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I’ve been wondering for a few days how our score is generated, I’m on 66 and have been for ages, what does this score represent?

also the points we generate to enable us to post in the threads, how do generate them, mine seems to rise higher quite quickly.

I was also wondering how many points others have, i’ll start, 638 after posting this.

  • kazahani

    You get points by posting comments and having other users upvote those comments. The big number next to your avatar is a percentile score. It represents where your score falls as compared to all the other users in the community, on a scale of 1 to 100. It means you are in the top 66% of users.

    • kazahani

      Wait, more accurately it means you are in the 66th percentile of users.

  • SGB101

    Thank you

  • bolanrox

    still getting used to it here. been at least at week at 47 and then in the course of an hour or two today i was up to 58?

  • mkstvns

    has the scoring system been disabled?

    I’m logged in, but I don’t seem to be able to vote up/down anybody’s comments, either in the forums or in articles.

    It was working fine up until today or yesterday…

    • Slith

      I actually had that happen sometime ago. I relogged into the site and it came back.

    • SGB101

      I had the issue yesterday, I think it was wide spread. seems fine now

  • bolanrox

    i had the same problem yesterday afternoon, where i could not rep up or down posts made that day (but could older ones)

    seems fine now though

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    It’s a little more robust than that too. For instance if someone with higher rank than you upvotes, it’s work more points than someone lower. Also your score updates almost immediately, but I believe your rank updates only weekly. I could be wrong about that last part.

    • Thomas Biard

      I was unaware that upvotes from people above you get you more points. That’s awesome.

    • WlfHart

      Where did you find that nifty tidbit out? I’ve never read that before.

  • jonstle

    I know this is an old thread but I wanted to comment here to bring it back to life as there are most likely a few people who were wondering the same thing.

  • Thomas Biard

    The idea is to create a fun way to track someone’s participation on the site, and reward their good input, however it has turned into a points war during “25 Days of Tegra” to the point where people are creating threads just to get upvoted just for commenting.

    You may notice though, if you stick around, that after the Tegra Days are over, commenting quantity falls back off and its back to the same group of people giving helpful info, or insight in the threads and comment section.

    • Chris Lewis

      As the creator of that thread I will admit that it blew up way more than I expected it to. Also, it did foster quit a bit of great android rom related conversations. There wont be any more threads for ranking up, form me, or anyone else I hope but it was fun while it lasted.

      BTW I have been around here for over a year now and I’m one of the few who stick around after the contests are over just to give advice and talk about Android!

    • jonstle

      As a new person to the site I look forward to getting some advice on a few ROM related things. But that will be happening after the holidays. I am way too busy now to even think about tinkering with my GS3.

      I Have spent quite a bit of time browsing the old threads and there is a wealth of knowledge in there!

  • HowlPendragon

    At the risk of sounding like a complete ingrate, I find it mean-spirited that they require a certain rank to comment on every other prize they post.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am completely grateful of what they’re doing, and I get they’re just rewarding those who have been registered with the site since before the contest, but a little heads up would have been nice is all I’m saying.

    Kind of felt like a slap in the face when Day 3 came along :/

    • Thomas Biard

      Well the same thing happened last year, and they’ve been improving the points system ever since. I think its a great idea because it is rewarding the people that contribute to the site, not just the ones who have had accounts for a while. So far, the Tegra Days are the only giveaways that have anything to do with rank, and its less than half of them that actually do.

      Not to be argumentative, but I don’t see why Day 3 felt like a slap in the face. You being a member of this site now means that if you follow the daily updates, you can be part of the news that AndroidandMe has to offer, along with the giveaways. As in life, there is nothing wrong with rewarding the people that are consistently contributing to something and most likely making it better because of their contribution.
      Anyways, welcome to AndroidandMe, one of the most peaceful tech blogs on the interwebs (my opinion)

  • Trean

    If they are smart they will stop requiring “rank” for prizes and stick with time registered if they want exclusivity. Due to the Day 3 prize and one other day the rank system is now being completely abused by people attempting to “rank up” just so that qualify for these prizes.

    It was a useful system to keep track of who was making useful contributions to the site (I am sure there may have been some wiggle room and popularity built in) but now it is a misguided distortion of what once was a useful system.

