Playing on low-end devices

Posted Aug 21, 2012 at 8:19 am in Threads > Games

While everyone is concentrated on games, I want to find as many games for low-end devices as it is possible.
Not everybody can have the last Nexus (or Galaxy S, One X, etc.). Somebody even doesn’t want to part with his beloved device, even though it’s out-of-date.
I’m playing Dweller, an RPG-game with simple graphics, but very interesting. It’s in beta and errors occure sometimes, but it updates quite frequently.
Besides I have a copy of GYRO.
So, what other simple games with low system-requirements (but still extremely addictive) you know?

  • theviper21

    Rebuild is a great turn based game set in a post-apocalyptic world and W.E.L.D.E.R. is a great tile swap word game.

    If you’re looking for games that run on low-end devices, you’re probably going to find more puzzle/strategy/2d RPG/retro games.

    • zerosix

      Retro games are OK.
      I’m still sure, that most retro games are much more interesting, than modern games. Yes, they don’t have awesome 3D effects and realistic graphics, but they usually have very interesting gameplay and they have some kind of atmosphere, which modern games often lack.

    • Teebor

      I’d love to play Rebuild on my phone, but I’ve played it to death so many times online I can’t be bothered.
      Shame as its a great game and well worth playing

  • lifeh2o

    Try Gurk then Gurk 2
    They are tiny miny RPG games like Dweller
    Many games by Orange Pixel run without any performance issue my low end 550mhz phone

    • zerosix

      Cool, thanks. Special for those, who want to dive into HARDCORE 8-bit.

  • reverenddak

    Yeah, these are all RogueLike games, and they’re making a comeback. Especially because so many people have these low-powered Android devices, low-tech games are perfect for them. It doesn’t have to be high-tech to be good. I mean, look at Minecraft. Is Dwarf Fortress available for Android?

    • zerosix

      No, only one live wallpaper app.
      It’s one of the most anticipated games for me.

  • lchupacabras

    GYRO is fantastic, I’m totally addicted and keep coming back to beat my highscores; Canabalt (HD) should play pretty darn well even on lower-end devices and, although it is a running-game, it is pretty dang additing in its own right. The game’s music is what keeps me coming back. Aside from that I have Tetris, Angry Birds Space and Cogs currently on my phone, all pretty good though I’d guess they won’t run as well on lower-end devices.

  • Laurel laurel25

    I love Gyro as well. I always like Jewels or other Bejeweled type games too. I can play it for 5 minutes or an hour and it’s just kind of mindlessly fun. Card games like solitaire, euchre, spades, & Texas hold-em are always fun too.

  • Tanzeel Ansari

    I have a low end device but my mobile runs hd 3d games on ease I have shadowgun and all

  • pol biswas

    Tryout zling and diversion best optimize for low end devicesor you can try out battleship.

  • nicotinemind

    Flow Free was a fun little puzzle game. Dosen’t need much umph from your device. Gyro was great.

  • pikahatonjon

    you should try

    candy crush saga :D
    knights of pen and paper

    my favorite atm

  • decker

    I love this thread! I have a non-name brand tablet for the kids and they need more games to play. It doesn’t have the latest specs. So it’s nice to see there are games that would run on it.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    All the little games are perfectly good — the Angry Birds and the whatnots. I don’t understand for the life of me why you’d want something 3d-graphics-intensive on your phone anyway.

    I’d also recommend emulation. You’ll have to find the emulator that works right for you… but playing Pokemon on a nice GBA emulator is just sweet.

  • Addison Ku

    Super Hexagon ($2.99) was the most addicting fun I’ve had on my crappy phone yet.

  • Elena

    There is a new cool game, very addictive :Asteroid Killer, you can find it on Google play: It is a classic arcade with nice graphics and it is highly addictive..

  • MC_Android

    Hey, get a game emulator. Game boy advance (GBA Emulator or something like that) or N64 or PSe? I’m sure they’ll run on lower devices. My mother has a intro-level Samsung phone…still got Pokemon on that :P

  • Amos

    You should try Gem Hunt. Its a pretty simple but bluddy addictive puzzle game.

    If you are into puzzle games, you CANNOT miss this one. Give it a shot. Runs very well on low end devices.

    Its available here >

  • Adarsh

    try daddy was a thief

  • pranshu

    u should try boost2(it never lags) ,4pics 1world,gyro,bouncetall(classic) these games can run with no or a liitle bit lag even on low end device
    try them strongly recommended addictive games

  • Darren

    these are some great low-end android device selections one must have app for any low-end device is clean master
    It has a special feature to free up memory for games go to memory boost> in the top part of the app you’ll see a boost games option tap it, then hit boost on the next menu a shortcut with all apps described as games will be automatically put in this folder and you can add apps yourself, here is an example I ran angry birds normally it lags a tad bit on my T-Mobile HTC MyTouch 4G(1GHZ Single core CPU OC to 1.4 GHZ 768MB of Ram 1.13GB Storage(AOKP 4.0.4 IceColdSandwich final Rom) closed it out force closed it after closing it from recent apps menu run it from clean master’s games boost folder and the game has no lag what so ever

  • Tejender

    Try zombie highway

  • Sagnik Mukherjee

    You can play Kairosoft games as they are very interesting and does not need a large space.