Ranking system?

Posted Dec 05, 2012 at 3:21 pm in Threads > Opinions

I just don’t understand it,I need to be at least rank 3 to enter a competition-fair enough.
I look around the site a little bit,comment on some things I’m quite interested in,get some likes off people…even start a thread about something I’ve been wondering about HTC for a while.
Still rank 2,ok.
Have a look at a few people on level 3,with 20+ points less than myself…how does that make sense.
Just saying,wanted to put that out there…good day to everyone :-)

  • Moises Rivera

    Just gotta keep commenting on posts, commenting on threads, and being an integral part of the site. I’ve had an account for awhile and just recently really started getting into answering and talking about my opinion and I’m already a rank 10. It gets to be fun to be honest.

    • gavinb

      Is there an article that explains the points system anywhere?

    • epps720

      See how easy this is. All you need to do it start a thread asking how to jump up your rating. Get 80 + people to respond with a lot of likes and your rankings are sky rocketing!

      Pretty ironic how by just asking a question you get results w/o having to do another thing…nicely done!

  • rewagner

    this is a tough one for me since I’m a newbie and trying to do it during working hours too.

  • rewagner

    Would love to start a new thread but guess I can’t do that yet either :(

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Me too

  • Manroth

    I wouldn’t worry too much. It says I have a rank of 3 and I still can’t comment on that post.

    • manustays

      did u try refreshing that page?

  • boddam

    just upvote + comment thatll do it

    • VerticalCobra

      Trying this now…

  • BigJJ4455

    i dont know about yall but i love ranks and stuff like this. it gives me something yo work towards i guess.

  • kelltrash14

    Not a huge fan, as I’m an introvert…but it’s a system that makes sense. Contributions should be measured.

    • crossbred900

      I can agree with the system, but making a contest require a certain level and only telling people that day, seems like a good way to flood threads with meaningless comments.

      • Moises Rivera

        It gets to be more then that though, they want you to become involved with their site, this is just another way to advertise their site and get people to become more active on it.

        • LucenNox

          True, and it’s a good way to do it, if they aren’t rushing it. If they mentioned it a week before actually doing so, then people would have plenty of time to get involved without having to spam comments everywhere.

          • Moises Rivera

            True, but hey, not much we can do about it now lol

          • LucenNox

            What are talking about? Of course we can!
            Quick, everyone to the TARDIS! Normal time flow be damned!

          • kelltrash14

            Well the truth is if you’d seen the contests last year being similar in nature, that would be a hint of things to come. Now you’ll know for next round =)

        • Agret

          It is a pretty cool site, I like the layout a lot and it seems like a good promotion since i’d never heard of it before the contest.

      • Auzo

        100% agree with you. I like the system so far, but naturally with no ramp up time many people (including myself) will have to pile it on as quickly as they can to get there, which will lead to some less than useful posts.

      • tanman888

        it’s in our nature to find a way to maximise self benefits based on given rules/guidelines.
        Having said that, there will be some valuable ideas/thoughts translating into comments from users who would often just keep it to themselves..

      • lou2cool88

        Plus, it rewards those who’ve been active for a while. It’s nice to know loyalty gets rewarded.

  • sylvan

    Same boat here. I think it factors in how long you’ve been a member also, ie posts per day. I’m more of a lurker (414 days with 2 comments, rank 0). But somebody else I was looking at had joined on day one of the giveaways, commented once per day on each giveaway, and was rank 3 (30 points) here on Day 4. Maybe make a new account for this month?

  • Dorkstar

    I was rank 2 when I registered this morning. I made 1 comment and dropped down to rank 0. Makes no sense. I’m actually kind of discouraged after making various comments.

    • Manroth

      That’s odd… Perhaps contact the site admin?

    • Moises Rivera

      It could have possibly been a mistake on their part.

    • sylvan

      Rank is relative to others. With today’s giveaway requiring Rank 3, people are commenting all over the place and getting many more points. My guess is this is why your rank is dropping. Also, the update of the points/ranks seems pretty slow.

      • spintrex

        It takes about a day or two to update I believe.

        • Auzo

          I hope not or else trying to get rank3 for the giveaway today would have been a waste. Probably still helpful in the long run.