    • tanman888

      It’s definitely another condition that needs to be built into the ranking criteria in order to stimulate constructive feedback and discussion.

      It seems like the intentions of the ranking system was there but it is in human nature to try and find the easiest ways around such restrictions especially when prizes are involved. :)

  • digvijaya07

    Even I have got stucked @ 42 ..!! :(

    • zolikaaa666

      But you are on 70 :DDDD

      • digvijaya07

        Actually d Day i posted comment i ws @ 42 …then after 1-2 days i suddenly got to see myself @ 70+ % .. !! :)) :D

  • kinkate18nic

    do these ranks really help in the long run????

  • Teebor

    Is the score only calculated once a week?

    I’ve got a lot more points than I would honestly expect since I’ve only been here 2 days but I’m still at score 0?

    score=rank btw ;)

    not that it bothers me atm as I never came here for the comps in the first place that was just a nice surpirse and bonus. Since I will be hanging around now anyway for the foreseeable future I’m sure it will work itself out in the wash

  • impromark

    I have been reading for over a year mainly because I like the content. I signed up afterwards for a contest, and I’ve been more active ever since. Wouldn’t mind winning something of course, but even after it’s all said and done, I’m sticking around for the articles. :)


  • jonstle

    Wow seems like I opened up a can of worms by posting on this thread to bring it back to the forefront.

    • WlfHart

      No worms here, just friendly discussion. :)

  • Trean

    Guess I was wrong about them being smart and not using ranks for exclusivity now that a nice system was being abused solely for the purpose of gaining rank to ensure eligibility for the contest

  • megatec45

    I’ve been a member for about a year now. I’m still a beginner so I don’t make many posts cause I’m learning and reading. I decided to enter the contest and now my rank has fallen 2 points? Am I being punished for entering? My comments are positive and haven’t noticed anyone voted me down. It seemed to happen just when the rank requirement was raised to 16. Now I’m ineligible for entry. I don’t get it?

    • mernen

      According to the page about reputation (http://androidandme.com/docs/and-me-accounts/), the rank is relative to the rest of the community. So I guess the site’s average has raised, pushing you down. Just a theory, though, I’m no expert on this reputation system.

  • rond

    I went to start a thread and found that it would cost me 20 points. It seems like this discourages people from asking questions and get help which is what I thought this site was about.

    • jonstle

      I have started a few threads and gotten great help and advice. I think the points is to discourage people from making pointless threads.
      I have found that many of the long time members of the site make it a point to take care of people who are looking for help.
      That is one of the things I really appreciate about this site.

  • rond

    I went to start a thread and found that it would cost me 20 points. It seems like this discourages people from asking questions and get help which is what I thought this site was about. Do any of you think that this is counter productive.

    • tanman888

      I think the deduction of 20 points is there to encourage positive & constructive threads and also prevent multiple threads on the same topic.

    • tanman888

      Also, given that points are awarded to postings in threads, you’re probably going to get more responses now as there is an influx of active users will try to up their points (and rankings).

      Make the thread more general which everyone can answer and you’ll get more response.

      Although like the post above, it can and will impact on the quality of the threads.

  • Ezy03

    i want to get 100 :D

  • TheStig


  • ryan003

    I think its a pretty equitable way to score things.

  • Brandon Thomas

    It remind me of some forums on the post count thing. Where you would end up with post whores just wanting to up their counts. I have been around for one a year. I read all the articles and threads but just don’t always comment. If I don’t have enough points to enter the I just don’t do it. Oh well

  • cduran1983

    Cool I love this rating system. Does anyone knows when the system was set up? Or it started when the site did? Anyone?

  • thymeless

    I’ve been reading Android and me on Google Currents for quite a while, but my joining was motivated by the contest. i admit it.

    Still, I have enjoyed my participation as well.

  • LadyDi

    Glad I joined as I am learning loads of good info on many topics here. Thanks to all!!

  • klcow92

    anyhow, negativity aside, I think its good how due to the competition, much interaction is happening, I happen to come across some interesting individuals who are very passionate about android over on the website. Its really fun to meet and chat about common interests in tech!! :D

  • jerrbomb

    I always wondered how that worked…