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some of my friends use power/energy/battery-savers. i think you don’t need this for android devices (unless you run an old android version maybe).

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to save battery i simply use a night mode-app in the dark and turn off wifi since it keeps scanning the area for available networks. gps can stay on because it only gets activated when in use. this is shown in the statusbar.

sometimes i turn of sync and when my battery is almost gone i switch into flight/offline-mode.

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what do you guys think about power saving and have you got any experiences to share?

glad to hear from you!

  • sandy105

    i think ,the most a mobile battery takes hit is from cellular data and signal.
    switch off data/wifi whenever not in use.
    i am saying this cause i have had 100% battery 10+ hours down when wifi was on ,but sync was off,and screen wasnt on for more than 5 minutes.

    i never use any battery saving apps ,i switch off wifi /mobile data manually as soon as i dont need them.

    • aufan1

      Turning off the wi-fi helps a lot on my S-3.

  • Laurel laurel25

    I use the SmartActions app from Motorola to control when the WiFi is on and also to disable syncing when the battery is low and at night. I find that it does help save the battery a bit. I have noticed a definite loss of battery life now that we have 4G where we live vs. when it was 3G only, so using the SmartActions has become a little more important/useful than what it used to be.

  • thymeless

    I’ve played with Juice Defender. It did leave me about 20% more battery than I had otherwise. But it was a bit heavy handed for my taste. I’d probably like it better if it had more of a wizard interface to help figure out the kinds of setting that would match well with your use and preferences. As it is, it’s too opaque for me so I uninstalled it.

  • SGB101

    Get a note2 or motor razor max, and there will be no need to worry about power saving.

  • duffguy123

    I used an app called “2x Battery” which I believe was made by the same developer of “App2SD”. What this app did was manage the data connections while the screen was off. When you turned the screen on & completed your log-in (slide to unlock, PIN, etc.). I think there’s more options but this was the main one I used.

    This actually helped my HTC Evo OG w/ extended battery & Android 2.3 get about 14-15 hours with heavy use (Netflix for about 30 mins, web browsing). This is the only app I’ve used to extend battery and it actually did work.

    I flashed a new ROM on it which already has great battery life so I removed the app. I just got annoyed sometimes when an app wanted to sync but the data was off. The data does come on 15 minutes intervals (or whatever you designate with the app). When i had it installed though, it was great.

  • teacheronthego

    Using a dock and turning off the WiFi does make a big difference.

  • fenlon

    Not available to all, but Motorola’s Smart Actions is a pretty good battery saver. I created a rule I call wifi mode that disables cellular data when connected to my home and work wifi. I saw a big battery savings here. I also have it set to disable wifi, cell data, and autosync when the screen is off and the phone is not moving for a few minutes. With these two settings, it is rare that I don’t make it through a whole day on a single charge.