying.

  • gp126904

    While it is nice to be able to zoom, I too am having some issues with the new feature. My emails have the off-set text as well and it is extremely annoying. Does the double tap to zoom out and then back in fix that problem?

  • Steve Heinrich

    Can you maybe take a screen capture of the issue you’re having? I’m not sure I’ve seen any issues. Thanks!

  • r90a22

    I downloaded both iOS and android gmail app to compare. Both run beautiful

  • VerticalCobra

    Don’t like the default view…too small for me now. However, zoom is good.

  • acidone

    Love the Zoom feature. Some of my users where using touchdown email app because they had a hard time with seeing the text in the default app. now all but one have made the switch.

  • dbuck

    I’ve noticed the occasion text off to the side too.

    • Jeffdwisc

      Yeah, I have seen this too. The text wrap after resizing is great, but not perfect sometimes.

  • JRS

    Pinch to zoom in nice but now all the text is to small to read without zooming. What a pain! Please give us some standard font sizes to pick from.

  • klcow92

    funny, I never used pinch to zoon so far because words in the app were big enough for me to read…haha