Reasons you choose android over the other OS’s

Posted May 13, 2012 at 5:54 pm in Threads > Opinions

So with all of the what it seems like hatred amongst users of the various OS’s I was wondering what personally keeps you or made you choose android for your phone or tablet? For me personally one of the biggest things is google nav and the free turn by turn directions. Also the host of choices that you have with the vast number of android devices makes an option for just about everyone.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I remember when I read about Android, it was back in my Blackberry days. At the time I was still relatively new to phones and Gmail too. It seemed like a good way to take that GB of email storage with me.

    I didn’t want anything to do with Apple because I was a Windows user, some may have even said fan boy. I had a real bad experience learning to use Apple OS (something or other) after using learning Windows.

    Windows mobile didn’t have anything fun about it.

    At the time Blackberry was king, Google even put out some apps for my old Pearl that worked amazingly. I figured, if they could add GPS type functionality to a device without an actual GPS receiver in it, what would a device they make from the ground up be like?

    The other thing that played into my decision was carrier and price. T mobile had everyone else beat when it came to the “first Google phone”, their price was cheapest and they offered unlimited data.

  • TAM_the_MAN

    Not being locked down. I want the versatility. I don’t want a manufacturer to force me to upgrade to a higher memory phone when they could easily put a sd/micro sd card reader.