    • Dorkstar

      Yeah, I don’t know. I read over the blog that explained how the point system worked, and made about 10-15 comments. After about an hour of making legitimate comments I kind of just gave up.

    • R_Leslie

      Had the same thing seem to happen to me.

  • eighty5iv

    Seems like its not just me who doesn’t completely understand the whole system. I am starting to feel that by the time I get my rank up enough todays entry will be too late and tomorrows rank may be higher than what I am now.

    • Dorkstar

      I just checked out your profile Eighty5iv. You have 15 points, and have been here 3 days. I have 37 points and have been here 2 days, yet your rank 3 and i’m 0. Am I missing something here?

      • spintrex

        You might have enough points to outrank someone else but your rank won’t refresh instantly.

        • Virtue

          I wish it did right about now. I hope tomorrow’s contest doesn’t require a higher rank than the one today.

  • spintrex

    Whenever you start a thread you lose a good chunk of points, since you started one already plus this one its safe to say that your rank has lowered in relation to others at your level.

    Just keep leaving good comments and your rank will increase if people agree with you. If you have points to share then start a thread otherwise it will be difficult to rank up. It’s done to encourage users to provide quality ideas and not create a forum like area.

    • Moises Rivera

      Well thats pretty lame, how do they expect us to provide quality ideas if we cant even make threads without losing out on a good chunk of our points? I think posting up threads should give us points allowing for us to state our ideas more.

  • Froojr

    I don’t understand the reputation system either. Where’s the info page about this system? I’d much rather read a good Android site like this one than make useless comments just to stoke someone else’s ego. The internet is full of mean and spiteful people and it seems like every single thing I ever post on a site that has a voting system causes me to be downvoted into oblivion. I give up. I hope everyone else enjoys the holiday contests.

  • melloburger

    yeah, really… what’s a gal gotta do around here to get up to a 3 ;-)

  • rc213

    Don’t understand this myself, Latest contest says Rank of 3 and up yet i can’t post to join the contest.

    • Virtue

      It’s cause when you hover over your rank, it tells you the exact number. You’re a 2.69 at the time I’m looking at this so I guess that’s why. I’m in the same boat as well.

  • Moises Rivera

    It seems like they update the rankings on a daily basis, so you can do a lot of commenting and get upvotes etc, but it wont show up in your rank until the next day.

  • marcus1518

    I like the idea of the ranking, but yea with the promotion today it does seem like they must be getting flooded with comments. Does anyone know how many points you need to start a thread?

    • Nwemo

      I don’t know,possibly 50+ points?!

    • Moises Rivera

      You need 20 points and at least ranking 3 i believe.

      • Nwemo

        I’m not rank three…

        • Moises Rivera

          Hmm. Then maybe rank 2? I know you definitely need at least 20 points.

        • lapak_zapak

          I upvoted you, lets c wheter your rank bumps up or not…

        • lapak_zapak

          What did you do, you got bumped by 33 ranks in a day????

          • Nwemo

            Made this thread,along with comments& upvotes :)
            (I went from 2-23 btw,not 30 odd in a day)

  • sm.komo

    It’s tough for me because this site never has new posts, and when they do it’s old news that other sites have already reported. So any upvotes have to come from adding to threads and not writing something that will offend the Android Gods, like complaining that a site never has breaking news or relevant posts…

  • Nwemo

    Kinda gutted about what I’ve just read through not going to lie,especially as I respect what they’re getting at and actually enjoyed taking part in discussions and stuff.Just a shame.
    I’m going to carry on checking in regardless,I’ve liked the geek in.me coming out :’)

    • Glenbot3000

      ONE OF US…
      ONE OF US…
      ONE OF US…

      • Nwemo

        I bet you’re well sexy.And I bet you have a sexy phone.
        We should meet up sometime ;) soon I hope.

  • david_willems13

    Free upvotes for everyone :) merry christmas

  • Charlong666

    Give it time Nwemo, you’ll work on that score. I was at rank 2 up until about last week because a didn’t use this post or anything. Then started giving my opinions more and bam +10 in a week.

    Don’t give up. :)

    • Nwemo

      I won’t,just would be nice to be able to be apart of the competition today-but it is what it is,I suppose!

