Repair vs. replace?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 5:34 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I really like my Moto Atrix 4G. However, I busted the touch digitizer early on. I took it to a repair place*, and they replaced the digitizer, but there is a band of pixels right down the middle (on the lower third of the screen), that don’t recognize touches. Most games are unplayable, and I have to switch to landscape for any typing. It really makes my phone a lot less enjoyable.

The repair itself was a pretty long and frustrating saga, and I’ve not put out the energy to get the repair place to get it right, because frankly, I’m not sure they can. So my realistic choices are laying out another $120-150 for a screen from a different shop or buying a replacement phone, maybe an Atrix 2, from eBay or the like.

So – any recommendations as to which path to pursue? Any experience with mail-in repair shops that you especially recommend? Any tips for buying Android devices on eBay with minimal chance of disappointment?

* – the repair story is actually:
1. Ordered screen digitizer to attempt repair myself, after watching some videos. Got very close, and ripped ribbon cable (bye bye $65).
2. Mailed it to – after a month of telling me they were expecting a shipment of screens “in the next day or two,” they sent it back and refunded my money.
3. Took it to local repair shop. Took him 3-4 weeks to get it repaired, with the above noted flaw.