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Hello my Friend’s , I just want to buy a new Android device because i lost my old Note 2 in rooting . If have options of :

1.HTC Droid DNA
2.Samsung Galaxy SIII

Please Help me out for my new Device , Thank you all in Advance for Suggesting me .
You all can also Suggest me a Good Device in Same Price Range .

  • DroidPower

    I think the editors from AndroidAndMe have done a pretty good job at reviewing each of the devices, so I’d suggest reading those if you haven’t already as a start.

    Based on the reviews, it seems like the Droid DNA is the phone to beat right now (of course this is debatable). And the GSIII is always going to be the top contender until the GSIV comes out.

    Can you tell us more about your preferences? All three phones are fantastic, so it really comes down to some personal preferences. My guess is that GSIII may fit your bill since you’ve used a Note before and will be familiar with the Samsung’s way of doing things. Also, GSIII has been around the longest, so it probably has the most extensive support in terms of rooting.

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Thanks For the Help , I would Like to have Screen size of more than 4.0 Inches and less than 4.7 Inches .

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      If you can Suggest me a phone with screen Size of 4.0 Inches to 4.7 Inches then it would be a Great Help for me . I know most of the Devices in that kind of price range have big screen but I if i take a small screen size phone then i won’t be as powerful as those listed above but I don’t want to compromise the Power of device so i can also use a big screen phone but It would be great if you Suggest me a High Performance device with small screen .

      • DroidPower

        Okay, so specs wise the Droid DNA wins out. but i think it is bigger than 4.7 in. GSIII should be up there in the screen size too. I think you’ll be choosing between these two phones. Most likely, the Droid DNA will be your next phone because it is the newest phone around with the best specs. But you can get a solid GSIII for a lot cheaper since it is an older phone.

        So the question comes down to, how much do you want to spend?

        If you want to read a very extensive comparison of the 2 phones, go here (sorry for redirecting out of the AndroidAndMe site).


        • Prasoon Tiwari 1

          Thanks you very much for your help . I am going to buy SIII

          • Prasoon Tiwari 1

            Otherwise I’ll wait for S IV

          • DroidPower


      • dino13

        Well I love my LG Optimus 4x HD. They have fixed the camera problem, and Android is pretty vanila with some good additions from LG. All in all a really nice device. And also what I would like to point out a really nice thing is the rippled backside. The smartphone feels always nice in the hand.

    • Bain
      • Prasoon Tiwari 1


  • uknowme

    One X+

  • scaarg

    I’ll buy the HTC One X+. I know the GSIII is the best player out there but that will change in some months so I will stick with HTC for the design, great display, newer CPU and awesome camera.

    • dino13

      I thought Tegra 3 is older then the exynos quad?

      • sandy105

        umm yes and no
        the tegra 3(T33) in htc one x+ is a new revision with higher clock speed 1.7ghz vs 1.5ghz and also more more memory bandwidth.its more power efficient nd powerful .

        also its faster than exynos quad in s3 @1.4ghz but its slower than the one in note 2 @1.6 ghz.
        hope that helps :)

  • Luv_android

    HTC One X+, all the way to the bank. It’s alright phone. If you are willing to wait, then there are good phone coming out, Sony Yuga or Sony Odin, Galaxy IV… probably end of Q1 2013. (That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

  • heynomi4u

    It comes to personal preference! Like the other reader mentioned – I’d read the reviews and watch the review videos. I personally would go with the Droid DNA. That phone looks amazing! And I don’t mean the screen itself. The phone is sexy!

  • MC_Android

    Get a cheap phone now and wait it out for 2013. We’re at the end of the electronic cycle. The new batch of phones are coming :) That is, if you’re into having the best of the best

  • digvijaya07

    Undoubtedly HTC One X is Best :))
    But prefer your Own Choice n njoy :D

  • jonneves


  • TheVoodoo

    Due to the time of year, I’d suggest getting a temporary phone until the 2013 releases.

    But if Spring of 2013 is too long to wait until, then below is my personal opinion:

    - HTC One X+ for build quality, screen and performance.

    - Nexus 4, as it’s so far the best Android phone I’ve had and the only complaint I have is lack of SD Card support.

    - SGS III only for performance, as screen is slightly less intriguing that the One X/X+, and build quality is simply incomparably low.

    • tanman888

      Unless you know you’ll have this phone long term, I’d go the Nexus 4 (if you can find one) and wait to see what’s on the 2013 horizon.

  • teacheronthego

    Go Samsung

  • kr.ray.kaushik

    I would suggest Droid DNA..Editors here have totally made the phone impressive for me. Still I would say consider NOTE 2 Again..

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    Thanks You all for help , I will give 1+ to everyone

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Thanks All of you , now i will give 1+ every day to all of you :)

  • sandy105

    i can only say that since you lost the phone ;buy and htc one x+ its a right package considering it has 64gb,that lovely 4.7 inch screen(as u asked for) and reworked tegra 3 chipset .

    but i will second everyone to buy a cheap phone now and wait till next summer for the next blockbuster set of phones