  • sravi_in

    Good that within one day you went to rank 23 :)

  • reyame

    I dunno why kinda feels somewhere between leveling up a pokemon and getting some last minute leveling done in a RPG before you face the final boss because you barely survived the mini-boss

  • VerticalCobra

    The point/rank systems not perfect but its the best I know of…

    • pol biswas

      Yes I do agree with you but they wanted you to involved in their site and get people to become active on their site.

  • BatFastard

    So far, I’ve been amazed at how quickly I’ve accumulated points. I wasn’t really even trying. I figured it’d take a bit more than it did.

    • Guitaraholic

      thats good to hear cos for me it still doesn’t make much sense and seems to encourage useless comments ;)

    • Guitaraholic

      thats good to hear cos for me it still doesn’t make much sense and seems to encourage useless comments – oops!

  • kraigs

    I am still confused by what all I need to do to grow my rank. I guess maybe I should stop lurking and reading the articles and post on a few things.

  • spintrex

    Alright this thread no longer serves a purpose everyone that questioned their points should now see their new rank!

    • Dorkstar

      Yep, checked this morning moved up from 0 to 17.

  • kinkate18nic

    though i am an everyday reader of Androidandme..never thought of creating an account..but the competitions going on here made be to do the same…so i started today :)..am finding it quite interesting to comment and express your views ….let c till where i go…:)

  • juno23

    Woo! Made its just in time :) guys if your having any problems getting likes etc on your comments, just type ‘like If you hate Justin beiber’ that’s sure to get you somewhere ;)

    • Jeffdwisc

      Like if you hate Justin Bieber

  • mitchk44

    I swear next to your profile it says you’re rank 23…

    • Nwemo

      I am now,yes.I wasn’t when I posted this though,I was rank 2.
      This thread has gave me most my points I think…

  • gp126904

    I dont quite get it ether, ever since yesterday morning I have been on a posting spree trying to get to rank 3. I went from like 10 points to 68 or so and my rank hasn’t changed at all. I will keep posting and hoping for the best!

    • Nwemo

      Come this morning,I’d gone from rank 2-23 so like everyone has said just keep at it,it becomes quite enjoyable anyway if you actually try and comment constructively :)

    • Moises Rivera

      Yeah I went from 10 to 40 lol. It’s just a matter of being involved and being educated. The more intellectual and relevant comments you make, the more likely you’ll rank up faster.

      • lapak_zapak

        I don’t think they are running very sophisticated algorithm which would scan the posts, probably may check for # of lines. As said in T&O up votes triples the points…

  • Jeffdwisc

    It looks like the higher +N your comment is the more points it is worth.

  • KOBesucker

    Looks like the Holidays are upon us, free upvotes everywhere. Damn, I might have been a bit too late in getting here…

  • kookeetree

    I commented about the same problem. I saw people who are rank 3 with 21 points and I was only level 2 with 61 points. Logging back on to androidandme in a few hours it showed my proper rank. It seems it takes time to process.

  • nikhilverma

    Out of the competition on day 7 . But just voted a few (10 or so ) +’s .Let’s see if someone gets lucky.

  • Luv_android

    The thing with the ranking system is that, it doesnt update instantly after you contribute to this site in any way (commenting and such..) It takes about 3 days for Score to update :))

    • sebastianyuke

      Hmm, it sure take a long time.
      I have read about points system, but i can’t clearly understand.

      If to gather point you are just posting, create thread, comment… how much point i get for each of those? Thanks for your reply and sorry for my bad english :) Rgds

  • DroidPower

    Totally agree with you, the ranking system is very hard to figure out. But I think this is done on purpose so that people are not just posting for the heck of getting more points, even though that is one of the big incentives for commenting.

    Don’t think about it too much, just keep on participating in the stuff that you like. Besides, you always gotta come up from the bottom, and this site has so many places where you can participate.

    • damambt

      I just enjoy the articles and threads. Sometimes I receive +1 votes and theres times when Im really unpopular (usually when i express my opinion). To me it never really mattered whether you have 50 +1′s or 10 -1′s . I think its all about being active in the community, even if what you share is unpopular.
      Havent figured out how the points matter since they dont seem to bring your rank down.